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Durga puja is just around the corner and the festive mood would begin days before the actual puja dates. In India, people are crazy when it comes to Durga puja and Navratri. Decorating the home for the occasion of Durga puja is a great idea to elevate the festive mood. It feels great to try out new ideas and even set up a small pandal at home.

Yes, it is completely doable and with very little effort, you can have your pandal designed at home. We have listed a few Durga puja decoration ideas that you can take inspiration from and decorate your house for the auspicious occasion. This great festival marks the victory of goddess Durga and there is no better way you can worship the goddess than by decorating the house for her.

1. Diya Decor

Source: Rahul Pandit / pexels

An illuminated house always looks beautiful and when it is the festive season, decorating the house with diyas is an amazing idea. It not only brightens up the house but is symbolic of happiness and festive vibes. The Durga Puja is a festival that celebrates the victory of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahisasur and what better way to worship the goddess? 

You can go for beautiful ready-made diyas available in the market or can also use your creativity and decorate the house with handmade diyas. Make sure to add lots of colour to the diyas so that they add a happy vibe to your space and an amazing charm to the festive vibes. 

2. A Simple Pandal Set Up

Durga puja is all about pandals and who said you cannot design one at home? Dressing your house up in full puja festive vibes is an amazing idea for Durga puja decoration at home. You can think of many creative ideas for setting up a simple pandal at home. Turn your Pooja room into a beautiful pandal and get as creative as you can. 

You can use loads of flowers, lights, colourful fabric, lanterns, diyas, pandal stands etc. Have a grand celebration at home with the best kind of decor. Make sure to get the idol dressed up in gorgeous attires. If you are creative enough, you can also design the dress yourself at home.

3. Rangoli

Source: Nishant Aneja / pexels

What’s an Indian festival decor without a rangoli? A decor idea that involves beautiful art displayed on the floor, rangoli looks beautiful irrespective of the medium it is made up of. A traditional rangoli with colours is a great way to make your house Durga Puja ready. You can design one at the entrance and also in front of the Pooja room. 

Nowadays people are innovative enough to add several elements to rangolis like flowers, diyas, lights etc. Try and make the rangoli as vibrant as possible as colours add to the happiness. 

4. A Flowery Paradise

durga puja decoration at home
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Any Indian festival and even pujas are incomplete without flowers. The best way to decorate your home for Durga Puja or any other festival is to add the element of flowers. Fresh flowers tend to elevate the ambience of the space and they have a lot of uses. Firstly flowers are used as offerings to the Gods and you can also make garlands out of them for the idol of the goddess Durga. Using fresh flowers to decorate the mandir or Pooja room is another way you can use flowers. 

Apart from all this using flowers in general for the overall decor of your house is sure to add a touch of beauty to the house. A rangoli made primarily out of flowers is an amazing idea to upscale the decor and add a traditional feel to it. To sum it up, flowers can be used in several different ways and it depends upon your requirements and taste. 

5. Greens

Who doesn’t love greens? Adding greens anywhere in the house is always a great idea. When it comes to festivals why opt for anything artificial when you can go for natural plants? Get potted plants for your house from the market or start planting your plants but make sure they are well grown up by the time you need them for decoration. 

What’s even better about plants is that you don’t even need to discard or dispose them after you are done with the festival as they can stay in the house for as long as you feel they are good. Plants look good everywhere and you can specially decorate your balcony for the festival. 

Since Durga Puja calls for great decoration, using plants in the house is also recommended. You can either use the pots available in the market or wear your creative hat and design planters at home. 

6. Fabric

Source: RODNAE Productions / pexels

Colourful fabric can easily uplift the ambience of any place and make it look vibrant and full of life. While decorating your home for Durga Puja make sure that the decor looks extravagant and to do so you can add a lot of colours to the decorating elements. 

Using fabrics to set up the pandal is an amazing idea and you can also use fabric to decorate walls and pillars in your house if any. If you have colourful dupattas at home, you can put them to the best use when looking for Durga puja decoration ideas. Hanging dupattas or cloth strips from the ceiling would also look great. You can wear your creative hat and come up with even better ideas to use fabric for decoration.

7. Toran

toran durga puja decoration at home
Source: PRASANNAPIX / shutterstock

A toran or wall hanging is typically made with marigold flowers and mango leaves tied to a thread which is then attached to doors and windows. Nowadays, you can make toran with whatever decor materials you have handy. You can use fabric, mirrors, stones, pearls and several other embellishments to make attractive torans that can revamp your doors and windows. Using torans for decor purposes is an age-old custom and using these for Durga puja decoration at home is a lovely idea. If you love the blingy decor, you can make the torans as bright and blingy as you wish to.

8. Fairy Lights

fairy lights
Source: Dzenina Lukac / pexels

One of the easiest decor ideas, fairy lights can be quickly put up and they can add life to any part of the house as soon as they are lit up. Be it your living area or the mandir, fairy lights can easily add a happy vibe to the space and you will love how easily the Durga Puja decor can be done with them. 

Hanging a few strings alongside the curtains or highlighting a wall with fairy lights decor are ways you can use them aptly. You can also use fairy lights around furniture pieces and see the zing it adds. 

9. Candles

durga puja decoration at home with candles
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If you are a candle lover, you can use candles to decorate your space for Durga puja. Candles not only help in beautifying the home but also add a nice fragrance if you are using the fragranced ones. Nowadays you get to see gorgeously made candles in the market that are no less than decor pieces. You will love the ambience of your house when you have candles all around. Please make sure that you are extra careful when you have candles around as it can be risky if you have kids at home.

10. Paper

You can use paper to come up with several Durga puja celebration ideas. Make sure to add many colours for an upscaled festive mood. Paper garlands look beautiful and can be used for the goddess as well as for wall decoration. You can also try paper quilling to design a beautiful quilling art of the goddess Durga. Another idea is to cut paper into thin strips and then use it as decoration by hanging it from the ceiling. 

11. Lanterns

Source: Burak The Weekender / pexels

Although we already mentioned diyas and candles, lanterns add a different appeal altogether. They aren’t just light sources but they act as decor pieces. You can either go for lanterns readily available in the market or make them at home. Get your kids involved and let them show their creative finesse. DIY lanterns look great and add to the visual appeal of the house. Your Durga puja decoration at home would reach another level once you add gorgeous lanterns to your decor ideas.

We know your excitement level is at its epitome and you want to quickly jump in and start decorating your house for the festive season. Well, you have ample time and you can plan nicely. These ideas that we have mentioned above are all simple and doable. You can easily pull them off by taking help from children and other family members. 

Let this Durga puja be a memorable one for you and your family. Decorate your house and welcome the goddess Durga wholeheartedly. Let the festive spirit show!


When does the festival of Durga puja fall?

The dates for Durga puja vary every year but it usually falls anywhere from late September to late October. In 2022, 26th September marks the beginning of Durga puja and it will continue till 5th October.

For how long do the Durga puja festivities continue?

The Durga puja festival is a 9-10 day affair and the festivities continue for the entire duration.

Can you make a pandal at home?

Yes, with a little creativity and hard work, you can easily design puja pandals at home. Set up a pandal stand, use colourful fabrics, diyas, garlands etc and decorate as per your convenience and choice.

Can you use varied elements for Durga puja decoration at home?

Yes, you mix and match several decor elements and set up your house beautifully for the Durga puja celebration. Flowers, diyas, rangolis, fabric decor, and chandeliers all look good together. It depends upon how you plan and organise everything.

Why is the Durga puja festival celebrated?

This auspicious festival marks the victory of Goddess Durga over Mahisasur. We offer our prayers to the goddess and wish for the well-being of our family.