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A ration card serves as a fundamental legal document for establishing one’s identification and verifying one’s place of residence. To understand it better, let’s go through it one step further.

The ration card is a fundamental legal document to verify one’s identity and residence. Primarily, individuals utilised the ration card to receive government-subsidized household necessities so that everyone could benefit from government programmes. 

Digital ones in West Bengal are replacing ration cards. The new West Bengal digital ration card has now been distributed to the state’s citizens. 

In this article, we examine the West Bengal digital ration card and the application process in depth.

bangla ration card
Source: https://wbpds.wb.gov.in/(S(5xmfytfqrvp5z3g24vkhgt3p))/CheckApplicationStatus.aspx

History – West Bengal e-ration card

By 2021, the Khadya Sathi, or digital ration card scheme in West Bengal, would have completed five years. The West Bengal government has designated today as part of the state’s Khadya Sathi Day celebrations. The Khadya Sathi Scheme, a West Bengal variant of the digital ration card, was able to keep 10 million people fed during the coronavirus lockdown. There was an official launch for this programme on January 27th, 2016.

Rice and wheat will be offered for Rs 2 per kilogramme using the West Bengal digital ration card or the Khadya Sathi scheme. Approximately 90% of West Bengal’s population will benefit from this project.

In addition, the government of West Bengal has made rations available at a price that is half that of the market to 50 lakh residents. An application for the Khadya Sathi scheme and West Bengal’s Digital Ration Card may only be made on the official website.

Eligibility Standards

As a West Bengali resident, you may apply for the position of Ration Dealer on the government’s official website if you like. The following conditions must be fulfilled to be eligible for the dealership:

  • There is a requirement to show that the applicant has enough space to discharge the items.
  • Information about ration card holders, their assignment, pickup, and allocation can only be recorded if they have computer access, which is a requirement in and of itself.
  • The applicant must show that they can read and write in their native language.
  • There must be enough warehouse space to store all the goods and food.
  • In addition, the dealer must provide the applicant with the land consolidation certificate so that it may be maintained in the shop-cum-godown.

(Rental and lease agreements are required for leased warehouses. The information on these documents must be given.)

Limitations on Who Can Apply

Applying for a new West Bengal digital ration card requires the following qualifications:

  • The applicant must not have a ration card.
  • Couples who recently tied the knot in West Bengal may apply.
  • Those with temporary or expired ration cards may apply for a new digital ration card of their choosing.

Information Needed

West Bengal’s digital ration card requires the following documents:

  • An image of the family head the size of a passport must be provided.
  • To prove your identity, you’ll need to show a voter ID card, an Aadhaar card, or a driving license)
  • a copy of your house’s address (electricity bill, water bill, etc.)
  • a letter of intent
  • Members of the household’s details
  • Certificates of income for all family members
  • You may apply for a new ration card over the internet.

For West Bengal residents, the following actions must be taken to get a new digital ration card –

  1. Visit the website of the Food and Supply Department of West Bengal by following this link.
  2. Click on the “View Forms” option. Find all the forms that have been submitted on the site so far.
  3. Next, click the ration card application link to get an application form.
  4. Fill out the application form with as much information as possible, including that of your family members. 
  5. A completed application must be submitted to a local ration card office with all necessary supporting documentation. 
  6. Note down the application number.

Procedure for Getting a Digital Ration Card through Offline Mode

Anyone in West Bengal who wants to apply for the state’s new digital ration card must go to the ration card office closest to them. 

  • The staff will give the candidate the application form. 
  • Filling up the application form with accurate information about the family members is the applicant’s responsibility. 
  • Please submit the application and any supporting documentation after completing it. 
  • After that, note down the application number.

Ration Card Status in Digital Form

After applying, applicants may utilise the online service to check the status of the ration card online. 

  • Go to the West Bengal government’s official website and click on “obtain ration information” to see whether you’ve been approved for a digital ration card in that state. 
  • Searching for an application’s information begins by entering an applicant’s application number.

Ration Card Names on a Database

Applicants must access the digital ration card name list on a computer or mobile device through the official website. 

  • The applicant must put the district, block municipality, ward, and name into the search box and then hit the search button. 
  • They would now be able to see the name they were looking for on the list.

Ration Card linkage with Aadhaar Card in West Bengal

There are two ways to connect your aadhaar number to your West Bengal ration card:

1. Online Mode

  • Link your Aadhaar card and ration card on the government’s official website by following these steps.
  • A new section will appear after you’ve located the WBPDS Aadhaar link for your ration card.
  • Your ration card and Aadhaar card data must now be submitted.
  • Please click on the “Submit” option to send the request.

2. Offline Mode

It’s necessary to take a photocopy of your ration card, as well as scanned copies of the Aadhaar cards of each member of your family, to your nearest food and supply department office to connect your Aadhaar ration card online in West Bengal.

Updates to the Digital Ration Cards in West Bengal

West Bengal citizens who do not yet have digital ration cards will get coupons in the mail from the state’s government. To get a voucher, citizens must apply to their local administrative headquarters or the applicable agency. 

They also said meals would be offered at a discounted price throughout the lockdown period of the administration’s announcement. To get their food during the six-month shutdown, individuals would have to pay Rs 5 per kilogramme. 

Following the incentive, detailed information on the commodity may be found:


Contact information for the West Bengal Digital

  • Contact number: 1800 345 5505 / 1967
  • Email id: itcellfswb1@cammannmarketing