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The Assam government has taken the initiative to modernize land records. The Assam Revenue Department has introduced new technologies in land records management.

In addition to implementing a web-based system for documenting land records, it also has a manual system, which requires field-level functionaries to visit villages and update basic land records called Chitha. These records are then shared with the community.

Assam government’s Integrated Land Records Management System (ILRMS)

The ILRMS website is presented in Assamese, although the system is also available in English. The page will most likely be displayed in Assamese.

When you have trouble reading Assamese, simply click on the English language link to translate the page. If the page is still not translated, you can go to another page and choose the appropriate district.

The ILRMS software program was conceived to be flexible and adaptable, with the ability to customize data to meet the needs of different users. The system also incorporates MIS Reports and a Central Diary.

The central diary is an important part of land records in Assam. Each land parcel has a pattadar who is responsible for the records. A Mouza, or a district, is a larger sphere of an Assamese city.

Assam’s ILRMS is a state-of-the-art tool to register land. This system also makes it possible for citizens to search for land records by village name, Dag Number, Patta Number, and even comments.

In the future, the Dharitree portal is expected to allow land owners to search, register, and update records.

How to search assam land record online?

Land records management system

In Assam, land record search has become a simple process using the Dharitree Assam Land records software. You can find information regarding land records in Assam by entering the village name, dag number, patta number, pattadar’s name, and district and village.

You can also search land records by gathering information from the property holder. The Dharitree Assam Land records management system has been successfully implemented in the state since 2005.

This software is comprised of several layers of functionality, including a business layer, workflow, validation and security, web service interface, and data access layer.

Once the system is in place, it provides a computerized system for citizen services, which reduces service delivery time, improves transparency, and promotes accountability. It integrates with the Land Record database to manage the property and register land titles.

Data is updated in real-time with cadastral maps and against court orders.

The Dharitree Assam Land records software has digitized thousands of land records throughout the state. This web-based system allows land owners in the north-eastern state to access their land records and find out if they have been legally registered.

The Dharitree portal also supports NOC, which makes it even more convenient for citizens to use the software. In addition to the web-based interface, Dharitree Assam also has a mobile app that enables users to access land records on the go.

Users can also search land records by Patta number by visiting the Dharitree Assam Land records software website. They can search for land records by Circle, Village, Town, District, and Patta number.

Once you find the property you are interested in, you can search for the details about the property on the site. If you want to search the Dharitree Assam Land records management software for free, then it is definitely worth checking out.

Patta document

Obtaining a copy of a Dharitree land record document is not difficult. You can download an online copy of this document and print it.

The printout of the extract from the town survey land register is also available online, although the Assam government is yet to develop an official land-map website. However, if you want an offline copy, you can visit a Revenue office and request a copy of the “Patta”.

You can then download or print it, depending on the norms.

To obtain a copy of a Dharitree land record document, you will need the Dag Number, Patta Number, or Pattadar’s name. These three numbers are used to access the records.

If you cannot find the document in any of these places, you can gather the information from the person who holds the document. If you cannot find the document, you can also ask the owner of the land.

The Dharitree portal will help you get a copy of your land record. You can find the Dag number on your Assam land record paper. The Dag number is a unique identifier for the land parcel and can serve as proof of ownership.

Pattdars are people who hold a land ownership certificate and can prove it. So, if you are considering purchasing a property, you should obtain a copy of the land-record document Patta.

If you are interested in purchasing land in Assam, you can request a copy online or offline. You can also obtain a certified copy of this document from the Assam Revenue Department. The Assam land-record document Patta portal will help you track the status of your land-record document.

You will need a lot of paperwork, but it’s well worth the effort.

dharitree assam land record

Modern record room

With the passage of the Land Records Amendment Bill, the state government has decided to revamp the existing land records by making them more up-to-date.

Currently, the Assam Land Record Department follows a manual system wherein field-level functionaries visit rural areas and update the basic land records, called Chitha, which are shared with the community. The new system will incorporate these features.

The Assam government is committed to ensuring transparency in administrative processes and has implemented a web portal, Dharitree, to do so. Dharitree Assam’s record room is a modern facility, with a large display window for land records. The website is updated frequently and is

designed to be easy to navigate. You can check the status of any land record online, allowing you to save time by eliminating long queues.

If you are not familiar with the Assam Land Record Office, a brief introduction is in order. The land department is an agency that keeps track of all the land ownership records in the state.

The department is located in Dispur, Guwahati, and its offices are located on the ground and first floors. The offices are easily accessible by mobile users and are equipped with computers. They also have computers to provide assistance and guidance to their customers.

The Dharitree Assam Land Record App is available for download from the Amazon Appstore. It can also be installed from your Windows computer via the Start menu. It is designed for Windows users and offers a variety of tools.

If you’re interested in exploring the Assam Land Record App, download the free app today. While most apps are designed for smartphones, Dharitree – Assam Land Record is compatible with Windows PCs.

Land loan facility

There are many advantages of using the Dharitree Assam Land Record as a way to finance the purchase of a plot of land in the state. For starters, you don’t have to invest a single rupee to use the service.

You can use the land record to make sure you’re not being overcharged. Also, use the service for other purposes.

Check the status of your land records by using the Dharitree Assam Land Record website. The application requires a few pieces of information.

You must know the Dag number of the property, the patta number, the name of the landholder, and the district and village in which it’s located. Once you have that information, you can start the process of obtaining a loan for the land.

The Dharitree portal makes property registration simple in the state. It connects sub registrars, circle offices, land records directorates, and deputy commissioners. Using the portal makes property registration and property ownership in Assam easier than ever.

And the process is entirely online. Whether you’re buying a house, investing in a business, or refinancing your home, the Dharitree portal makes it a breeze.

Re-classification in Assam is a process that can be lengthy. In order to reclassify a plot of land, you must obtain the permission of the Revenue & Disaster Management Department and the Deputy Commissioner of the district in which the property is located.

After obtaining permission from these authorities, you must provide the NOC to the concerned authority to proceed with the reclassification. If your land is zoned as agricultural, you must obtain prior approval before reclassifying it.

If you are looking to use the land for other uses, you must get prior approval from the Revenue & Disaster Management Department and a permit from the Dharitree.