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Many instances of life require taking tough decisions. Among all the decisions, taking a divorce from your partner is a very crucial decision. There can be n number of reasons why you want to part ways with your partner. But, to do so in reality, you need to fight s court case and that can only be done with a help of a proficient divorce lawyer.

If you have an experienced lawyer by your side, you will not only get the faith to win the case but you will also get proper guidance from his/her experience. Many prominent lawyers in Delhi can help you in your divorce case. This blog will help you come across some of the eminent lawyers in Delhi whom you must consult when in dilemma.

Best Divorce Lawyer in East Delhi

1. Advocate Anupam Kirti (Result-oriented Approach)

  • Location: Phase 1, Mayur Vihar
  • Years of Experience: 8 years

Advocate Anupam Kirti is a highly skilled and experienced divorce lawyer. In addition to practicing for divorce cases, he has a diverse area of practice like recovery, court marriage, domestic violence, etc. He uses a result-oriented approach to fight your cases independently and ethically. He is very professional in his approach and will offer you top-notch legal consultancy. In addition to that, he has practiced in various courts like Delhi High Court, Central Administrative Tribunal Delhi, District Court Saket, etc. Therefore, if you ever need any sort of legal assistance in a divorce case, you can consult him.

2. Advocate Shikhar Vats (Proactive Approach)

  • Location: Phase-1, Mayur Vihar
  • Years of Experience: 13 years

Advocate Shikhar Vats is a proficient lawyer in handling divorce cases. He has worked on a diverse set of cases throughout his career. Some of the key areas of his practice include anticipatory bail, cheque bounce, child custody, domestic violence, motor accident, etc. If you are dealing with the trauma of a divorce case, Advocate Shikhar Vats will use a proactive approach to help you for the same. So, without any further delays book your appointment with him and seek his best advice.

3. Advocate Deepak Gandhi (Uninterrupted Dedication)

  • Location: Karkardooma Court
  • Years of Experience: 7 years

Advocate Deepak Gandhi will put his heart and soul into your case. He puts uninterrupted dedication to the case and will provide you with the best legal consultation. He has a diverse set of experience and you can trust him for providing you with the best support. Besides that, he handles all the cases independently and does thorough research of the case before jumping to the conclusions. Therefore, you can consult him for your divorce case without giving it any second thought.

Best Divorce Lawyer in South Delhi

1. Advocate Sudershani Ray (Diverse Set of Services)

  • Location: Kailash Hills
  • Years of Experience: 15 years

Advocate Sudershani Ray is a highly dedicated lawyer towards her services and gives proper emphasis on providing the best legal consultancy to her clients. She has completed her law at one of the most reputed institutions in Delhi. Besides handling divorce cases, she has a whole bunch of experience in handling various other types of cases. She is not only providing services in civil laws but also showing great mettle in corporate laws.

2. Advocate Peeyush Kaushik (Established a Law Firm)

  • Location: Dwarka District Court
  • Years of Experience: 14 years

Advocate Peeyush Kaushik is a proficient divorce lawyer who has expertise in offering effective legal solutions to his clients. With his agenda of providing honest and quality legal services, he has established the Rudraksh Law Associates. This firm is committed to providing swift solutions to clients with its enhanced level of skills. Currently, Advocate Peeyush Kaushik is a prestigious member of the Saket Bar Association and Delhi High Court Bar Association.

3. Advocate Sahej Uban (Strategize each case)

  • Location: Defence Colony
  • Years of Experience: 6 years

Advocate Sahej Uban takes utmost care in providing prolific law services to his clients. He has an established law firm that is professionally and ethically oriented. Besides that, he strives to deliver the best results to his client. He takes all the cases very seriously and pays proper attention to strategizing each case. Advocate Sahej Uban takes proper care to make his clients stress-free with his deep knowledge and expertise in handling divorce cases.

Best Divorce Lawyer in North Delhi

1. Advocate Rajbir Malik (Ethical Approach)

  • Location: Rohini Court
  • Years of Experience: 24 years

Advocate Rajbir Malik has gained a huge experience in the field of law and he is one of the best persons to consult when it comes to divorce cases. He has handled a large number of cases ranging from divorce cases to child custody, court marriage, criminal cases, property, recovery, and whatnot. He is known for dealing with all the cases prolifically and ethically. Besides that, he offers his best efforts to the case to fetch the best results out of it.

