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Door painting is one of the key things you need to keep an eye out for when you are remodelling your home. This aspect holds gargantuan importance and this is why interior designers these days brainstorm a great deal for the sake of designing the best of doors. 

So, we have come up with some of the best and most striking door painting ideas that will create the perfect impression. A well-done door takes the personality of your home up by several notches. An entrance to home always needs to be grand, isn’t it?

So, if you are still in a sea of confusion, here you are going to learn the best trending colours, textures, and designs. Feel free to make your selection and get the entrance door redone to project the perfect image. 

The Door Painting Ideas: Colour Choice

1. The Antique Door 

antique touch door painting ideas
Source: Thiebaud faix / Unsplash

If you have a very old bungalow or even a home that dates back several years ago, you can choose to have the door done in this style. It lends the air of mystery, and history, and thereby adds to the charm of the place. The shade looks elegant and it will add to the wow factor considerably. 

While antique doors are always going it be in vogue, an important point you need to know is that your home should have the same feel or else the door can look, like a total misfit. Only opt for an antique and rustic vibe, if your home emits the same look or it is present in such a locality. 

2. Jet Black Door 

black door
Source: Haticebaran / Pexel

Who doesn’t love black and how can we disregard how classy it looks? Go for this shade of door when you are not sceptical about the black colour on your entrance and be sure to catch the fancy of too many visitors because nothing is as cool as black.

That being said, if you believe in Vastu, you should take a look at the different Vastu elements and then have the door painted black. Some people don’t consider black as the colour of the door (especially the entrance) very auspicious. 

3. Royal Blue Door 

blue door
Source: Scarlett Boute/ Pexels

This isn’t the usual royal blue and this is what sets this design apart. If you would like to have a rustic home touch with a mix of modernism, this is the shade and design you need to pick. You are likely to come across several such designs in the meandering lanes of Goa where people are huge art lovers and also embrace modern-day trends with open hearts. This is for the lovers of the mix of old and new.

You can choose any other overlapping shade and the door will still look cool. The idea is to pick the type of colour that will blend with the rustic undertones and not be subdued because of it. Usually, people choose to go with blue as blue is often deemed a safe colour owing to the mixed vibes it emits. 

4. The Elegant And Classy Door 

royal and classy door
Source: Ngsoft It / Pexels

If you are the type of person who would like their door to truly make a style statement, this is the design for you. It gives a royal look and feels as well. It is ideal for those who have big bungalows or palace-type homes. This door when done in heavy metal will ooze even better personality. 

This option is great for entrance doors and it helps in projecting the best impression. If you have a huge door, people may be in awe of the overall aura your door will emit. It is likely to showcase the grand image of your home, just the way you want.

5. The Bright Colour Pop 

color pop door
Source: Djedj/Pixabay

If you are an artist or a poet, and you want your home to evoke your personality, this is the door you need to pick. The blend of rich artistic colours and the alignment of planters is one great way of attracting the right vibe. 

There are a lot of ways you can redo this design. The idea is to take a leaf out of your creative juices and blend the door colour with the different elements to make it the right artist’s abode. This is a great trending design among the new age people who want their home to speak of who they are. 

6. Earthly Green Door Painting Ideas

green doors
Source: LeeAnn Cline/ Unsplash

Green is the season’s colour, so you should keep an eye out for this amazing idea. It brings out the right earthly touch and is ideal for those who want to stay grounded no matter how high in their career they go.

It is also believed that the shade of green leads the right touch of harmony, peace, and calmness to a home. Having it at the entrance is a great way to keep things evenly balanced.  

7. Austere Ornate Door 

ornate doors
Source: Julia Volk / Pexels

One of the best door painting ideas; this one is exclusively for homes that are either royal palaces or have a rich heritage or art exhibits. This won’t go for the regular homes, but when done right, it will project the perfect image and vibe. You just cannot stop admiring and beholding the beauty of the door. It is undoubtedly the best door painting idea on this list. The only drawback is that it cannot be applied to all households. 

8. Pretty Pink Door

pink doors
Source: Avery Evans/ Unsplash

If you live close to the beach or you have a girl gang residing at your home, or you just like your house to embrace the feminine vibe, this is the right idea to pick inspiration from. Feel free to paint the door white and make sure to keep the rest of the frame simple. The usp of this design lies in its minimalistic touch and simple exteriors. 

Some people are sceptical of too girly touch on the main entrance. But as long as it goes with the vibe of the place, there is nothing wrong with it. It does look pretty and is one of the trending ideas at the moment. However, it is not likely to ooze too many machoistic vibes for sure. So, keep an eye out for that aspect. 

9. Fiery Red Door 

red door
Source: Matteus Silva / Pexels

The fiery red element is known to lend the right energy vibes. It is a great way to keep things moving in our household. The good thing about this design is the artistic blend of red and white. It is great for modern-day households and also people who pay a lot of emphasis on interior design. This is likely to cost you a lot and will need a great deal of maintenance. So, be prepared to spend and then admire the excellent work and the dreamy entrance. 

