What is a Door Frame | Types of Frames | Takeaway Points

As you approach the entrance, what catches your eye’s attention right away? It must be your entrance’s décor and the gateways. It is what, in the end, gives the entry its distinctive and alluring characteristics. Every door has its specific purpose and style. To ensure protection and safety, take note of durability when making the ultimate choice.

Everyone aspires to have their own house at some point in their life. It’s a dream for many to build the perfect home for themselves and their loved ones. We plan every element of our house meticulously, be it the basic design or the walls, to have the false ceilings or not. It’s the simple yet essential part of building our dream house. And while planning everything, we cannot take security for granted. While the design and appearance are vital, the strength of the door frame design is of the utmost importance. Additionally, a well-designed door frame lets the door move quickly on hinges or slides. So why not give it a thought and make your entrance a memorable one.

What is a Door Frame?

Door Frame Design
Vintage Door frame design for a house.
Source : Qimono / Pixabay

A door frame is a framework or the structure that holds the door. It consists of the head, sill, and side jambs made of wood or timber. Jambs are the two vertical doorposts that run parallel to either side of the door. Furthermore, the top of the door has horizontal support made of wood or concrete, known as a Lintel, for a tight seal. It helps in the permanent construction of the door into the walls. These days, composite materials, aluminium, and fibreglass, also come in handy to create door frames. 

Types of Door Frames 

A door frame plays a crucial role and is multipurpose and made with the room’s requirements in mind. Although there are many different door frame designs, they are splittable into the following types for better understanding:

Inward Opening Door Frame

door frame designs
Inward opening doors and mostly used in house enterence.
Source: Vectorpocket / Freepik  

This door frame is appropriate for rooms within the house. Additionally, this frame enables the door to move inward the room. It’s frequently used for interior door frames, for instance: in the living room, bathroom, bedroom, etc. 

Outward Opening Door Frame

door frame designs
White outward opening door with silver handles, its strong and elegant.
Source: Microone / Freepik

These doors open outward and are typically found on exteriors and in entranceways. This raises the amount of internal usable space. It may be quite practical for a small-space home since it creates more room and lessens traffic.

Closed Door Frames

door frame designs
White closed door frames, with whole border covered with wooden frame design
Source: Vectorpocket / Freepik  

These frames are present in traditional Indian settings and consist of the frame bottom, also known as the threshold. This door frame design is popular in dwellings constructed conventionally. Also, they are commonly present in traditional-style homes.

Different Types of Door Frame Designs 

Let’s dive in and figure out some unique and stunning door frame designs for your dream segment: 

Designer Wooden Door Frame 

door frame designs
designer wooden door is a timeless beauty, they will never be out of fashion
Source: Macrovector / Freepik  

If you’re in search of a door with a timeless design, the designer wooden door is perfect for you. It has a classic wooden framework that makes it effortlessly gorgeous. It gives off a vintage or a royal vibe while having that sturdy look to it at the same time.  

Door Frame With Carving/ Unique Designs

Source: Maria Orlova/Pexels

If you’re going for something extravagant or want to make a lasting impression on your visitors, go for the royal wooden door and frame with carvings. The nicely hand-carved, handmade door frame complements its grandeur. The door frame, made of teak wood of top-notch quality, will undoubtedly make a great addition to your home. Also, a carved wooden front door frame design offers a ton of design options.

Double Door Frame Design

Double door frame design , perfect option for wide entrance for a house or a hall
Source: Maciej326 / Pixabay

The wooden double door frame is the perfect option for your home entrance. It looks classy, and guess what. It has that traditional feel. Moreover, that also gives off a little of the royal entrance vibes. 

Modern Glass And White Door Frame Design

Modern Glass And White Door Frame Design, they are elegant and stylish door designs
Source: Vectorpocket / Freepik  

Every living space would have a much more upscale atmosphere when accented with complementary décor. You can have the door frame made with wood finished with white shade and glass. The combination of white and glass gives off breezy, peaceful vibes. Additionally, it will create a perfect ambience to calm your mind. Furthermore, you can have them for your garden or balcony

Frame Designs That Goes Well With Glass Doors

Frame Designs That Goes Well With Glass Doors, these frames are are perfect for glass door designs
Source: Vectorpocket / Freepik  

Framed or frameless glass doors give a room a modern and sleek feel. Choose a space-saving sliding glass door frame. While you’re at it, you can also take a look at the arch-shaped door frames. An elegant front entrance to a home is one with an arch-shaped door frame. Moreover, an arched glass pane can fit inside the frame’s top opening. Door frames with glass doors look extremely attractive and elegant. Additionally, you can use lacquered or frosted glass to ensure privacy instead of transparent ones. 

Robust Metal Door Frame 

Source: Irem Nur/Pexels

A metal frame is a good option if you’re looking for a more secure option. It shields your house from the extreme weather while keeping it safe. You can go for the uPVC or flush doors, they work nicely with metals for rear yards and storage areas. Moreover, they are compact and perform an excellent job of locking the door. 

Steel Door Frame

Source: OpenClipart-Vectors/Pixabay

Steel door frames are difficult to break, making them a perfect choice for securing the doors. You may want to use a steel door with a robust steel frame. To counterbalance the door and maintain its weight. Even the hinges that differ from the standard ones. The steel door frames are an excellent option for the house settings or even if you want to invest and design your business settings. 

Iron Door Frame

Source: Charles Parker/Pexels

Wrought iron door frames are the newest style development in interior door frame design. The exterior door frame is wide, making it convenient to use. They are strong, safe, and elegant. Also, try mixing the gate with glass, iron, and other materials to create stunningly beautiful sculptures.

Glazing Panels On Door Frame

Source: Curtis Adams/Pexels

Glazing Panels on Door Frame is a frame that adds more light or aesthetic elements to the house. Glass panels in different sizes and shapes are one of the new alternatives that add to its value. 

Fanlight Door Frame

Source: Yelena Odintsova/ Pexels

Fanlights are glass panels that sit above panels or doors. A door frame with an over panel frame that continues to the next story of a building and has jambs higher than the room height is known as a story frame because it does so.

Takeaway Points 

Before choosing the ideal door frame design for your needs, be mindful that those are just a few of the numerous styles available in the market. Pick the one that fits the best with your unique style and aesthetic sense. Moreover, you can also customise these as per your budget and personal settings. Don’t forget that the door frame plays a crucial role in your safety, protecting you from different situations. Also, make sure the material used is of high quality, sturdy and durable.