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. In India, many land seekers often search for ‘Ek bigha Kitna Hota hai’ online. As a unit of measurement for land, the bigha is used. Before the British took over this land, its borders were less set. At the time, the British made it equal to about one-third of an acre in Bengal.

Land surveying in India uses both internationally accepted methods and several methods that are unique to the country. Bighas are one of the most common ways to measure land in India. Also, check details on 1 viga.

ek bigha kitna hota hai
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What is Bigha?

Because the bigha is used so often, people often look for conversions like “hectares to bighas,” “acres of land to bighas,” and “square feet of land to bighas.” The Sanskrit word “Vigraha,” which initially meant “work of art,” has become the English word “Bigha.”

In India, the bigha is the standard unit for measuring land plots. The unit’s size can be changed in any way. One bigha can cover between 1,500 and 6,771 square meters. Depending on where you live, this might be the same as 12,400 square feet. The main parts of the bigha are biswa and katha, and these units can also have different sizes.

According to the unit of land measurement used in Uttar Pradesh, one hectare equals 99 bighas and three decimal places (UP).

Why is Bigha so important?

You can use this land unit converter to change between other units of measurement, like hectares and acres, as well as feet, meters, and yards.

Since there is no standard measurement, it may differ from one place to the next. When you compare the states of Assam and Punjab, a bigha in Assam equals 14,400 square feet, and a bigha in Punjab equals 9,070 square feet. Both kinds of bigha, pucca and kutcha, are different from each other. 

In rural India, Pucca Bigha is usually used to figure out the size of land plots and large areas of land. On the other hand, Kaccha Bigha deals with tenancy in some of these areas.

This unit is also used in many other South Asian countries, like Nepal and Bangladesh. It is often used instead of the regional land measurement units based on Bighas used in the country’s south.

Since long ago, the bigha has been India’s standard unit of measurement. It is still used all over India, but in different ways and for different amounts in other parts of the country. 

Other Facts

The French didn’t develop standard units for measuring land until 1778. Before that, the land was often measured by what was traditional. Indigenous people still like to use bigha, which has been around for a long time and is well known. This is also true for the area’s other commonly used units of measurement.

In addition to the measurements used everywhere in the world, several regional systems are used all over India to figure out how big a piece of land is. One of these ways to measure land is called a “bigha,” and it is widely used as a standard for measuring land in many Indian states. 

The fact that the bigha is also used to measure land in many other South Asian countries, such as Bangladesh and Nepal, is a vital sign that the bigha is widely accepted as a standard for measuring land.

How much space does one bigha take up in square feet?

One bigha is about the same as one square foot, so it’s easy to change it. The latent value of the bigha is used to figure out how many square feet are in a bigha. So, the value of 1 bigha in square feet may differ in each state. Take the following as an example: Say you want to know how many square feet one bigha in Uttar Pradesh is worth.

Without the square foot as a basic unit of measurement, the leading Indian real estate, and property markets would not be able to work. It is impossible to avoid doing this when trying to buy or sell a property or do any other kind of business. It is the number used to determine the final value of a property and how buyers and sellers choose the final price to buy or sell.

How many acres is a bigha?

A bigha is 0.6198347106 acres in size. You must multiply this value by your current number to get the correct answer.

What is the formula for going from one acre to one bigha?

There are 1.6 bighas per acre. To get the correct answer, you must multiply your current number by this value.

Bigha Conversion to other units-

Unit of AreaConversion Unit
1 Bigha0.25293 hectare
1 Bigha0.625 acre
1 Bigha2529.28516 sq.mt.
1 Bigha62.50574 cent
1 Bigha3024.99951 sq.yd.
1 Bigha3025.02515 gaj
1 Bigha62.50574 decimal
1 Bigha99.99999 marla
1 Bigha25 guntha
1 Bigha5 kanal
1 Bigha20 katha
1 Bigha20.16667 biswa
1 Bigha899.99994 sq.karam
1 Bigha0.00253 sq.km.
1 Bigha11.34209 ground
1 Bigha605 chatak
1 Bigha399.99997 dhur
1 Bigha0.625 killa
1 Bigha0.00098 sq.mi.
1 Bigha399.99997 lessa
1 Bigha0.025 murabba
1 Bigha3920392 sq.in.
1 Bigha10 biswa kacha
1 Bigha25292852 sq.cm.
1 Bigha0.47266 pura
1 Bigha27224.99805 sq.ft.

Use of Bigha in Nearby Countries-

Bigha is used a lot in India, but it is also used in Bangladesh and Nepal, which are countries close to India.

Bigha is common not only in the countries of Bangladesh and Nepal but also in the island country of Fiji. This may be because many people with Indian roots moved to Fiji long ago. 

Bigha is used at the same time as several other sophisticated measuring methods. In the United States, one bigha is equal to 1.61 acres; in Nepal, one bigha is similar to 13.31 ropani.

The Katha and the Bigha are often used to measure land in Bangladesh. One bigha in Bangladesh is about the same as three acres in the United States.

One bigha cost in various Indian states-

State1 Bigha in sq ft
Himachal Pradesh8,712
Madhya Pradesh12,000
West Bengal14,400

Now that you have this table, all you have to do to figure out how much one square foot of one bigha is worth in the area where you want to buy or sell land or other assets is look at the same table. This easy-to-use table will meet all your needs in this area while still being simple and effective.

Area Calculator-

Since there are different ways to measure land, people often want a quick area converter that can change the units from one system to another. 

It won’t be hard if you need to figure out how many square feet 1 bigha is. The latent value of the bigha is used as the main idea behind the conversion from bighas to square feet. So, the value of 1 bigha in square feet will differ from one state to the next.

A fast and error-free calculator could help civil engineers, civil contractors, property owners, and buyers and sellers of real estate convert from hectares to bighas, bighas to acres, acres to bighas, or bighas to square feet.