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There are so many ways to celebrate a birthday. It’s always fun to celebrate with loved ones, friends, and family. Whether the celebration is at home or out and about, you can make the day memorable with these great DIY birthday decoration ideas.

Read on to learn how to make a balloon arch, pom-pom garland, and crepe paper skirt. Here are some more DIY birthday decoration ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. DIY Birthday Decoration Ideas: Make a Balloon Arch

When decorating with balloons, you can create an arch in your own home using a few simple steps. First, make a balloon garland with two balloons – one large and one small. Pull the necks through the first hole, and then insert the second balloon through the larger hole.

Repeat with the second balloon. Once you have a full arch, add accessories such as balloons, tassels, and even a banner.

For an extra pop of color, you can use a bunch of fake flowers or dried flowers. You can use a combination of these materials, or you can choose a solid color and put a bunch of different colors on it.

You can also use ribbon to hide gaps in between the balloons and give your arch a more organic look. Before assembling the balloon arch, make sure to remove any thorny flowers.

Next, assemble the balloon arch. The strip should be hung at least a week before the party. Inflate balloons the day before the party. If you can, use an air compressor to finish the job quickly. Use zip ties to attach the strip to the frame.

Then, insert the balloons by pushing the knotted end through the opening in the strip. You should place the balloons into the smaller of the two circles.

DIY birthday decoration ideas

2. DIY Birthday Decoration Ideas: Make a pom-pom garland

If you’re looking for birthday decoration ideas, consider making a puffed-up pom-pom garland. These fluffy balls of yarn are easy to make and require no special tools. You can use your scissors or tape to trim the end of the yarn.

If the yarn is thick, you can tape it to make it easier to thread through the needle’s eye. To create a shorter garland, you should keep the yarn short.

Pom-pom crafts are a fun activity for kids. You can purchase inexpensive yarns and craft staples, and use the materials to create your own garland. These pom-poms can be used in nearly any room in the house and can add a touch of texture to a dull room.

Children’s rooms are great places to make pom-pom crafts, and they are equally versatile as decorations for adults.

A DIY pom-pom garland is a wonderful way to add festive style to any room. They look lovely as a backdrop over a sweets table, or as part of a larger decor scene.

Although you might be intimidated by the process, it’s easy to make and can even be used as part of your holiday decorating ideas. Just be sure to review the instructions carefully before starting to create the pom-pom garland.

DIY birthday decoration ideas
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3. DIY Birthday Decoration Ideas: Create a tulle skirt

If you’re looking for an original birthday decoration for your daughter, why not create a tulle skirt? Tulle is a great material for a birthday party, and this skirt will be sure to impress! This tutorial will show you how to make your own tulle skirt using basic sewing techniques.

The process is simple, and you can make one for your own daughter without the help of a professional!

The fun part about tulle skirts is that they’re not only beautiful to look at but also functional. Your daughter can wear a tulle skirt for a dance class, a fancy outfit, or for everyday use. She can even wear it as a costume!

Use several different colors of tulle for different party themes. Yellow tulle, for example, is perfect for a Snow White costume.

Next, measure the length of the tulle you’d like to use. If the final length is less than the total length, you can skip the ironing step. Then, fold the tulle in half lengthwise, and then fold it in half again, forming a square shape.

Repeat this step with the other side, making sure to overlap the raw edges by a half-inch. Once the tulle is the correct length, pin it to the pattern piece and stitch it with a zigzag stitch. If you’d like to attach the tulle to a table, just use a small amount of adhesive to the inside of the skirt.

tulle skirt

4. DIY Birthday Decoration Ideas: Decorate with crepe paper

Crepe paper is an excellent decoration material for a party. It is cheap and can be used in a variety of ways. This decoration option can be used to decorate the walls, ceiling, or floor of the party venue.

You can buy rolls of crepe paper at the dollar store or party supply store. After choosing the color and design you want, simply arrange it from bottom to top. It takes about an hour to complete the project.

Streamers make for a gorgeous centerpiece for any party. If you want to make a garland with streamers, consider making a bespoke one using several layers of crepe paper. You can hang these streamers horizontally or in clusters for an extra special touch.

Another great idea is to wrap a birthday present with crepe paper. You can even create a birthday boy chair using crepe paper.

Streamers can be a beautiful way to decorate a birthday party. Cut crepe paper in any color you like and tie a tassel to the bottom. Streamers can also be used as table mats, centerpiece mats, and coasters.

These decorations are inexpensive and can make a great impact. For more creative ways to use crepe paper, check out the DIY birthday decoration ideas with crepe paper.

DIY birthday decoration ideas
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5. Make a Jellyfish

There are many ways to make a jellyfish birthday decoration for your little boy or girl. If your child loves jellyfish, you can make a paper bowl of jellyfish for the centerpiece of the cake. You can also use crepe paper and 6-inch streamers to create jellyfish.

Make sure to use a pink marker for the signature dots! String or tape the jellyfish to the outer rim of the cake. It’s sure to be a hit with your child!

The jellyfish lantern is a cute, easy, and versatile decoration that can work with many themes. This easy-to-make craft requires only a few materials and is fast to create. Wired ribbon is ideal for creating a ruffled look, while sheer ribbon gives it a translucent vibe.

Beaded stands also look great. You can also use these lanterns for your mermaid party! You can even make a mermaid-themed birthday party with them!

6. Decorate with washi tape

If you are planning to celebrate your child’s birthday at home, then you can try some DIY birthday decoration ideas using washi tape. This Japanese paper masking tape is a popular craft supply. It is inexpensive and comes in a wide variety of designs.

You can use it to personalize binder clips, gift bags, and other things around the house. You can use it to make different patterns and designs, including Christmas trees, birthday banners, and even binder clips.

Besides making beautiful decorations for birthday parties, washi tape can also be used to decorate ordinary items around the house, such as light switches. You can follow a tutorial on Washi Tape Crafts to learn how to do it.

You can also use washi tape to label cords. These tapes are easy to peel off, so you can change them whenever you want. They are also reusable, so you can make them as many times as you like.

DIY birthday decoration ideas

Other DIY birthday decoration ideas using washi tape include cards, bookmarks, mirror frames, and coasters. If your child is a bookworm, washi tape can be used to create a personalized gift box.

For those who love to organize their closets, washi tape can be used as a handy storage solution. Also, washi tape can add color to bullet journals. It can also be used to create fun patterns on walls. Plain notebooks, folders, and gift boxes can be given a colorful makeover with washi tape.