Brown & White | Black & Brown | Pink | Yellow | Skyblue | Brown and pink | Golden | Grey | White & Green  | Brown with Mirror | Black & Golden | Royal Red | Translucent | Conclusion

We have seen many simple wardrobe designs, but have you ever thought of something fascinating for the wardrobes? In this assignment, we will show you some techniques that can engage you in any way. We will discuss the new double-color wardrobe design that gives your home a stunning look.

Given a piece of work will provide you with a knowledge of low contrast and high contrast design combinations for your wardrobe. Hence you take a little break from the old colors of your cupboards, which might get you bored.

1. Wooden Brown and Off White

Wooden Brown and Off White
Source: Photo by Point3D Commercial Imaging Ltd. on Unsplash

It is a combination of wooden brown and off-white color combination. along with this, gives your bedroom a calming but modern look. It is suitable and perfect if you want a dual-color wardrobe with a simple look. You can also choose some different shades of wooden color. Also, if you haven’t heard about some shades of white paint, you can go with your choice of these shades.

2. Black and Light Brown Color Design of Wardrobe

Black and Light Brown Color Design of Wardrobe
Source: Photo by Huy Nguyen on Unsplash

You can choose a black and light brown mixture for our following wardrobe color combination. This combination is worth it for giving a stunning look to your bedroom. It also feels vibrant and classy look. And as we all know, black always provides the area with a dynamic and classic look. Black on the wardrobe is the following unique idea to make your things look incredible.

3. White with Pink Shades Double Color Wardrobe Design

White with Pink Shades Double Color Wardrobe Design
Source: Photo by piotr szulawski on Unsplash

The next idea for keeping a double color wardrobe in your bedroom is Pinkish shades with white. It is a lovely color combination. It gives a fluorescent sense to your bedroom with a beautiful and astonishing look. Preferably, it is the best color combination for girls’ or kids’ rooms. 

4. Yellow and Black Color Wardrobe Design

Yellow and Black Color Wardrobe Design
Source: Photo by Bilal Mansuri on Unsplash

This design gives a relaxed and vibrant look to your area. The following color combination of this work is black and yellow. You can also consider a mustard color instead of an exact yellow shade. It is one combination that never fails to give your bedroom a lively and energetic glance.

5. Skyblue with Bright White Color Wardrobe

Now comes a combo of sky blue and white color. It is an elementary, significant, and easy-to-keep combination. This combination gives a very influential and effective look to your bedroom. To make it more effective, you can choose different shades of blue color that may give it a perfect glance in your bedroom.

6. Brown with Pink shades Wardrobe design

 Brown with Pink shades Wardrobe design
Source: Photo by Андрей Постовой on Unsplash

This combination is next to give your area a premium look overall. As you can see, a variety of light pink and brown colors added a mirror on one side of the wardrobe. It is also a simple and beautiful color combination to go with. It can be for every gender because the effect of pink color is very light, and its presence gives the wardrobe a stunning look.

7. Golden with Brown Color Wardrobe

Golden with Brown Color Wardrobe
Source: Photo by Rumman Amin on Unsplash

A combination of golden and brown color wardrobe gives a rich and royal look. Adding a mirror or translucent thing with this dual combo can be the best of all. The elegance of golden is something that no color can achieve. So if you want a wardrobe that has a combination of colors having a powerful impact on the house.

8. Brown with Grey shades Colored Wardrobe

Here comes a very simple and easy to go with the combination. A Brown and grey color wardrobe is the most beautiful combination of all time and shows your simplicity and easy attitude toward your home. It is not having a premium and royal look but an influential and gorgeous color mixture.

9. White with Green shades Wardrobe design

White with Green shades Wardrobe design
Source: Photo by Zoe van on Unsplash

This combination is for all types. It gives an elegant, classic, and beautiful glance to your home. A combo of green shades with white color can be the best for your choice. Green is best proven to give a positive and calm effect to the area in which it is. Hence, it is apparent that you feel calm and relaxed with this color combination.

10. Brown with Mirror arrangement Wardrobe

Brown with mirror or any translucent combination continued from the old times. But the tang adds that the manufacturers have changed how a mirror is fixed on the wardrobe. It will also look best if the entire front is translucent and the back side is entirely brown. Not only a single idea, but many thoughts exist of setting up the mirror on this brown wardrobe to make it more captivating and superior. 

11. Black and Supreme Golden Color Wardrobe Design

Black and Supreme Golden Color Wardrobe Design
Source: Photo by elCarito on Unsplash

Have you ever thought the combination of black and golden would look so royal and premium? If not, then consider the image and imagination in your mind. A color combo like this will give your room a spiritual and elegant glance. If you enjoy keeping royal and gorgeous things in your home, you can choose this color combination.

12. Royal Red with Brown Color Wardrobe

Lastly, we have a combination of royal red and brown color wardrobe. Instead of brown, you can also take black color according to your choice. It is something that adds a royal look to your bedroom. The royalty of red color is different because of its extremely powerful glance. It also creates a significant impact on the mind of your near ones.

13. Fully translucent Wardrobe design

Fully translucent Wardrobe design
Source: Photo by Pickawood on Unsplash

This combination allows you to choose any color for the inside, but the entire external look will be fully furnished with a mirror or translucent glass. It is another unique and simple idea for your wardrobe.


After reading this post, you can get an idea of how a wardrobe can enhance your bedroom’s look and creates a positive and spiritual impact. Regardless of choosing the exact mentioned colors, you get a vision of arranging and choosing your wardrobe colors for your home. And we hope that you get some knowledge about dual-color combinations for your bedroom wall.