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The primary entrance to your property is more than just a passageway into your house; it’s also an opportunity to exhibit your refined aesthetic sensibilities. The main door has a lot of potential uses, but turning it into a beautiful addition to your home is going to require some creative thinking on your part. In this article, we will know the main door colours as per Vastu that you can use for the home.

If you choose the colour of the main gate by Vastu in addition to the design guidelines and aesthetic you ought to have prepared when finalising the outside décor options for your home, your property would be lovely. In modern times, there is a great deal of diversity in the design of entrance gates, particularly in terms of the components used, the carvings included, and the available colour choices.

The main gate and the compound walls must be constructed on clearly auspicious days before making the structure itself. The door is considered to be the primary entrance.

According to the principles of Vastu, the number of steps leading up to the front door of your home should permanently terminate on an odd number. When ascending or descending stairs, most people have the habit of putting their right leg forward first. The exercise must come to a close with a step made with the right leg, as instructed by the Hindu science of structures.

The Vastu-compliant colour for the front door

In modern times, there is a great deal of diversity in the design of main gates, particularly in the materials used, the carvings included, and the colour schemes employed. Because of this, you can design the entryway to match your taste.

 The directions north, northeast, east, or west are recommended by the ancient Indian architectural and design system known as Vastu Shastra as the most auspicious way in which a home’s primary entrance is the weandance gate. According to Vastu, the following colour options for gates are advised to be used.

Check out these top 10 primary gate colours as per Vastu 

 1. Silver-coloured Gate

Silver-coloured Gate
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There is a correlation between the colour silver and riches. If the primary entrance to your home is located in the southeast direction, therefore the colour silver is the most auspicious choice for you since it is associated with the element of fire, which is one of the five elements. In addition to lending an air of opulence and bravado to the structure, the use of a metallic silver finish on the main gate will encourage economic growth, assisting the community in achieving more excellent stability.

2. Shades of  blue

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According to the principles of Vastu, the colour blue, which is associated with the water element, promotes feelings of serenity. Following the precepts of Vastu, the primary entrance doors to the compound should be painted in blues of a more muted tone. 

The use of tones of light blue is an excellent choice for creating an appearance that is both refined and inviting in an entryway. According to Vastu, the colour of the entrance door could be utilised to represent either the north or the west direction.

3. Faded green

Faded green
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The weathered green entrance gate with two glass divisions and 2 huge glass panes has the potential to impart a great deal of allure over your residence. The brick-red walls of the house, which are encircled by green trees. They have the potential to efficiently provide the entire structure with a one-of-a-kind colour scheme for the front gate.

4. Main Gate with a Pink Colour 

Main Gate with a Pink Colour
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In addition to being a colour associated with the fire element, the colour pink is also linked to riches and power. If the primary entry faces south, painting the gate pink would ensure the inhabitants’ continued financial success. This is the case even if the entrance is located elsewhere. A further benefit of choosing a main gate in the colour pink is that it can complement the interior décor of your home, which you should strive to do.

5. Vibrant shades door colours as per Vastu

Vibrant shades
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Choose orange hues with a lighter tint to use as an accent colour for the main door if you want the colour design of your main gate to be perfect. The element of fire is symbolised by the colour orange. The southeast is the direction associated with riches. Hence the best gate colours for this direction are orange, crimson, or pink. 

According to the principles of Vastu, a door that opens into the southeast should be avoided. As a result, to correct the flaw, it is essential to use specific Vastu remedies, such as making the appropriate colour selection.

6. Yellow with a hint of white

Yellow with a hint of white
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Use a light, almost white version of the colour yellow on the front gate of your home or office building. It is a fascinating option for the colour paint you choose for the main gate. The same colour pane of glass and the yellow entrance gate may be an excellent match with the flowers and shrubs surrounding the rest of the building.

7. Off-white shade

Off-white shade
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If you want your front door or gate to stand out, choose a hue of off-white for it. Following the principles of Vastu, this shade exudes calming energy and is an excellent choice for contemporary dwellings. Create an elegant first impression with well-placed lighting and a door frame made of wood. When you design the interior of your home’s front entry. The entrance door that faces west would benefit greatly from having this colour combination for the gate.

8. Red-Coloured Main door

As it draws in unfavourable energies, the Vastu design system discourages the colour red for use in residential settings. Because it represents lust, materialism, and other lowly energies, the Vastu Shastra advises against using red to finish the main gate. Because of its association with these negative qualities.

9. Colour for wooden door colours as per Vastu

By the Vastu principle, wood is seen as a material that brings good fortune. When it is used in the construction of a door or gate for a house. The old Indian building science relates the material to the eastern orientation. Which is the direction that directs the Sun’s rays. As a result, the perfect front door would be made of wood and feature the grain and colours inherent to the material.

10. A combination of metal and grey

A combination of metal and grey
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A grey-coloured metal gate provides an air of opulence to the surrounding area. Choose this colour scheme for the gate if the door to your entrance is in the northwest position. You could also use the metal component in the northwest, which is a suitable direction in its own right. 

This is a favourable direction and portends chances later in life. You may also choose the colour white for the primary doors leading in this direction.


The primary access point is the front door. In this particular setting, the practice of Vastu plays an important part. It is imperative that the Vastu mandated direction, placement, and other rules be adhered to facilitate the inflow of cosmic energies. While simultaneously blocking the flow of the needed one, known as the negative energies. The primary door colours as per Vastu, are the first thing guests see when they enter the room. Therefore, it’s essential to make an excellent first impression. 

Since the southwest and the south are not the most OK directions for the position of the main entrance. You should try to avoid situating the door leading to the main entrance in either of those directions. If, on the other hand, you do not have any other choices, you can eliminate the Vastu defect by constructing a lead helix or lead metal pyramids.