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A griha pravesh is an auspicious occasion for families who have bought a new house. This day brings joy and happiness to the lives of the family members. The day is celebrated with pomp and grandeur. People make sure everything is on point and they leave no stone unturned in getting their new home ready for the griha pravesh ceremony.

So many relatives, friends and other guests gather to celebrate your big day. They bless your new house and family members for their well-being. With the griha pravesh ceremony comes a hoard of responsibilities and decorating your house is one of them.

People are so excited when they plan this ceremony that they think of several decoration ideas for griha pravesh. Most of the guests visit your house for the first time on this day and you obviously want your new house to have the best impression on your guests. To help you with this, we have come up with a list of best decoration ideas for griha pravesh that will surely make your house look gorgeous.

Enter The Traditional Way

traditional entry
Source: RODNAE Productions / pexels

If you want to go for a modern decor idea, it is totally fine but for the entrance, you should try and stick to traditional ideas. Do not miss out on a toran made out of flowers preferably marigold and mango leaves is a must! With these, you can opt for any floral decor that will add to the beauty of your main gate.

Adding a Swastik or little feet of goddess Laxmi on the main gate of your house is also considered to be auspicious. These symbols bring good luck and prosperity to the house.

Your main gate is the point from where guests form an impression about your new house so you should pay attention to the detailing here. 

Beautify The Mandir

mandir decor
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The prime section of the house is the mandir and you should make sure it is highlighted the right way. Housed in the northeast direction of your home, make sure the idols and photos that you place inside the mandir are all east facing. 

You can dress up the idols and photos in beautiful attires and jewellery pieces. Also use haldi, kumkum etc to make them griha pravesh ready.

Decorate your mandir with real flowers so that the ambience is pure and magical. Let the fragrance play its part and please the gods so that your new house is bestowed with blessings and all things good. Using mango leaves for decorating the mandir is also considered to be a sign of auspiciousness. 

You can add string lights, use decorative brass diyas, design beautiful rangolis depending upon the size of your mandir and get as creative as you can.

Make Your Home A Flowery Paradise

flower decoration ideas for griha pravesh
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Adding flowers everywhere in the house will not only make your home look gorgeous but you will love the freshness and aroma. Flowers can be used in many ways and it totally depends upon the design of your house. You can use flower strings, bouquets, bunches or make patterns with flowers and everything would add up to give your house the perfect feel.

Add flower arches or use them as overhead hangings. You can use the traditional marigold flower decor or opt for orchids, tulips, carnations etc for a modern touch.

This special occasion demands effort and creativity from your end and the excitement in you keeps your zeal alive.

Design A Beautiful Rangoli

Source: Balaji / pexels

Highlight the entrance of your house with a gorgeous rangoli design. Always make sure that the rangoli shouldn’t be a hindrance in the path of the guests entering the house. You should plan the rangoli spot in such a way that it looks attractive, highlights the entrance, grabs the attention of the guests and not come in their way.

You can easily pick any rangoli design from the web as there are unlimited options to go for. Alternately, if you want to wear the creative hat, you are always welcome to come up with something innovative and attractive. A rangoli is one of the best decoration ideas for griha pravesh.

Incorporating lights, diyas as well as flowers in your rangoli design is in trend these days and you can do so. Use the medium that best suits your ability. You can try flour, dry colours, wet colours or any other medium that you can work best with. Fill in the rangoli with several colours and pray to God to fill your lives with that much happiness as well.

Light It Up

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Flowers and rangoli add a lot of vibrancy and quirkiness to your house but what ultimately brightens up the house is lots and lots of lights. On this very special occasion, you should make sure that your house is lit up. See to it that every corner is decorated beautifully with lights. Using fairy lights, candles, lanterns, diyas, led lights or anything else is all up to you and as per the demands of the decor. 

Whenever you are inviting the gods into your house, always make sure there isn’t any kind of darkness in there. Lighting an earthen oil lamp is considered very auspicious and you can do that too. Earthen lamps are also available in several designs and colours and you can pick beautiful ones for your special day.

Aromatic Candles With Dried Flowers

candle decoration ideas for griha pravesh
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Who doesn’t love the beautiful ambience that aromatic candles create? When decorated with dried flowers, the candles add to the visual appeal of your house. You can easily accessorise your side tables, centre tables and even dressing areas with lovely scented candles. Also, place dried flowers in a bowl for that added effect.

These two together elevate the overall feel of the place instantly and your guests are sure to feel impressed. The mesmorising fragrance of the candles along with the beautiful aroma of dried flowers will make your house smell like a garden straight out of a fairytale.

