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The role of the staircase is undisputed. They have a lot of roles to play and are much more important than simply serving the purpose to link one floor to the other. Stairs have a lot of aesthetic value and when planned well, a duplex house staircase design can do wonders for the overall interiors of your home.

When you are looking to design stairs, you have to keep a lot of important points in mind. Make sure to u0

.0se the right Vastu concepts for stairs too as this will help you create a funnel of positive energy. At the same time, you should use the right materials as well. This will help you have a fully functional, long-lasting, durable, and stylish staircase.

So, let us dive deeper into the details. The details will allow you to come up with the right design and ideas that in turn will help you have the perfect home.

The Staircase Designs Options

Here are some of the trending options as far as duplex house staircase designs are concerned. Make it a point to explore these options and then assess the ones that will look good for your home. This will allow you to come to the right decision.

1. The Spiral Staircase

spiral stair
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The spiral staircase is by far one of the most popular and common designs for a duplex. It takes up less space and looks elegant at the same time. In this design, you have a single post wherein all the steps get attached to. You can choose to lessen or deepen the angle and tilt and decide accordingly. Very steep spiral stairs can be hard to climb and also pose risk for children and toddlers. So, plan to keep these aspects in mind.

2. The Open Stair Concepts

open stair
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This is a new-age concept that is suited for comparatively smaller duplexes. This is not a full-stair design. The idea simply is to have a stair shaped like a ladder that will open into another area, mostly the attic. Most people have this design of stairs when they want it to open to the roof.

This design is super quirky and so if you have a modernistic home and you have chosen to add several quirky elements, you can opt for this design of stairs. As it resembles a ladder, you are not likely to associate any staircase railing with this design.

3. Floating Staircase

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Another great option that is trending these days has to be the floating style of staircase. You have to weigh the risk associated with this style and then go for it. As the name suggests, in this style of staircase, there is no railing whatsoever.

So, here, this style of the stair is going to pose some risk but nonetheless, it looks very elegant and sophisticated. If you want a super trendy and stylish staircase, the floating or fluid design might be the best chance at hand. You can choose metallic slabs or even wooden plates based on the overall style quotient of your home and the net appeal.

4. The Light Design

light stair
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If you want to add a little bit of jazzed-up effect, you can choose to incorporate a light design. A lot of people choose to integrate lights in the stairs and this will allow you to create a great illusionary effect.

There are a lot of different styles and types of lights that you can add to the stairs. The idea is to jazz up the space and lighten it up. This also adds another layer of safety when using the stairs as the light will allow you to see the steps in a clear and defined manner. There is no denying the fact that the glowing light at the night lends a very rich and classy appeal to the whole place.

So, these are some of the different styles of the staircase that you want to integrate. Each of these styles is currently trending and they are great options. They are mostly suited for duplex homes but you will find them in a lot of different styles of homes too.

Whenever you are looking to incorporate a design, you should assess the options at hand and then choose what seems to be the right choice. Give a lot of thought and effort to the whole staircase design process because they will be the real highlight of the place.

Staircase Based On Material Used

Now that we have spoken about the design, the next thing you need to do is check the details of the duplex staircase design by materials. This will also allow you to design the best model that will be sturdy and long-lasting at the same time.

1. Stairs Made In Wood

Wooden stair
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Wooden duplex staircase designs have a timeless appeal and are very common. You will find natural wood as a key element in the making of the stairs. Wood is a very durable element and has an evergreen appeal. You have to be careful when maintaining the wooden stairs. If a lot of water and moisture comes in contact with it, the wood tends to get swollen and this will impact the overall design and utility as well.

So, you need to understand the best ways by which you can implement wooden stairs design.

2. Granite Stairs

granite stairs
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Another popular material that is often used for making stairs is granite. You can choose to use polished granite stair tiles and this will allow you to elevate the interiors of your home. They will gleam and shine and allow you to revamp the look and feel of the place.

You will find a lot of granite tiles and the choice should be done based on the overall colour tone of your home. You should not choose granite tiles in sharp contrast to the floor as it may make your stairs look like a total misfit.

It is not always possible to find the right matching tiles and there is likely to be some difference. So, the idea always is to find overlapping styles and similar colour tones. This will allow you to revamp the whole place in a befitting manner.

3. Marble Stairs

marble stair
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Another great option is to choose marble stairs. You can integrate marble design into your home. This is especially suited if you have marble flooring in your home. This will ensure a seamless match and thereby give you the perfect duplex staircase designs for the home. Marble has a shine of its own, but you need to make sure that you are choosing the best quality of marble. The inferior quality ones can get cracked and will require larger repairs.

So, the smarter choice is to invest in good-quality of marble stairs and then make sure to clean them periodically. This will allow you to retain their lustre and shine in the right way.

4. Mosaic And Cement

You have one more option as far as stairs design is concerned. You can choose a combination of mosaic and cement and it will lend the perfect glow to your place. These are common styles and tend to have a somewhat Mediterranean approach. You can also add shards of glass or stones to give it an even more sophisticated and elegant appeal.

You will be amazed at the design options you are going to find here and it is upon you to make the right selection accordingly. So, feel free to pick the type of design that will be suited for your stairs and is likely to bring better design features to your home.

The Stair Railings

When we are talking of staircase designs, you also need to factor the staircase railings into the equation as well. The designs are going to vary based on the railings you choose. Let us see some of the variations you can pick.

1. Glass Railings

glass railing
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You can choose to pick glass railings. Glass railings tend to make a space appear bigger. Make sure to use thick glass that is not prone to breaking easily. Even then make it a point to ensure that you don’t lean on the railings.

Glass railing staircase designs tend to give a very sophisticated and elegant appeal to the whole place. You can choose to have small led lights near the edge of the stairs for extra jazz.

2. Antique Railing Design

You can choose to have iron rods which will have an antique touch. This is a great way to infuse the best of style and add a vintage vibe to your home. There are several options as far as unique railings for duplex staircase designs are concerned. They should usually be done in black or grey as these are the top colour tones that infuse the vintage vibe.

Choose the step and stair colour accordingly to match the theme. The preferred material choice in such cases is always wrought iron as it is sturdy and gives the right colour tone effect too.

3. The Minimal Railing Designs

A lot of modern-age designs are pretty minimal in their approach. You can choose to have simple rails that don’t have any element or you can incorporate a supremely stylish design. Each of these designs has a minimal touch. When we speak of minimal designs, we mean to say that the structure will not be very imposing or heavy. It is going to be padded with small and little elements but the kind of statement it will make is going to be pretty promising.

4. The Ladder Style With No Railing

ladder style
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No railing is also a railing design, isn’t it?

You can choose to design a fluid staircase that resembles more of a ladder rather than a staircase. Of course, you have to be careful when climbing these stairs as a little misjudgment can lead to a steep fall. Such stars usually open in the attic and allow you to have an extra passage of sorts.

These are usually very risky and one has to assess the amount of risk involved before deciding whether or not they will like to have it in their home.

So, these are some of the options as far as duplex staircase designs are concerned. We are sure you must have found something appealing among all of these. Take your time and decide well because the stairs will always steal the show in your home.


Does a duplex home absolutely must have stairs?

You do not necessarily need to have stairs but if you choose not to have them, you will need to have elevators to climb from one floor to the other. Stairs are often the first choice in duplex homes.

Can you have duplex staircase designs in any direction?

You should always consult Vastu and follow the top staircase Vastu rules to determine the right direction in which you need to build the stairs. It is not advised to have the stairs at the very centre of the home.

Can you choose simple designs for stairs?

Yes, there is no harm in choosing a simple design. They can also categorize as minimal and minimal designs are trending currently.