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The dining hall is one such section in your house where the family spends quality time while enjoying a lovely meal together. To make sure that it looks lovely, the dining room false ceiling design should be planned thoughtfully so that it upscales the beauty of that area. 

When the dining area is gorgeous, it adds a feel-good factor to your family meal time and you are sure to have a smile on your face. Add grace to your dining hall with these beautiful ceiling designs.

1. Wow In Wooden

wooden ceiling
Source: Jonathan Borba / pexels

Adding a wooden touch to the dining room false ceiling design is one of the best ideas to add a class to this area in your house. It is easy to maintain and upscales the overall look of the dining hall. You can also set up a ceiling fan along with the wooden panel for a refreshing feel. 

2. Chandeliers And Lights

dining room false ceiling chandeliers
Source: Thgusstavo Santana / pexels

A dining room false ceiling design with a gorgeous chandelier surrounded by cove lighting is sure to fetch you compliments from any visitor. It also sets the right mood and makes all your meals special. You can opt for classic chandeliers that will add a regal touch to your dining experience.

3. Minimalistic Tray Ceiling

tray ceiling
Source: Jonathan Borba / pexels

Some people prefer a minimalistic design for their dining area and if you are one of those, you should opt for a tray ceiling design. Adding led tray light strips in a warm tone will make your space look cosy and perfect for an intimate dining experience. It is best for families that have a quaint little dining hall. You can add pretty accents to balance out the minimal ceiling look.

4. Add Little Greens

ceiling greens
Source: 鲨柿笔亚 / pexels

You cannot add greens to your ceiling design anywhere in the house but it goes well in the dining room. Beautiful plants hanging from the ceiling wall add freshness to your space. It will also give you a cafe-style feel at home and you can add a hint of green to the wall too. Make sure to keep the lights simple and minimalist in design so that the greenery is not overshadowed.

5. Go For PoPs

dining room false ceiling Pops
Source: Mark McCammon / pexels

Using PoPs for the false ceiling is a nice idea when you want to experiment with dining room false ceiling design. You can be creative enough while thinking of a suitable design for your dining area. PoPs can give you varied design options and you can incorporate lights, chandeliers or even a ceiling fan along with a PoP ceiling design. 

6. Colour Pop Ceiling

colour pop
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

Adding a pop of bright hue to the ceiling helps in elevating the dining room ambience. Although people usually prefer neutral tones when it comes to dining room false ceiling design, a little experiment here and there always helps. You can further beautify the ceiling by adding other elements like pendant lights, chandeliers or even fans. Also whenever you opt for a bright ceiling, make sure to balance it out by picking up neutral fixtures and furniture.


1. Can ceiling lights be installed without a false ceiling?

Yes, you can easily install ceiling lights without opting for a false ceiling. Options include chandeliers, hanging lights etc.

2. Is there any alternative to PoPs?

Yes, you can opt for gypsum boards but PoPs are a preferred choice for several reasons, durability, ease to mould and cost-effectiveness are a few.

3. What are the varieties of ceiling lights we can use at home?

Cove lighting, led strips, and gimbal recessed lighting are a few well-known options for ceiling lights; led strip lighting is the most popular one.

4.  Should you opt for a false ceiling at home?

False ceilings make your space look more appealing and you get a chance to experiment. It also defines your room and adds value to the ambience.