Greenery Decoration Ideas For Griha Pravesh

Source: Daria Shevtsova / pexels

Adding plants in your house never goes wrong. Greenery of any kind always looks good and makes the place look fresher. It feels like breathing life into the house. There are several indoor plants that not only look good but also add a fresh element to the ambience of the house. You can place plants in beautiful planters in the living room as well as bedrooms. 

Nowadays people also add greens in the bathroom and it looks equally gorgeous. You can also use hanging planters and decorate your balcony with love and care.

Rugs And Carpets

Source: Naim Benjelloun / pexels

You can play with some colours and patterns and decorate the floors of your house with gorgeous rugs and carpets. The section of your house that has a touch of traditional decor will look all the more royal if you add a carpet with a traditional design on it. You can go for modern rugs for the rest of the sections. 

Carpets and rugs add a sense of sophistication to the house but you have to be careful enough while selecting the apt one for your house.

Attractive Figurines And Art Pieces

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There must be certain sections in your house that have designated spaces for figurines or art pieces. Try and get those before your griha pravesh ceremony as it completes the look of the house. You can also opt for wall arts wherever necessary. For art pieces, placing a few antiques will elevate the look of your house. 

Fruity Candles

fruity candles
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Not a very usual decor item that you get to hear, fruit-scented candles are unique and a very good option you can add to your list of decoration ideas for griha pravesh. It is an unusual concept and will definitely grab the attention of your guests who will end up asking you whether the candles are edible. Turning fruits into candle stands is a great idea for decor.

Lamps And Lanterns

Source: Shanto Mazumder / pexels

Accentuate the interior of your house by using lamps in standing form or hanging style. You can hang gorgeously designed lamps that would match the existing decor of your place. Lamps help in brightening up the house and also look good as a decor item. 

Nowadays the colourful lanterns available in the market also look good when used on special occasions. These lanterns add a perfect pop of colour to your house and can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor decor. You must have seen these lantern decorations in houses during Diwali. 

Fancy Dinnerware And Serveware

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When you are done with the griha pravesh puja and ceremonies, it will be time to offer food to the guests and fancy dinnerware as well as serve ware will add grace to your function. Showcase them beautifully on the dining table and any other cabinet designed for the crockeries. Guests love being fed on beautiful plates and you will soon become the talk of the town.

You can also opt for uniquely designed coasters for keeping cups and glasses. Use trays that can be used for both serving as well as decor purposes.

Factors To Keep In Mind For Griha Pravesh

Inviting friends and family for your griha pravesh is a tradition that people have been following for years. Your house is packed with guests that day and you should make proper arrangements for accommodating those many guests with comfort.

  • You must have proper seating arrangements like carpets, chairs etc. 
  • Double-check that all fans and air conditioners have a proper connection and are in a working state. 
  • Make sure you have all the ‘puja samagris’ ready.
  • Ensure proper food and water arrangements for the priests as well as guests.
  • As per Hindu mythology, you should first offer food to the priests and then your guests.
  • See to it that the doors and windows are all childproof and there is no risk to little ones as guests can bring kids along.
  • Make sure that none of your decoration ideas go against any Vastu tips for a new home.

With all these decoration ideas for griha pravesh, you can easily beautify your new house and wait for the guests to shower compliments upon you. Take proper measures to get the arrangements done keeping in mind that every guest must leave satisfied. 

You can also opt for event planners if you wish to get the burden off your head. Since the griha pravesh ceremony and shifting to a new house already involves a lot of effort, there are chances that you will be unable to take the pressure of decoration onto your head. Nowadays, people appoint event managers to take over the decoration charge for their new house and they will transform your house into a magical abode.

It is recommended that one should not overdo the decor and let the guests see the actual beauty of your new house. Do not overburden it with lights or flowers and any other elements. Griha pravesh is an occasion where the house owners feel proud to showcase their new abode. You should pray to the Gods to bless your home and family with all the good luck and well-being.


1. Can we opt for both lights as well as flower decoration?

Yes, lights and flowers accentuate each other’s beauty and your house is sure to look gorgeous when you use both elements to decorate your place.

2. What is the best day for Griha pravesh?

There are many dates and days as per the Hindu calendar that is considered auspicious for a griha pravesh ceremony. However, you should consult a priest and finalise the date that suits you.

3. Can the griha pravesh ceremony be held on Akshaya Tritiya?

Akshaya Tritiya is one such day when you can easily perform your griha pravesh rituals and you don’t even need to consult a priest before confirming this day for the occasion.

4. Which god is primarily worshipped on griha pravesh?

As per Hindu mythology, you should worship goddess Laxmi along with lord Ganesha on this auspicious day

5. Is it mandatory to draw a rangoli on griha pravesh?

No, it is not mandatory to design a rangoli on griha pravesh but a nice rangoli is a preferred decoration idea for this day.