2. Advocate Anjali Dhawan (Optimistic Attitude)

  • Location: Tis Hazari Court
  • Years of Experience: 11 years

If you are struggling a lot with your divorce case and want an experienced lawyer to handle it, you must visit Advocate Anjali Dhawan. She has great experience in handling divorce cases and keeps an optimistic attitude toward solving the cases. She offers some best consulting advice to tackle your situation effectively and uses her every bit of knowledge to fetch the direction of the case in your favor.

3. Advocate Rahul Tyagi (Consistent Approach)

  • Location: Mukherjee Nagar
  • Years of Experience: 4 years

Advocate Rahul Tyagi is a well-known divorce lawyer who will help you in making top-notch decisions in your life. He has a track record of consistently handling cases with a high percentage of success. He has practiced in some of the famous courts like Delhi High Court, District Court Rohini, and District Court Tis Hazari.

Best Divorce Lawyer in West Delhi

1. Advocate Wg Cdr Ajit Kakkar (Specialist in Military Law and Services)

  • Location: Dwarka
  • Years of Experience: 22 years

Advocate Wg Cdr Ajit Kakkar has a great reputation in the law fraternity and is famous for assisting military law and service law as a consultant. He has dealt with the Army laws for a profound time and took premature retirement from the Air Force. He takes a keen interest in handling army cases and in addition to that, he has great proficiency in handling matrimonial cases. So, you can consult him before filing your divorce to keep a tab on whether you are on the right track or not.

2. Advocate Rajesh Rai (Promising Judgement Credits)

  • Location: Sector-19, Dwarka
  • Years of Experience: 22 years

Advocate Rajesh Rai enjoys a prestigious name when it comes to handling divorce cases. He is prominently known for passing some esteemed judgments throughout his career which makes him even more impressive for your needs of a divorce lawyer. He started his career with a reputed firm and now leads RR Legal Partners with a team of impeccable lawyers to offer the best services to clients.

3. Advocate Siddharth Narang (Diversified Practice Portfolio)

  • Location: Rajinder Nagar
  • Years of Experience: 5 years

Advocate Siddharth Narang has a whole lot of experience in tackling divorce cases. He always deals the cases with a result-oriented approach. Besides that, he has also handled bundles of cases that include cybercrime, domestic violence, tenant/landlord, property, etc. Therefore, you can easily book an appointment and consult with him for your divorce case without giving it any second thought.

Best Lady Divorce Lawyer in Delhi

1. Advocate Srishti Saxena (On-Point Advice)

  • Location: Guru Apartments, Dwarka
  • Years of Experience: 11 years

If you are struggling hard with a divorce case and want a female lawyer to handle it, visiting Advocate Srishti Saxena will suffice your needs. She has a rich experience in the law field and is best known to provide ultimate consultancy service to clients. She gives on-point advice to the clients without any bias. If you ever want genuine guidance for your divorce case, without wasting a single minute, it’s better to go and consult with her.

2. Advocate Kirti Dua (Humble and Compassionate)

  • Location: Panchsheel Enclave
  • Years of Experience: 6 years

Advocate Kirti Dua is practicing in the law field for 6 years and she has been constantly supporting her clients to get the best in their lives. If you will visit her, you will find yourself in a very comfortable position as she is very humble and compassionate. She keeps all the professional protocols in her mind and will treat your case by maintaining proper confidentiality.

3. Advocate Aastha Agarwal Garg (Client Satisfaction)

  • Location: Nirman Vihar
  • Years of Experience: 13 years

Advocate Aastha Agarwal Garg takes proper pain in dealing with your divorce case with utmost precision. She has profound experience in dealing with divorce cases in a result-oriented fashion. If you ever visit her for your issues, she will patiently listen to you, and only after that will suggest the required steps to follow. She lays proper emphasis on client satisfaction, therefore, you can always bank upon her for your divorce-related queries.