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Cream wall paints would then look great in any room of your house. The cream is a simple yellowish-white neutral color that blends well with most other colors on the color wheel. Choose curtains that are slightly darker or lighter than the cream walls to create a subtle warmness or coolness in your space. Simply changing the color of the curtains against cream walls could transform a room’s aesthetic beauty. To add visual drama, users can also match it to an existing piece of decor or furniture. Have a look at some beautiful simple wall paintings and how you should put carpet area, means that will perfectly match the color curtains for the walls.

curtains for cream walls
Source: Photo by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash

So, how many color curtains compliment cream-colored walls? Here’s how we see it:

  • Green/Yellow – The overall effect/look is pleasing, bright, and resembles nature.
  • grey – Sophisticated, Modern, and Clean White – Crisp, Fresh, and Clean Gender-Neutral
  • Blue/Turquoise – Soft, cool, refreshing, and reminiscent of nature.
  • Lavender/Pale Purple – Feminine and cozy
  • Shabby Chic Pale Pink
  • Sapphire – Traditional Brown, Beige, and White Coffee – Eye-Catching, Spacious, Warm Orange/Burnt Orange – Rustic, Earthy

So here is a small and quick guide for you:

Curtains for Cream Walls

White and Dark Grey Combination

These white and dark grey curtains complement the cream-colored accent wall in the room nicely. They bring positive energy and grace into the room. The white color is refreshing and complements the other colors in the room.

white and dark grey
Source: Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash


We all know that bright, cheerful hues get even more enhanced when paired with neutral colors. This bedroom gets a slice of sunshine with the color combination, where mild cream walls meet vibrant yellow curtains and blinds.

yellow curtains
Source: Photo by Arpan Goyal on Unsplash

The Traditional Black and White Look   

The timeless black and white combination is ideal for a cream-walled bedroom. A nicely Brown color combination for Cream Wall Balances out the room’s darker tones and gives it a luxurious vibe. The hanging lights add to the industrial feel of the room.


The espresso-colored brown curtains add a splash of various colors to the unaltered cream walls, creating an eye-catching contrast. The cinnamon-brown couches add another layer to a room’s brown-and-cream color scheme, which helped bring together my carpet. As a result, there is a sense of airiness (due to the walls) and comfort (from the browns).

brown curtains
Source: Image by дмитрий1511 from Pixabay


Play around with red shades if you want to experiment with darker tones. Red is another hue that complements cream-colored walls beautifully. A wine-red blend, in particular, looks gorgeous and gives the house a vintage, rustic vibe.

red curtains for cream walls
Source: Photo by Varad Murti on Unsplash

Mustard Yellow and Cream

Everyone has heard that vibrant, vivid colors appear much better when combined with neutrals. The contrast between the bright yellow drapes and the soft white walls in this living room’s color scheme offers a splash of vibrancy. Try a mustard yellow tint if you enjoy yellow but think the typical hue is too bright. A mellow color like mustard yellow goes well with cream-colored walls.


The thick green drapes look great against the cream walls. The curtain’s outdoorsy impression intensifies when hanging in glass windows. The color palette is finished with seating. It is the same green color as the rest of the room.

green curtains for cream walls
Source: Photo by Nong V on Unsplash

Stripes of Olive Green and Brown

Do you want to add a more traditional feel to your dining room? Choose these ruffled curtains in dark olive green and brown stripes. The cream walls provide a more visible contrast to the decor, while the upholstery cloth spells rusty.

Combination of Dark Brown and Beige

Double dark brown and beige drapes with cream walls are used in the seating area to create this natural appearance. It stands out while simultaneously blending in with the surroundings. The curtains complement the room’s illuminated artificial ceiling, light brown sofa, and other furnishings.

The Colour Scheme of Gold and Cream

Choose golden curtains with the same color foundation if you want to maintain the symmetry of the cream hue in your bedroom or living room. Instead of producing a streak contrast, they provide a layering appearance. The gold and ivory color scheme will make your room feel more abundant.


Those who prefer accent walls’ clean, fluffy texture can add subtle-hued drapes that don’t deviate too far from the same neutral topic while adding a hint of contrast. See how the blue adds a touch of color inside this cream shell and has the same shade as the armchair.

blue curtains for cream walls
Source: Photo by Leópold Kristjánsson on Unsplash

Rose Pink Drapes

A strange but beautiful choice. However, you must ensure that you choose rose pink or even the thinnest color of being with an accent wall. A darker tint would look against the light cream feature wall. Again, neutrals from the entire color family will create a relaxing contrast between the two.

rose pink drapes
Source: Photo by Manu Franco on Unsplash

Curtains With Patterns

You’ve probably seen this pairing when visiting friends or family. However, it is one of the most widely used choices on the market. One-color curtains are an excellent choice to keep up with a modern living, although patterned curtains are still in fashion. You published draperies in any of the colors above to embrace this design.

curtains with patterns
Source: Photo by Mario Caruso on Unsplash


What color curtains should I use with cream walls?

Dark brown and beige drapes in the living room with cream walls create a rustic appearance. It stands out while simultaneously blending in with the surroundings. The curtains complement the room’s illuminated artificial ceiling, light brown sofa, and other furnishings. Light grey is one of the most acceptable curtain colors for cream walls.

How should a room with cream walls be decorated?

A room’s visual appeal can be changed simply by painting the drapes that hang against the accent wall a different color; for example, you may coordinate it with an existing piece of furniture or décor to enhance visual impact.

What colors of sheets and pillows complement cream drapes?

Maintain the sheets and sheets in solid grey if the walls are extended, and incorporate grey and cream-like décor pillows. Wear cream drapes against a light blue-grey wall or vice versa.