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The crockery unit is the heart of any dining area because it is an essential piece of furniture for organizing your kitchen or dining area. Modern crockery cabinets provide a secure place to store your dinnerware and dishes and enhance your home’s visual appeal. Crockery units are made from different materials, such as plywood, glass, metal, etc., and come in different colors and finishes.

Are you planning to refurbish your crockery unit and kitchen in the next few months? Then adding a contemporary crockery unit to your new modular kitchen would be a great plan as they will look beautiful and help you keep your tableware organized.

Look at these modern crockery unit design ideas to display your expensive collection of crockery sets. Pick the one that complements your home’s overall décor theme. There are three types of dinnerware unit designs that you can choose from:

  1. Kitchen’s crockery units
  2. Crockery units in the dining area
  3. Multipurpose crockery unit

Let’s look at some design suggestions for each of these categories.

1. Kitchen Cabinets – Crockery Unit Designs

crockery unit in kitchen
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The most typical location for crockery storage is in kitchen cabinets. Do you agree with that? Here are some suggestions for kitchen crockery unit ideas, whether you prefer traditional or contemporary. Also, here are some kitchen partition ideas for you.

a) Glass Crockery Units

A glass unit would be highly convenient for you, especially because you wouldn’t have to waste time figuring out which shelf each item is on. Glass front adds a touch of elegance to the overall appearance giving it a modern and sleek appeal. Complement your kitchen cabinets with sliding doors or upscale knobs.

You may also choose to go frameless or give a rustic natural wood finish. Oh, and don’t forget to add some light fixtures to provide a dramatic impact.

b) Engineered Wood Crockery Units

Are you looking for something robust and easy to maintain? The best option for you would be engineered wood. Engineered wood, whether MDF, particleboard, or plywood, is resilient and requires little maintenance.

They are less expensive and adaptable to numerous sizes and finishes. They look fantastic in modern residences where space could be an issue.

c) Crockery cabinets with open shelves

A big fan of simplistic design? Well, then open shelve units might be for you! The available shelved crockery unit adds a welcoming and minimalistic charm.

Feel free to play around with various shelve sizes and utilize laminates with a wood finish or a color to match the rest of the kitchen area. In the open shelves of your crockery cabinet, deck up your crockeries and a few plants to utilize the space properly.

d) Classy Corner Almirah

Do you want to know the use of crockery unit designs to give your house a touch of elegance? Storage cabinets that fit into an empty corner are a great way to improve the look of your home’s interior. A freestanding corner storage unit is a great way to use wasted space in a kitchen or dining area. Select a modern layout with subdued lighting to add a finishing touch.

e) Wall-mounted Crockery Units

As for kitchens with little space, these crockery cabinets are the most practical. These days, the options for crockery storage units are almost endless, and finding the right one may be a real challenge. A kitchen crockery cabinet or wall-mounted crockery unit is a good pick if you want to improve the aesthetic appeal of your house and if you have young children.

The best part is installing these excellent wall-mounted crockery units in dining or kitchen areas that will save space and look beautiful.

f) Modular Kitchen Crockery Units

Using modular shelving and cabinets to manage kitchen clutter better is a viable option. You can make them work for your specific needs, and there’s enough room for all your dishes. Choose a style that harmonizes with your interior decor of space. You can include both open or closed doorways in the plan to keep everything tidy.

g) Corner Floating Crockery Units

These crockery unit designs aim to use the kitchen space as efficiently as possible. For example, a corner cabinet makes use of a vacant kitchen space. The corner cabinet will seem more glam if you pick the proper color schemes and light fit with the rest of your furnishings.

Designs for floating crockery units prevent your tableware from falling over and damaging. These wall-mounted shelves keep your crockeries out of the way of clumsy dogs and unruly children.

h) Disjointed Crockery Units

If your kitchen and dining room combine, consider using confusing crockery unit designs to give the space personality. While including distinct décor components, this may be a creative use of space. In addition, this will raise the aesthetic quality.

2. Crockery Unit Designs for Dining Area

kitchen cabinet in dining area
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Most people think the only place where a crockery unit looks good is the dining area because it is most prevalent and practical. The following are some cool crockery unit designs for your dining room:

a) Built-in Cutlery Cabinets

Built-in crockery cabinets are best for dining spaces as it keeps your crockeries in an accessible area. You can choose glass or wood for the doors on these cabinets based on your preference to match the interior decor. The contemporary built-in crockery cupboard looks well with the rest of the classic wooden furniture and soft lighting.

b) Modern Crockery Units

Your dining area should have a sleek crockery cabinet where you can store your dishes and glasses in a single unit’s frame. Make sure it also has drawers and open shelving for extra storage.

The sophisticated design of this contemporary crockery set will make a striking addition to any interior. Choose a corrosion-resistant stainless steel frame or wooden frame to highlight your crocks.

c) Discreet and Open Cabinet

You should keep your dinnerware and other home things together in one location. Unique designs for crockery units, including open and hidden cabinets, help with the storage problem.

Some of the shelves in these types of crockery units feature glass doors, while others have wooden doors. Put what you wish to show off on visible shelves and tuck the remaining stuff away in the enclosed areas.

d) Designs for sideboard crockery units

Dining rooms have always used sideboards as furniture. At first, they served as plates and silverware for everyday usage. But nowadays, crockery storage is another use for space. Utilize distinctive crockery unit designs to add flair to this cabinet. Either make it merge with the other elements of the dining room’s layout or let it stand out as a unique feature.

