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A two-story residential building is a duplex with a single kitchen and an eating area. A duplex house design comprises two side-by-side living units spread across two stories and shares a shared center wall. 

Duplex houses have two levels, although they are all sold as a unit and are privately owned. It can have different entrances for the two floors. In India, a duplex house design often features the main bedroom on the top floor and the kitchen, hall, and bedrooms on the lower floor. 

The definition of a duplex house is a home with two levels only, never three or four, in which case it would be referred to as a cinema. Although Dohara Manzil means “duplicate house” in Hindi, it is generally called “duplicate house.”

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In western nations, a duplex house may even fit approximately families, with each level acting as a different residence. Because the owner’s family can always rent out one portion of their property to renters, duplex homes can offer a respectable rental return. In such circumstances, the entry will be distinct, and the enormous house will be divided into two by a common wall.

duplex house
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Types of Duplex Houses

In a duplex house design, you can arrange Living quarters either side by side or on two floors. Typical examples of duplex residences include

Ground-floor Duplex Home

In a duplex house, the bedrooms are located on the lower floors, which face a garden, and are built on the ground floors of apartments. The living room and kitchen are located on the upper level of the duplex flat. These particular duplex homes are ideal for people with pets and garden preferences.

Standard Duplex House 

A duplex house with two stores, with stairs connecting the first floor to the second. In a duplex apartment, the living room and kitchen area are on the lower floor, and the bedrooms and children’s rooms are on the upper floors.

Low-rise Duplex

This style of duplex home features a second-floor attic and expansive balconies. As opposed to other types of duplex houses, duplex houses are typically constructed over a smaller area, so the architects must take great care when creating small duplex home designs and photographs.

Rooms in Duplex House are affected by several factors.

rooms in duplex house
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A duplex house’s number of rooms might vary depending on various variables. The property is located in a cosmopolitan city, typically with smaller duplex residences than those on the city’s outskirts. The number of rooms in a duplex house will decrease as its size decreases.

The layout of a duplex is often uniform, with the primary bedroom on one floor and the bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, and living room on the other. However, people might select a different duplex house design layout in which there are more rooms with smaller rooms overall.

Advantages of a Duplex House

Here are several justifications for why you ought to pick a duplex as your initial residence:

  • A duplex home offers people tax advantages and generates additional income. For example, an owner of a duplex home may reside in one half while renting out the other. As a result, the owner receives a greater return on their property investment.
  • More excellent mortgage options are available to buyers and tenants of a duplex home. However, instead of owning the entire property, the owner can recover some of the interest spent on the mortgage by renting out a piece of it.
  • You can use a duplex house plan for a variety of things. For example, if you want to create a home office, you must arrange everything on one floor. 
  • Due to their size and space, duplex homes provide plenty of room for privacy. For example, areas in the duplex house were used for offices, schools, and other places of employment during the COVID-19 epidemic, when working from home became the standard.
  • A duplex house is a perfect choice for a combined family that wants to live together but also values privacy.

Downsides of Duplex Homes

  • Shared walls may cause noise transmission in duplex homes; however, the residents can experience disruption. In India, duplex homes are uncommon; as a result, if you’re seeking one, your selections may be limited.
  • Due to the shared nature of the area, sharing a duplex house could be challenging if you intend to rent out a portion of your property. It is also true that finding a tenant for a duplex home would be difficult.
  • Although owning a duplex home is sometimes an aspirational lifestyle option, you must exercise caution if you want to profit from it. In India, duplex homes are more prevalent in areas with a large land bank.
  • Due to a limited land bank, high-rises have taken over most Indian cities.
  • You might need to consider the regions and outlying areas if you build or invest in a duplex home. The danger arises if your goal is to make a good living off of it, which might not be achievable in outlying locations.
  • Be aware that some southern towns still have duplex homes, most notably in Kerala, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

How much does Designing and Building a Duplex House in India cost?

One of the essential variables to consider before investing in the cost of a duplex home. If you want to use basic finishing materials, the design and building of a duplex house could cost more than Rs 1,500 per square foot, depending on the city and location.

Query – Is it Possible to Combine Two Separate Homes into One? 

Before changing a house’s construction and creating a duplex house design, careful planning is necessary. If only internal walls need to be removed, redesigning a home’s plan is more straightforward. This is particularly true in light of the higher expense of building duplex homes. 

However, deciding on and preparing the new layout while remodeling a duplex home is crucial. Consider if each floor has enough room for a kitchen, a living room, and at least one bathroom.

When removing the non-load bearing walls, find out if any plumbing or electrical work is necessary. Consultation with an is advised. Before remodeling your home, you should consult a structural engineer or architect.

Are There Any Buyers for a Duplex House?

Most buyers of real estate who choose duplex homes do so to use them themselves. 

duplex buyers
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The precise location, the demand for dwellings, the cost, and the city all impact. However, this does not imply that a duplex property on the secondary market is impossible. In addition, other types of homes are in high demand.

The safety aspect is one of the frequent worries regarding buying duplex homes. Therefore, you should try to maintain safety on and around your property unless it is in a gated community.


Duplex houses are always two-story buildings, but not all two-story buildings fall under the definition of a duplex house. Although there are many different types of duplex homes, all have a staircase connecting the floors, unlike two-story homes, which may or may not be combined.

Villa vs. a Duplex 

A villa is often more significant than a duplex house and may or may not have two stories. Both are used as homes, but when compared to a duplex, a villa is considered a great purchase. 

The first option for those who want complete privacy is typically a villa. The idea of a villa dates back to the Roman era when the wealthy and distinguished spent the summers in the country.

Modern villas may be privately owned houses on a piece of property, but they are still in gated communities. In contrast to a duplex, villas also provide amenities like a clubhouse, gym, pool, etc.

Townhouses versus Duplexes

A duplex typically contains two living rooms, but a townhouse can have more. Additionally, a tenant rents a duplex home when an owner first buys it. Townhouses are directly owned by their residents. 

Therefore, tenants in a duplex house cannot make improvements to the property without the owner’s consent, but owners of townhouses can. Thus, the property owner should cover the expense of building and renovating the duplex.

A Duplex House as Opposed to a Penthouse

A penthouse is always found on the top floor of a multi-story structure or apartment, unlike a duplex, a two-story property. These apartments cost more since they have a nice view and are sometimes the only ones on that floor plan. All the units scheduled to be on this floor are consolidated into one unit.

Independent versus Duplex Homes

Villas, duplex homes, and other similar structures are called “independent homes.” A duplex design typically has two floors, although an independent house may have as many bases as required.

Duplex versus apartment

While each type of property has advantages and disadvantages of its own, a duplex home would have more responsibilities than a flat. The duplex house would require additional upkeep and maintenance, increasing costs. 

While apartments would have minimal upkeep and duties, the experience would be restricted to the interior since common areas would need to be shared with other society members. However, selling an apartment building would be more straightforward than selling a duplex house.

What is a Construction Cost Calculator?

A cost calculator employs regularly updated data on various building elements, including labor, material, land, and prices. The initial data is used in a developed algorithm to determine your project’s most precise cost estimate.


Although there are some drawbacks to living in a duplex, there are also a lot of positives. You can build a tiny neighborhood of neighbors and friends as a single owner by choosing individuals who match your beliefs. Additionally, buying a duplex can be highly beneficial if you avoid the common mistakes buyers make and thoroughly consider your options while considering the local land conditions.