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E filing 2.0, or the Income Tax Department’s new site, debuted on June 7, 2021, to create a more user-friendly interface for taxpayers in India. Here, you’ll learn all you need to know about it.

A brand new electronic filing platform for individual income tax returns was introduced by the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) on June 7, 2021. In India, the e-filing website for income tax has been replaced with a new one after the previous one was discontinued. For the first time, all tax-related responsibilities, such as filing income tax returns, must now be carried out via a single, unified online platform. A user-friendly digital platform will soon be available for taxpayers to submit their income tax returns and access additional services relating to taxes.

The new income tax site will begin implementing these modifications on June 7, 2021.

Personal Income Taxes
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1. Portal 2.0 of the Electronic Filing System 

The Income Tax Department indicated in a circular that a new e-filing site would be launched soon, and taxpayers may access the portal at https://www.incometax.gov.in/ to get started. 

Before this change, the website address was http://www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/home, which has been reduced and made easier to put in the address bar so that the portal may be accessed.

2. All the information you need in one place

The new site may also be accessed through a mobile application. Taxpayers can use the app to file income tax forms, pay taxes, submit answers to questions, and do many other activities. Using the mobile app is a considerable advantage since users can access the portal from any location, at any time, and carry out all essential tasks. Their tax consultant is not required for every little issue.

Using the new site, you can get all the information you need in one place, thanks to an interactive dashboard. As a result, people don’t have to switch between tabs to conduct various tasks. The new dashboard will consolidate all transaction information, uploads, and conversations with the department into a single dashboard for fast and straightforward user access.

3. Paying Your Taxes Efficiently

Only a few banks’ debit cards or net banking accounts may be used to pay taxes using the current system. It’s now possible to pay your taxes electronically without having to go to the bank or ask your tax advisor to do it for you, thanks to the new e-filing site 2.0.

UPI and credit cards may be used to pay tax via the site, which is the most appealing feature. Additionally, the site allows users to pay their taxes through net banking and RTGS/NEFT services.

4. Refunds Processed Quickly

With the new platform, taxpayers should be able to collect their refunds more quickly. This time, the department hopes to issue the reimbursements more rapidly than previously because of the portal’s convenience and more interactive features.

5. All-inclusive User Manuals are Video Tutorials

The new e-filing system will be online on June 7, 2021, and the Department will provide user guides on how to utilise it. In addition, the department will make video lessons available to help users get the most out of the new portal’s features. The Department has taken a positive step.

6. Enhanced Customer Service Operations

With the use of chatbots, FAQs, and video tutorials, the new platform will aggressively address the concerns of taxpayers. The Department is currently working to establish a new dedicated customer care center to respond swiftly and efficiently to taxpayers’ inquiries.

7. What Tax-payers Can Do-

  • Taxpayers need to re-register their Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) since previously registered DSCs are not being moved owing to security concerns. This is one of the things that taxpayers need to complete.
  • They should change the user ID and cellphone number shown under primary contacts in their profile, link their Aadhaar number and pre-validate their bank account if they have not done so before. 
  • Additionally, they should reset the higher security options for their e-filing vault.

The Ending Thoughts…!

Although the new e-filing system may not appear perfect, it is a positive step forward for the IRS. And you’ll be able to test its efficacy.