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The Delhi metro pink line network is planned with the sole intention of connecting all other metro routes of the city. It is also known as the ‘Ring Corridor’ for 12 of its total 38 metro stations interchange with other metro lines.

Delhi metro, managed by DMRC, is a very successful project with a 300+ km route. And Pink line is the most special route of Delhi’s metro plan. It saves tons of passengers’ time and provides them quick connectivity to every part of Delhi.

Let’s know more about this route!

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About Delhi Metro Pink Line

Delhi metro station pink line
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The Delhi metro Pink Line comes under Phase III of the city’s metro network. It is functional in two areas. First, from Majlis Park to Mayur Vihar Pkt-I, and second, from Trilokpuri to Shiv Vihar.

In the same reference, a Pink metro link between Trilokpuri and Mayur Vihar became operational in August 2021. Delhi Pink Line Metro network is known as the ‘Ring Corridor’ for it exchanges like a ring, its own establishments with all other metro networks in Delhi.

The Delhi Metro Pink line is the longest corridor of the Delhi metro network. The Pink line plays a significant role in the Delhi metro network.

With the Pink line Delhi metro, it has become possible for the very first time to connect the span of about 289 metres between Mayur Vihar Pkt-1 and Trilokpuri Sanjay Lake metro station. Previously, these areas were missing links in the Delhi metro network. It is now facilitated by a 59 km Pink metro line.

This Pink line connects the major areas of the city, including Anand Vihar Railway station, Anand Vihar ISBT, INA Lajpat Nagar, Nizamuddin Railway station, etc. 

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has a total driverless network of about 97 km. The driverless network of metros is operated on the top-notch technological signalling system called Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC).

The Magenta line running from the Botanical Garden to Janakpuri West is a 37 km long driverless metro route. The Magenta line is one of the world’s top 5 longest automated metro routes. Apart from this, the DMRC also runs other fully automated metro routes across the city. 

The Delhi Metro Pink Line Route

Route of delhi metro pink line
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The longest line of the Delhi metro runs from the northwest to the northeast of Delhi, i.e. from Majlis Park to Shiv Vihar. This route is a part of the Pink line of the Delhi metro and is about 59 km long.

Delhi’s Pink line metro network is also home to the smallest metro station in India at Ashram. The Pink metro line also covers the critical connecting link at the Dhaula Kuan Metro Station. This station is an elevated station at a height of a seven-storey building on the Airport Express line. In total, the Pink metro line has about 26 elevated and 12 underground stations. 

Future Plans Of DMRC For Pink Line Route

Apart from the current network, the DMRC is also working to extend the Pink line Metro in Phase IV. This new line will be a 12.5 km extension with eight metro stations. This extended Pink line metro route will start from Maujpur to Majlis Park.

The stations in this line include Yamuna Vihar, Bhajanpura, Khajuri Khas, Soorghat, Sonia Vihar, Jagatpur Village, Jharoda Majra, and Burari.

The infrastructure of this new pink metro line had started pre-COVID, which is now in process. Phase IV work is expected to be completed in the near future for the sections Janakpuri West– RK Ashram and Aerocity–Tughlaqabad. 

There is a wide network of metro lines in Delhi. Not only the current ones but also several new upcoming lines.

The pink metro line is nothing but a boon for the complete Delhi metro network as it runs, interchanging with more than 12 out of 38 metro stations. The pink line route forms a circle or a ring along Delhi’s Inner Ring Road. On this route, six-couch trains run at a speed of 80km per hour. 

The interchanging Pink line metro stations are as follows:

Sr. No.LineStations
1Red LineNetaji Subhash Place; Welcome
2Yellow LineAzadpur; INA
3Blue LineRajouri Garden; Mayur Vihar-I; Anand Vihar; Karkarduma
4Green LinePunjabi Bagh West
5Violet LineWazirabad Surghat; Lajpat Nagar
6Orange LineDurgabai Deshmukh South Campus
7Magenta LineMajlis Park and Azadpur

To know more about the schedules, ticket prices, and status of any metro trains on the Delhi metro network, including the Pink line, you can visit the official website of Delhi Metro. 

Pink Line Metro Route Map

The foot-overbridge (FOB) from Durgabai Deshmukh South to Dhaula Kuan facilitates easy commutation for passengers to Delhi Airport or the New Delhi Railway station. This FOB was inaugurated on February 9, 2019. 

In March 2022, DMRC inaugurated its first halt station at the Punjabi Bagh West station. This station provides all infrastructure and facilities for interchanging between green and pink metro lines. Due to this new interchanging, citizens can easily travel to areas like Bahadurgarh, Nangloi, Mundka, etc. 

Pink line, Delhi Metro: City Landmarks, Distance, Nearest Metro Station

Sr. No.LandmarkDistance(in km)Nearest Metro Station
1Sahibabad Pacific Mall0.7Anand Vihar
2Humayun’s Tomb2.9Sarai Kale Khan–Nizamuddin
3Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah2.6Sarai Kale Khan–Nizamuddin
4Indraprastha Park1Sarai Kale Khan–Nizamuddin
5World Peace Pagoda1.8Sarai Kale Khan–Nizamuddin
6Delhi Haat0INA
7South Ex Market0South Extension
8Lajpat Nagar Central Market0.6Lajpat Nagar
9Sarojini Nagar Market0.4Sarojini Nagar
10Punjabi Bagh Market0.7Punjabi Bagh West
11Rajouri Garden Market0.6Rajouri Garden 
12TDI Mall0.4Rajouri Garden 
13Coronation Park2.3Majlis Park

The Extension Of The Delhi Pink Line Metro

Inside view of metro
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The extension work of the Pink Line Metro is in progress under Phase IV. With it, the current route will be extended to Maujpur–Babarpur metro stations. With this extension, the pink line metro network is about to become one of the world’s longest ring lines. Phase IV work is known to be completed by the end of the year 2024. 