3. Designs for Multi-Use Crockery Units

multipurpose crockery unit
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Many homeowners might not want to spend money on something other than a separate china cabinet. Space restrictions or priorities can be present. Such requirements can be satisfied by designs for multipurpose crockery units that can fulfill them. Let’s examine some of the common concepts.

a) Crockery Units as Room Dividers

Check out this alternative if you seek dinnerware cabinets for studio flats or penthouses. Most free-floor apartments with shared living and dining areas use these dinnerware unit designs to create a boundary. Make the size, shelves, and finish adjustments to complement your house’s decor.

b) Crockery Units with Bar Counter

How about a fusion? One of the most significant advantages of blending both features is that it saves space and has all your crockeries handy. In addition, a bar counter and a crock unit will lighten up your dining space and add hints of luxury and sophistication. You may also personalize your space with classy lights,  a built-in tabletop, and bar stools.

c) The Curio Cabinet

Craving for some unique and glamorous touches? The Curio cabinet is a multipurpose crockery unit that improves living area aesthetics. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most popular and contemporary concepts you can have in your home.

You can deck up your cabinet with beautiful glass items, glassware, and dishes. Due to their unique style, these cabinets are considered the most popular design despite being the oldest. A fusion of fashion and eye-catching interiority has made this design any interior designer’s preferred style.

d) TV crockery unit

TV crockery units best suit compact apartments with a living room/dining room combination. The dining table and living room furnishings must be in the same space. A sizable, customized TV stand/crockery cabinet may resolve the space issue.

Designer furniture or lighting fixtures may improve the ambiance. This unit gives your house a sleek yet contemporary look—a must-choice for anyone looking to mix trends into class.

Why do you need a unique Crockery Unit Design?

Every home is different, and so are the people’s choices. For those who have it, displaying your luxury or heirloom silverware as décor may be a good idea. However, increased accessibility to glassware is necessary for those who often host parties. They require crockery unit layouts that are practical.

Those big, space-consuming crockery units are old-fashioned and useless, as now most people live in small apartments and need to save space. So, if you want to save space without sacrificing style, you can try out designs for crockery units that can be used for more than one thing. So in most cases, customized Crockery Unit designs are best, as they can adapt to your changing demands.

Which Designs for the Crockery Units are best?

Have you settled on the optimal crockery unit design? Make sure you have chosen the one that best suits your needs and the style of your home. Furthermore, it is even more challenging to decide where to put it.

Do you need a dinnerware or kitchen crockery cabinet for your dining room? Or are you thinking of a remote crockery unit? Make sure you do not just run after its look, and you must choose a crockery unit design that will not only impress guests while they dine with you but also serve your purpose.

How can you customize your dream crockery unit?

customized crockery units
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Consider your needs when you construct your crockery units. For example, is there enough room in your dining room to install a fancy china cabinet, or do you want it to serve as a room divider?

Do you wish to keep crockery out of the hands of tiny children running about your home? Do the kitchen and eating areas see a lot of traffic? Based on these, consider adding a wall-mounted cabinet above an available glassware bureau.

Does your fine china require distinctive dinnerware unit designs to highlight its beauty? Once you’ve thought about the pros and cons of each design, you can change the cabinets to fit your needs.

Want to amplify your dining space look? Then sharing with you some tips that will help you plan out the look of your dining better:

  • Planning is essential – When envisioning the kitchen of your dream, the primary element that stands in the path is a well-structured plan. To do so, note down all the essentials on paper. If you prefer a visual board, get some inspiration from the internet and create a mood board that helps you visualize the pictorial representation of your ideal kitchen.
  • Create a look of your dream – As soon as you have planned your dream design for your kitchen, bring the designs together. Finalize all you need. Mix and match the look you wish to have for your kitchen.


Here is everything you need to know about crockery unit designs. Use this as your reference for your purchase and add personality to your living room. However, the call is always yours. Different designs suit different houses. 

It would help if you had the last say in where your silverware and dishes go because it is your house. The market is flooded with original crockery unit designs. Before purchasing crockery cabinets, consider your needs, check around your home, or search for a designer online.

Researching crockery unit designs will provide you with original decorating suggestions. Make sure you consider every aspect before investing in the crockery unit meant for your home.


Here, we answer some of your burning questions regarding crockery units. 

1. What justifies the importance of crockery unit designs?

Designing your crockery storage according to your home decor is made more accessible by crockery unit plans. Based on how frequently you use your household’s silverware and glassware, you may plan them.

2. Why are crockery units essential?

For most houses, crockery units are an essential part of their kitchen to keep and showcase all their regular use and delicate crockery sets. However, if your crockery unit is in your living room, you may also choose to showcase your artwork and antiques.

If you have a few open shelves, you can also keep a few indoor plants that can increase the aesthetic charm of your place.

3. Can specific crockery unit designs serve dual functions?

Yes, you can store more than tableware with a multipurpose crockery container design. There are designs for crockery units that include bar countertops, TV units, and room divider cabinets.

4. Is it a good idea to create crockery units in the kitchen?

Many homes choose to install crockery unit designs in the kitchen. As a result, glassware is kept out of the reach of pets and children, allowing for more effective working, and reaching.

5. What is the typical size of a unit of crockery?

There are a variety of sizes available for crockery cabinets. A typical freestanding crockery unit may vary in size from five to six and a half feet in height, two to four feet in length, and one to 1.25 feet in width.