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Have you heard of the significance of elephant figurines? The science of Vastu pays a lot of emphasis on the elephant figurines. They are also a Feng Shui element and are known to play a key role in bringing good luck and prosperity.

The Hindu Mythology

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Even in Hindu mythology, the elephant figurines hold a gargantuan role. You will find them often in home décor elements. They are a symbol of power, strength, victory, and integrity. Lord Ganesha, also known as the elephant-headed god is the one people worship before starting any new venture. It is believed that He helps people dodge the different obstacles that may come on the path to success.

Apart from this, Goddess Lakshmi and even Lord Indra are known to ride on the elephant vehicle. This again is symbolic of power and also divine knowledge. So, we can easily see how the elephant figurine is symbolic of wealth, prosperity, good beginnings, and more.

Even when you take a leaf out of the book of Feng Shui, you will find that the elephant figurine will always have a positive connotation. They are also known to bestow fertility and bring good luck and fortune. A lot of people choose to have paintings of elephants at home as it can help in bringing a positive vibe to the place.

Hindu mythology strongly believes that the elephant is a pious creature it has immense power and knowledge. Both Vastu and Feng Shui believe that elephant showpieces should be placed near the house entrance. Now let us share more details regarding where to place the elephant figurines and how they can help in improving the overall vibration in your home.

Elephant Figurines Vastu Placement

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While elephant figurines have a lot of positive vibrations to offer, it is also important to know where you should place them. The right direction and placement are crucial in ensuring that you can tap positive energy out of it. In the world of Vastu, everything no matter good or bad has its designated place to emit the aura it is supposed to.

So, as far as elephants are concerned, they should always be placed at front doors. Suppose the entrance of your home is really wide, you can choose to have a pair of elephants whose trunks are raised in the air. Make sure that they face inwards or else the positive energy will seep out of your home rather than inside.

The ideal place for these figurines is the northeast corner of your home near the entrance. If you want to guard your home from negative energy and use the elephant as a means of preterition, you can choose to keep the Gajalakshmi elephant with the face outwards.

Further, pictures and statues of elephants are also used as a means to strengthen the bond between people. You can hang paintings of elephants in your room to have a better relationship with your spouse. If your room doesn’t have a lot of scope for hanging a painting or keeping a statue, you can also choose to buy cushion covers with the painting of elephants on them.

Lots of Scope

There is no limit to the places wherein you can have elephant figurines in your home. Choosing to hang an elephant painting in the office room is likely to consolidate your business and bring good wealth and fortune. This is not all as you can have paintings of mother and baby elephant in the kids’ room too. This is known to improve the bond between children and their parents.

You can also choose to keep elephant toys in the kids’ room or even a statue at the study table. This will allow them to study better and have improved focus that will aid in better growth in their career.

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Tips for Elephant Statue Vastu

If you have made up your mind that you will be using elephant statues, here are some of the tips that you can use.

  • The best element for an elephant statue has to be brass. Keeping brass elephant statues in the bedroom will help in ironing out the differences between couples. It can help you have a better-married life.
  • The brass elephants can also be kept in the conference and meeting rooms. This aids in better harmony in the workplace. It is also likely to be an aid in achieving success in your career.
  • You can keep as many as seven statues of elephants huddled together. Place them in a line and keep them in your home.
  • The elephants will symbolize happiness, power, intelligence, longevity, wisdom, dignity, and prudence. They are also known to keep illness away as they can aid in overcoming death.
  • You can keep a solid silver elephant in the north wing of your house. Make sure that the elephant is not hollow from the inside. This is likely to bring in good luck and fortune.
  • You can keep an elephant statue at your workstation. This is known to help in better focus and concentration. It will also give you the strength to deal with extra pressure at work.
  • Never make the mistake of keeping these statues in the kitchen or the bathroom.
  • You should also avoid statues of war, and those that depict violence or cruelty to animals. They are considered inauspicious in Vastu.

These are some of the ground rules you need to bear in mind for the sake of bringing positivity with the help of elephant statues.

The Significance Of The Trunk Posture In Vastu

The pose of the elephant has a strong role to play in the world of Vastu. Different poses and colours have various meanings and we will narrow the details for you. This will give you a better idea of which position, colour, and material you should choose to get the right energy results.

The Raised Trunk

An elephant with a raised trunk denotes a happy and good mood. It is also symbolic of success and good fortune.

As per the Feng Shui element, it is believed that an elephant with an upwards trunk mainly aims at cleaning all the negative energy from the premises.

The raised trunk is mainly a gesture to greet friends and thereby seek happiness. It will also allow you to be more compassionate toward others. Those statues where the elephants have a raised trunk and they are standing on their rear legs are known to be symbolic of power. They also offer protection from evil energy.

Even those elephants who seem to be holding a crystal ball or any other thing seem to be auspicious and are likely to bring in a positive vibration to your home.

The Downwards-Facing Trunk

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An elephant with a downwards-facing trunk symbolizes focus and also sensuality. It is believed that when an elephant has the trunk in the downwards direction, it is symbolic of the power to solve difficulties and challenges and also signifies longevity.

Some people misconstrue such statues to be the forebearer of bad luck however it is not so. They can be placed even in offices as they have a positive connotation.

A downward trunk also means that the elephant stores luck and energy. It also helps you gain the right knowledge which will allow you to overcome the different hurdles and tasks. This will give you the confidence to stay grounded at the workplace and can help you achieve good career growth as well.