10. Rustic Wooden Door 

rustic wooden door
Source: Markus Winkler / Pexel

Those who love heritage and the ones who just can’t seem to do without a little vintage vibe should keep an eye out on this design. The wood always lends a touch of artistic vintage feels and this door is also the same. If your bungalow dates back quite some time ago, this is one of the befitting door painting ideas to choose from. 

11. Striking Sunshine Door 

sunshine door
Source: 2428999/ Pixabay

If you love a bright door that makes people wonder about the element of your home inside, this is the idea to pick. It is trending and quite loud, but for those who are bold and want to try something new and trending, this door painting idea is amazing.

The bright pop of yellow can be replaced with any other sunshine colour including bright orange and even a touch of berry red. The idea simply is to be loud and bold and to let the door speak your vibe before you do. 

12. Yellow Door Painting Ideas

yellow door painting ideas
Source: Cotton bro/ Pexels

If you want a happy colour, always choose yellow. The yellow door is the choice to opt for when you are looking to have an entrance that embraces the happiness vibration. One can never go wrong with yellow. You can adjust the brightness tone of yellow the way you desire. The accents done on top of it make it an even more appealing choice.

You are free to do something else if you so desire but the idea is to have yellow and complementing touches of detailing. 

So, these are the trending colour options you can pick from when it comes to door painting ideas. You absolutely must remember that your door should speak your personality and emit the vibe of your home.

Whenever someone enters your house, it is the door that will allow him to create an impression of what to expect from the place.

Now that we have spoken about the colour palette and the hues, let us deal with further details about the door painting ideas. 

Colour Category Options For Great First Impressions 

The above colour palettes can be segregated into several categories. Once you have decided, whether you want a bright or a dark tone, you can then choose from a plethora of related hues. So, let us talk about the broader colour category choices for doors and understand which category seems apt for what perspective. 

The bright blast 

The bright colours are mainly meant for those who love an artistic home. A very bright entrance door could spell a bright ray of positivity, but it also happens to be a very bold choice as well. It signifies just how much you love colours. So, all those who like bold choices and want to have a peppy-looking home should choose brighter tones. 

The subdued shades 

If you want your house to be an embodiment of calmness and serenity and don’t like too loud or bold vibes, choose more subdued shades like pale pink, grey, beige and so on. These colours and classy and have an aura of their own. They will not give you super energetic vibes but will let your home be laidback enough to make it appear homely. 

Multi colour options

A lot of people choose to integrate it even into their bedroom doors. Having a blend of several colours is the new abstract art approach that has everyone talking. If you feel this will get too loud for the entrance, try to have it in any of the doors inside the home. 

This is an artist’s dream design and is currently trending. Too many colours help in infusing the right creative juice in a person and the home.

The monochromes 

You can choose to have a monochrome colour. Some of the new-gen kids tend to deem it boring, but when done right it exudes a class of its own. You can choose to have subtle shades and make sure to camouflage it with the surroundings to get the desired effects. 

When doing monochrome shades, the idea is to always settle for subtle and subdued shades or else the setting gets too loud for one’s comfort. 

The contrast 

This option too is much more suitable for doors inside the house rather than outside. The rim, margins, door handles, and knobs could all be in striking contrast to the overall paint of the door. The sharp contrast often ends up looking good and can make the door artistic, and cool at the same time. 

How To Keep The Doors Clean?

Apart from offering the best door painting ideas, we believe that you also need to know the best ways of keeping the doors clean. What is the point of having a truly artistic home, as long as you are not doing anything to keep it clean? Sometimes when you don’t clean a door for long, it tends to attract too much dirt and then cleaning it could be a herculean task

So, we will talk about some of the key tips and tricks that will allow you to have a clean home at all times. It is essential to care for your doors or else the sheen and glory of the paint tend to wear off with time. 

Take a look at the top pointers you need to know of. 

  • Always use a soft rag for dusting the door. Don’t rub too hard but dust it daily to get rid of the loose dust particles.
  • If you need to wash your door a little (say biweekly), you need to make a solution of equal parts water and very mild soap and then slowly and gently scrub the door.
  • You can pat dry the door using a very heavy-duty paper towel 
  • Once in a while, hire a professional door cleaner as they can do a deep clean of the door and leave it sparkling and new once again. 


Can the entrance door be colourful?

Yes, why not! The idea of the entrance door is to have it in tandem with the overall personality of the home. One look at the door should be enough to help people gauge what to expect out of your home.

What is trending – bright or subtle colours?

Both bright and subtle colours are trending at the moment. The best option is to choose what blends with your personality and the theme of the home. 

Are glass doors a good choice?

Glass tends to attract dirt easily and even a speckle of dirt will be easily visible. So, the maintenance is high. Also, glass doors won’t do for the entrance unless you have another door behind it. 

Are oak doors out of fashion?

Absolutely not! Few things are likely to be in vogue always and oak is one among them. It works great on interiors and exteriors as well. 

Is it expensive to get a door done?

A lot would depend on the material you choose, the quality of paint, the type of pattern you are doing, the size of the door, and so on. The budget can vary considerably. 

So, let us know the best door painting ideas that seem to have caught your fancy!