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The airport line of the Delhi Metro Network is busy and used extensively. It connects the railway station to the international airport. The main aim behind making this line is to ensure that one could establish direct connectivity between the two transport points in the capital city of India.

The metro network has several lines in it and the airport line is the special line. It is also known as the orange line or the Airport Express Line or just the Airport metro as well. The Delhi metro is a very well-connected channel network and it has the right infrastructure. It connects the New Delhi metro station on the yellow line with the Dwarka Sector 21 station.

The List Of Stations On The Airport Line

The airport metro line goes through several stations. The metro runs both underground and on elevation as well as it inter-crosses both points on the route. In the current route, only the Dhaula Kaun metro station is located at an elevation, the rest are all located underground.

Here is the list of stations that all fall under the airport line.  

  • New Delhi Metro Station
  • Shivaji Stadium Metro Station
  • Dhaula Kaun Metro Station
  • Delhi Aerocity Metro Station
  • IGI Airport Metro Station
  • Dwarka Sector 21 Metro Station

This line is being extended to offer better connectivity with other parts of the city. Right now, this line is being constructed to extend it to the ECC Centre in the Dwarka Sector 25 area.

The Facilities At The Metro 

The Delhi Metro and in particular the Airport metro is known for offering the best of facilities and adhering to the right standards as well. The onus is always on being sure that the right world-class experience can be offered to the commuters and that they are pleased with the overall travel experience.

Let us talk about some of the facilities that you can avail yourself of in the airport metro and how it will make your travelling easier and more enjoyable.

As the airport metro stations are the city airport terminals, it comes with a wide array of different facilities. You will find X-ray scanners even for large-sized baggage and even detectors for explosives to ensure the right security measures are in place. Along with this, other facilities include having quick reaction teams on board. They also have active dog squads that can be kicked into action should there be a bomb detected in the airport terminals. The under-vehicle scanners also serve as a great security measure.

For those who are differently abled and physically challenged, they can make use of wheelchairs, elevators, and even Braille buttons. The right support is also on hand for such people, if they require it.

Along with this, extra care is taken to ensure that all the CCTVs are active and constantly working to monitor any suspicious activity that may be present.

As these two lines are busy points and help in to and fro of passengers, the railway and airport terminal of the metro station has security handled by the expert team working at Central Industrial Security Force (CISF).

This is not all as some other facilities are a part of the terminal. Here they are.

The feeder bus services

To make sure that the commuters can directly land at the airport terminal and don’t have to face any hassles on their way, the feeder bus is run from the Delhi Aero City Metro Station to the IGI Airport Terminal T3. This bus is run by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC).

The cloakroom facilities

This is an exclusive service that is only available to the passengers who are commuting toward the IGI airport. Apart from this, the New Delhi Metro Station of the Airport Line Metro also has a paid provision of a cloakroom facility that can be used as per need.

QR Code-based ticketing

In its attempt to make the whole process digital and to ensure seamless ticketing and quick service, the airport metro has the provision for QR-based ticketing. One can make use of the Ridlr Mobile App and thereby book their ticket. At both the entry and exit points, they can quickly scan the QR and move in and out of the metro station. This system also came in handy during the pandemic to avoid useless contacts and to maintain distancing.

The dedicated passage

The New Delhi railway station offers a dedicated passage to the passengers coming in from the airport line metro service. This helps them ensure that they can directly get to the metro and passengers can also get to the train terminal.

Miscellaneous services

The Delhi Metro network is always looking for ways by which they can improve the overall services. They are therefore looking to make this easier for the commuters.

So, ticket issuing machines have been set up at the T1 and T3 terminal of the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Those who want to board the blue line metro can do so by heading to the Dwarka Sector 21 metro station at the Airport line. This, in turn, enjoys direct connectivity. Further travellers can also commission on the Dhaula Kaun Metro station.

Does the Delhi metro offer flight check-in facilities?

A lot of careful planning went into the designing of the Delhi Airport Metro. There were several objectives behind the design. The concept was to cut down the overall travel time and to make sure that no hassles were faced by the commuters.

Source: Rohit Gangwar / Pexels

To ensure that the above aim is sufficed, the baggage check-in facility is offered at the New Delhi Metro Station and the Shivaji Stadium Metro station as well. Travellers can avail of these facilities a maximum of 12 hours in advance of their flight departure time and a minimum of 2 hours before it.

This feature has been of tremendous help to commuters especially the ones who are travelling with family and has a lot of luggage to board.

The Fare

Travelling in Delhi can be an expensive affair. Often, the cabs charge a huge amount and on top of that, the traffic can be downright confounding. The airport metro offers a much better alternative as they help in cutting down the time and are also very economical.

The fare is capped at Rs. 60 from the New Delhi Metro Station to the IGI airport or even the Dwarka Sector 21. This is pretty cheap, especially when you compare it to cabs.

On top of this, if you are one of the frequent travellers who tend to use this line very often, the DMRC has offered the provision to make a monthly pass to further cut down your expenses.

A monthly pass with 30 trips a month will cost you Rs. 1600 while the one with 45 trips will cost you Rs. 2000. This does bring in additional savings and is usually a great choice for frequent travellers. You can use your Delhi Metro smart card on the airport line as well.

The smart cards entitle you to a 10 percent discount. The monthly passes discount will come up over and above the smart card discount. So, you will be able to cut down your expenses quite a lot.

There is no cheaper alternative to travel from the rail terminal to the flight terminal in New Delhi.

The Timings

It is very important to note that the metro timings for the airport line differ from peak to non-peak hours. Here is an analysis of the timing.

  • For peak hours, there is a train every ten minutes
  • For non-peak hours, there is a train every 15 minutes

You can also check the timing at the metro terminals. It is always advisable to check the timing before planning for your journey to the airport. The last thing you want is to miss out on your flight because you don’t have a metro running at the desired time.

As per initial plans, it was envisioned that the airport line metro will operate 24×7. This is because the Indira Gandhi terminal 3 is a busy line and flights operate continuously for 24 hours. However, right now, the timings start from 4:45 in the morning to 11:40 in the evening.


Does the Delhi Metro connect you directly to the airport?

Yes, the metro line is connected to the airport terminal T3. There is a feeder bus that will take you directly to the terminal from the metro station at the import.

How far is the Delhi metro from T3?

The Delhi metro station is a mere 1 km away from the T3 terminal.

Can you use your Delhi metro smart card in the airport metro?

Yes, you are free to use the smart card and avail a discount of 10 percent