There are some other variations of elephant statues that you can find. One of them is that if laughing buddha is seated on the elephant, it helps in driving away sadness and woes and thereby brings good luck. If you have a showpiece of tusk that contains four elephants, it will help in protecting the family and also foster fortune.

A blue-coloured elephant has a Feng Shui element attached and it also protects the home from evil eyes, robbery, and even accidents.

Which Direction Should The Elephants Face?

There are mainly two different positions wherein you can place the elephant figurines.

The most common position for elephant figurines is at the entrance and inside your home. This will attract good fortune and prosperity. Another thing that you can do is to place the elephants on either side of the door. In this case, the trunks should be raised. This symbolises that you are trying to bring good luck to your home.

Some people wonder if these statues should always be kept in pairs. But it is indeed not so. As per Vastu, you can choose to keep single elephant statues too as they can help bring in good luck and fortune as well.

Elephant Figurines At The Office

The best direction for keeping elephant figurines in the office is the northern wing. This is likely to steer the growth of the company in the right direction. The north side is the seat of Lord Kubler, who happens to be the God of wealth. So, having the right Vastu element in here helps in minting money and piling wealth.

Apart from this, you can choose to place elephant statues at your work desk too. This is likely to make you a better leader and it is also good for improving your focus and attention as well.

Those who are businessmen should keep an elephant statue at the main door. This would give them power and knowledge and help them steer their firm in the right direction.

Elephant Figurines And Fertility

When you have elephant figurines at your home, they can also play a role in assisting with fertility and childbearing as well.

Those couples who are planning for a child but facing difficulties in doing so can place a pair of elephants on either side of the bedroom door. While doing so, make sure that the elephants have their face toward the bedroom.

If you do not have the scope to place the statue in the bedroom room, you can choose to keep the statue on the side table as well. If you can find a statue of seven elephants huddled together, you can keep that too. It is one of the best symbols of fertility.

It is mainly the elephant with the trunk down posture that is known to be the bearer of fertility and so it is the preferred pose. The best suggestion is to choose a statue of an elephant with a trunk downwards and you can keep it in the fire element of your home. This will aid in fertility and also bring bliss to marital life.

Keep all the elephant statues and figurines in the north and east corners. This direction is best suited and reaps the right results.

The Advantages Of Elephant Figurines At Home

There are several advantages that one can enjoy by choosing to keep elephant figurines at home. Let us recapitulate it for you.

  • As they are the largest mammals, elephants signify immense power, strength, and even good luck
  • These statues also bring in property and growth at home
  • As per the principles of Vastu, the presence of elephants at home help in circulating positive energy in your life
  • Elephants are very conducive to fertility
  • White elephants are very rare and auspicious. It is believed that Buddha’s mother had dreamt of a white elephant before giving birth. So, these elephants signify purity and goodness.
  • They are also known for bringing in a good harvest. The elephants are an indicator of rainy skies

So, there are several positive connotations related to elephants and they will likely create a happy atmosphere in the home.

Décor Ideas For Good Luck

Whenever you are decorating your home, the key aim always is to bring prosperity and good luck. This is why you should be on the lookout for good décor ideas.

Here, we will share tips about décor ideas about elephants and how you can incorporate them into your house.

The Paintings

There is no denying the fact that paintings lend an air of positivity to your home. It enhances the aesthetic appeal as well. By choosing to have elephant paintings in your home, you will be able to create positive imagery.

A painting of seven elephants together is very lucky. It signifies several positive traits into one. Make sure to check the direction in which you should hang these paintings to derive the best benefits.

The Photos

If you are not a huge fan of paintings, you can also choose to have photos. You can simply have pictures of elephants on the cushion or anything related for the sake of fostering the right positive spirit in your home. The idea is simple- have elephants and choose a soothing image. Avoid any form of the violent depiction of animals.

Always choose the type of photos that are easy on the eye. Pictures of mother and baby elephants or even a family of elephants are great options for the sake of promoting a family bond. You can place such pictures in the kids’ room too.

The Statues

These are by far the finest art element you can choose to incorporate into your home. There is a wide array of choices you are going to have. You will find elephant statues draped in several forms. For instance, you can find lamps with elephant imprints, elephant-shaped pen stands, door handles with the elephant print, coffee table legs sporting the elephant model and sometimes just a simple elephant statue.

No matter what design you choose, incorporating elephant figurines will bring the right Vastu benefits for you.

Some people also choose to have statues of elephants that are laden with precious gemstones and those that come with ornate decoration. These are great for aesthetics. They have a good Vastu value too.

The statues can be made from marble, porcelain, polyresin, glass, lac, wood, jade, silver, and a lot of other stuff. All of the materials are Vastu compliant.

Some people also keep Nettipattam in their homes as wall hangings. This stuff is used to decorate elephants and thus has a lot of significance and value.

You should always hang it in the east-west direction and it will bring peace and good luck to your home.


Where should you place the elephant in the house?

Always place the elephant statues at the entrance.

Is an elephant statue with a trunk down symbolic of bad luck?

No, elephants with their trunk facing downwards are not considered bad luck in Vastu. On the contrary, they aid in fertility and help prevent evil energies.

What is the preferred colour of elephant statues?

Essentially, all colours are well suited for your home. Silver and white and brass elephant are the most preferred choice but any other colour will also be auspicious.

Are white elephants sacred?

Yes. Airavata or the white elephant is very sacred and considered to be pious. It belongs to Lord Indra and can bless the home with good luck.

Is elephant also a Feng Shui element?

Yes, elephants also have a huge role to play in Feng Shui.