The extension work of the Pink Line Metro is in progress under Phase IV. With it, the current route will be extended to Maujpur–Babarpur metro stations. With this extension, the pink line metro network is about to become one of the world’s longest ring lines. Phase IV work is known to be completed by the end of the year 2024.

Timeline of Construction for Pink Line Metro Extension

Construction of delhi metro pink line
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Initially, the Delhi Metro Pink Line was announced to be completed by the end of the year 2016. However, the timelines were later pushed to April 2018. The Pink Line witnessed its inauguration in the month of December 2018.

The opening of various parts of the pink line network happened in different time spans as follows:

Metro Station AreasMonth and Year
Majlis Park to Durgabai Deshmukh South CampusMarch 14, 2018
Durgabai Deshmukh South Campus to Lajpat NagarAugust 6, 2018
Trilokpuri Sanjay Lake to Shiv ViharOctober 31, 2018
Lajpat Nagar-Mayur Vihar Pkt-IDecember 31, 2018
Sanjay Lake, Mayur Vihar Pocket I sectionAugust 6, 2021

The 17.8 km Trilokpur Sanjay Latke to Shiv Vihar route of the Pink line made Delhi one of those cities worldwide with an operational metro network of more than 300 km. The Delhi metro network currently has 236 stations covering almost 327 km across the city. 

The pink line metro route running from Lajpat Nagar to Mayur Vihar Pkt-I is about 9.7 km long. It comprises 5 metro stations: Vinoba Puri, Ashram, Hazrat Nizamuddin, Mayur Vihar Phase-I and Mayur Vihar Pkt I. 

The Route Timings Of Delhi’s Pink Line Metro 

The usual timings of all metro trains running on the Pink line network are 6 am to 11:06 pm. The network operates all days of the week. For more details on the route timing, you can visit the official website of the Delhi metro.

The 2021-22 Updates Of Delhi’s Pink Line Metro

1. An Integrated network in North Delhi approved by Delhi Government

To connect the Pink Line Metro stations of the northeast area- Yamuna Vihar and Bhajanpura, an integrated network was approved on November 9, 2021. This integration will comprise a flyover and a metro track.

The Expenditure Finance Committee (EFC) approved a budget of INR 210.10 Crore for this project. This plan estimates an overall cost saving of INR 180 Crore to DMRC. 

The flyover of this integrated network is estimated to be 1457 m long. It will cover the crossings of Karawal Nagar and Ghonda Chowk. As per the reports, The Deputy Chief Minister confirmed that this six-lane flyover shall reduce traffic problems in the respective areas. 

2. Delhi’s first double-decker viaduct to run on the route of the Pink Line Metro

The infrastructure for Delhi’s first double-decker viaduct is being mounted between Bhajanpura and Yamuna Vihar Metro stations. The metro tracks of the new Majlis Park-Maujpur section will be on top of the flyover, which is to be constructed by the Public Works Department.

The Majlis Park-Maujpur corridor is operational under Phase IV of the Pink Line and is declared to be opened by the end of the year 2023. 

3. Representation over defects to be considered in Metro Project: Delhi High Court

As per the double-decker viaduct plan, the project will have a six-lane flyover for automobile traffic, above which the metro tracks shall run. 

The Delhi High court has asked Delhi Government authorities to consider the requesting claims related to the double-decker viaduct project on the pink line metro route.

According to the pleas, the project shall result in cutting numerous trees and cause other issues and discomfort to the public. The Delhi High Court has asked to decide the representation on an urgent basis with respect to the rules, laws and regulations as stated by the government for the well-being of nature and the public. 


When did the Delhi Pink line metro start?

The Pink line routes opened in different stages between March 2018 and August 2021. The extension of the pink line route is currently in process. 

Is Pink Line connected from Mayur Vihar?

Yes. The previous Delhi metro network had a missing link. The Pink line metro route is meant to connect this missing link from Mayur Vihar Pkt-1 to Trilokpuri. 

Which station is nearest to Hazrat Nizamuddin?

The Hazrat Nizamuddin is connected through the Pink Line. The Sarai Kale Khan- Nizamuddin Metro Station is closest to Hazrat Nizamuddin. 

Has the Pink Line started in Delhi Metro?

Yes. The Pink Line Delhi metro is currently operational in two parts: Majlis Park to Mayur Vihar Pkt-I and Trilokpuri to Shiv Vihar corridor.

Does the Delhi Pink Line metro go to Anand Vihar?

Yes. Anand Vihar is the interchange station of the Blue and Pink metro lines of the Delhi metro network.  

Is Hazrat Nizamuddin Metro station operating?

Yes, the Hazrat Nizamuddin Metro station is regularly operating and is a part of the Pink line Metro network. 

Is Rajiv Chowk on Pink Line?

No. Rajiv Chowk lies on the Blue and Yellow lines of the Delhi metro.