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According to Vastu Shastra, a house’s main door or entry must face the right way to draw in beneficial energy and be visually pleasing. Every house has a particular form of energy. Therefore, it’s crucial to comprehend the therapeutic art of Vastu to emit the proper kind of energy. In this article, we will know different to ensure door direction as per Vastu.

The main entry door is the source of a good point, and Vastu shastra is indeed an age-old guide for it. People in the home can live in wealth and pleasure with the help of a few straightforward Vastu Shastra concepts for the entrance door. 

Here are some crucial Vastu guidelines for the main entrance that must be adhered to to ensure more positive vibes are reaching the property.

Main door Vastu direction

The main door should always face one of the promising north, north-east, east, or west directions. Neither the south, south-west, north-west (north side) nor the south-east should be the location of the main entry (east side).

An adjustment can be made to a door facing south or southwest using led steel pyramids and lead helix. According to Parmar, an entrance facing north-west may be fixed using a brass pyramid and helix, whereas a door facing the south-east can be set using a copper helix.

The house’s front entrance needs to open in a clockwise direction and be more significant than any other door. Avoid placing three doorways perpendicular to the door since this is a significant Vastu flaw that might impact the family’s happiness.

Main door Vastu direction
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 Top 8 Vastu-based excellent main door direction 

1. The Perfect Main Door Direction As Per Vastu

Vastu advises that the main door should always be facing north-east, north, east, or west since they are considered lucky directions. Keep the south, west, north (north side), and southeast away from the main entry gate.

A led helix and lead steel pyramids can be used to repair a door that faces south and south-west. A bronze pyramid and helix may be used to modify a gate in the east, while a copper helix can be used to alter a gate in the south-east.

2. Brass Handle on Wooden Door

The entrance gates of the home should be made of wood and have brass knobs. Brass and wood are the ideal materials for the main entrance, which faces south. There should be metalwork on it on the west.

If your main door is on the east side, it should be wood and have a few minor metal accents. The entrance on the north side should be more silvery tint.

Brass Handle on Wooden Door
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3. Colourful Entrance Door

Try painting the door in gentle hues like pale yellow and any yellowish tint, earthy wooden tones, or yellow. It prompts immediate happiness. Avoid painting the door in garish orange or red. Additionally, never paint the door of your prominent entry black.

Arrogance and melancholy may result from using dark colouring. Bright or pastel door colours might instantly improve your attitude. But stay away from entries with sliding, slanting, or round openings.

Colourful Entrance Door
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4. Strong Wooden Door for Main Entrance

Wooden doors are ideal for the main entryway since they are an arch that may bring prosperity and pleasure, according to Vastu principles. The main entrance must be the biggest in the house and always have the most excellent appearance.

To maintain its appealing look and guarantee the safety of the home members, the wood must be of traditional high quality, such as teak wood. Refrain from placing the front door so that it faces the front door of another house.

Strong Wooden Door for Main Entrance
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5. Simple Wooden Door for Bedroom

Homebuyers prefer simplicity. Therefore, the most excellent option for those who adore austerity would be to make your bedroom door as straightforward as feasible. Pick a plain wooden door. The bedroom entrance, however, needs to be heavier than the doors to the other rooms in the house. According to Vastu, doors should open in a clockwise orientation.

A significant Vastu flaw that might impact the enjoyment of the home is having three doors lined up parallel to the primary door. Another advice is to keep your shoes off the entrance of your bedroom.

Simple Wooden Door for Bedroom
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6. White Coloured Door for Bedroom

According to Vastu Shastra, the room door with the white painting brings peace and happiness into your house. Avoid doors in the south, it is suggested.

The west and north directions are excellent for such structures if you consider adding an attached bathroom to your bedroom. Additionally, your bed should not be above a roof beam. For the bedroom door, use wood of the highest quality.

White Coloured Door for Bedroom
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7. Traditionally Decorated Door

Nothing is better than the main entry door with traditional decorations. It makes sure that your property has friendly and happy energy. No matter what, ensure the door doesn’t make noise as it closes or opens. The entry door should always be well-lit. Never make a home door other than the front door more enormous.

The main entrance has two shutters on the inside and is highly lucrative from the clockwise direction. Always have some lovely paintings and patterns on the front entrance. In a word, avoid using drab and dreary colours when painting your front door.

Traditionally Decorated Door
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8. Wooden Arched Door

According to Vastu, the area surrounding the main door should be kept clean to maintain good health. According to Vastu, it provides good energy to the dwelling. To give the main entry, which has an arched wooden door, a beautiful appearance, brilliant lighting should be around it.

To give your house a beautiful and natural appearance, decorate its door with flower pots and, if there is room, add some additional plant pots. If there is room, decorate the entryway with foliage. An acceptable alternative for the main door’s decoration would be white flowers.

Wooden Arched Door
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Main door Vastu Tips

At the entry to the main door, there is ample illumination and sunlight.

The main entryway that receives enough early sunshine is thought to be lucky. According to Vastu Shastra, the home entrance door should face northeast. The front door of a house needs to get enough light. If it’s impossible, you may simulate the beneficial energy of sunshine by using yellow lights in the area.

 There should always be an intense light at the entryway, although red lights should be avoided. According to Vastu guidelines for apartments and contemporary homes, the entry should be well-lit at night.

To be prosperous

Place a glass vase filled with water and flower petals near the front door or house entrance, per Vastu’s advice. Utilising water may assist you in maintaining the well-being of your home and family members because it is a poor conductor of bad energy. Additionally, you might use Lakshmi foot decals to adorn your home’s entrance. These objects can function as house entry decor.

Decorated main entry door

  • If there is room, add some greenery to the entrance. Torans work well as front door decorations as well. Avoid placing sculptures of animals, barren trees, other characters, or even fountain and water features close to the main entrance.
  • By incorporating ornamental hanging bells into the design of the main doorway wall, you may invite good energy into your house.
  • Rangoli designs on the entry floor not only welcome Goddess Lakshmi and guests to the home but also send out positive ideas, foster happiness, and combat evil.
  • Rangoli may be made with rice flour, coloured dust, curcumin, lime, Geru (brown soil powder), and flower petals.

Nameplate and Vastu

Placing stylish nameplates on the main entry wall is one of the most striking designs and decoration ideas. Always have a nameplate up. A metal plate is suggested when the doorway is faced north or west. Use a wooden nameplate if the door meets the south or the east. Place that on the left side of the main entry since it is said to be luckier than the other sides. Nameplates can be made with images of goddesses and gods or holy symbols.

Nameplate and Vastu
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All of this has to do with Vastu for your home’s front entrance. Follow these suggestions to reap the rewards of luck and good vibes.