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Have you heard of the Elabharthi Bihar portal? It is one of the useful portals that serve a lot of functions. If you too are wondering what use will this portal serve and how it can serve your need, we will familiarize you here with the specifics.

The Elabharthi Bihar portal helps in thoroughly discussing the Bihar pension plans and it was mainly designed to make sure that the different community members could derive the right set of benefits. It mainly aims to help those who need financial assistance. 

So, let us get down to the details and find out what this portal is all about.  

What Is The Elabharthi Bihar Portal?

The Elabharthi Bihar portal is a progressive online facility that was set up by the Bihar government. The key aim of this site is to mainly help those who did not get their government-provided pension-related services. The portal helps the access the details and get their pension-related services started which they totally and truly deserve.

There is a lot of information that one can easily obtain and extract. They will be able to obtain complete information regarding different types of pensions including 

  • Old age pension 
  • Widow pension 
  • Handicapped pension

Make sure to get your KYC done when you are using this portal as this will allow you to make the most of it. There are several other features that this portal provides. Some of these are 

  • Checking the payment status 
  • Checking the validity of the certificate 

The Objectives of Elabharthi Bihar

Pension is sometimes a big part of one’s career and life. A lot of people rely on their pension money in their old age so that they can live a respectable life rather than having to fall on others for financial support. 

So, the Elabharthi Bihar site was mainly created to offer easy access to all information about pension-related services. The citizens can readily glance at the pension benefits, the pension-related services they are entitled to, and related details. 

The government wanted to make government-related services available online so that people didn’t need to go to government offices and spend the whole day trying to get the details. With a little knowledge about how to operate the computer, even old people can sit in the confines of their homes and use this portal to check the status of their pension payments. 

The Features Of Elabharthi Bihar Portal 

The portal comes with several important features. Let us see what they are.

  • Report to verify Aadhar 
  • Provision to check if the pension beneficiary is alive 
  • The digital sign reports 
  • Pending Jeevan pramaan list 
  • The ARIS Jeevan Pramaan List 
  • The beneficiary list for Aadhar Jeevan Pramaan 

The Advantages Of Elabharthi Bihar Payment List  

If you are wondering what use this portal serve, here are some of the benefits that the portal has to offer. 

  • With the use of this online service, the general public will no longer have to visit the government offices for the little task and this will help them save time 
  • One can view information about different pension categories like widow, old age, and even disability pension from the comfort of their home 
  • Everyone in Bihar who is eligible for getting the pension can check their pension payment status on the site rather than going to the government office now and then 
  • The portal also has the helpline numbers listed which can be used for making calls to check any queries with regards to the pension payment services
  • One can keep track of the instalment, the admission recipient, boards and more; all from this portal directly 
  • Shortly, the site will also offer the option to link their mobile number to the Aadhar and further limit the need to head to the office  

How To Log In To The Portal?

Source: Elabharti Official Site
  • You will find three login options. Choose the one that you prefer 
  • Upon clicking any of it, you will be asked to fill in the particulars 
  • When you have done so, you will be asked to choose the e-beneficiary portal option 
  • You will now be able to log in 

How To Check The Status Of A Life Certificate?

To check the life certificate online, follow these steps. 

home page
Source: Elabharti Official Site
  • Hover to link 1 and click it
  • At the bottom of the page, you will find important links  
useful links
Source: Elabharti Official Site
  • Choose the appropriate link and click on it 
  • You will be asked to enter your district and block
life certificate
Source: Elabharti Official Site
  • Select the option that asks you to check the status 
  • You will be asked to fill in particulars.  
  • Then, select the Show option and the status will then be displayed 

How To Check The Status Of Your Pension Approval?

useful links
Source: Elabharti Official Site
  • Choose the option that asks you to examine the information about pension 
  • Select the first option from the drop-down menu 
  • Enter the information as asked and hit the search button 
  • The pension status will be displayed on your screen

How To Check The Status Of Pension Payments?

useful links
Source: Elabharti Official Site
  • Choose the link present on the lower right side. It will read ‘status of beneficiary Jeevan Pramaan
  • Click on this link and a new page will pop 
  • Enter the block and district along with the beneficiary ID
  • Now hit the show button and the pension status will be displayed 

The Helpline Numbers 

All those who are still facing some difficulty as far as the pension services are concerned should get in touch with the helpline number. Here are the details.

Toll-free number: 1800345 6262

Email address: elabharthihelp2@gmail.com