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Our government has come up with several projects, like digitizing the land record, that could change how the whole country looks. In this post, we’ll talk about the features of patta Chitta Tamil Nadu’s online land records, which our visitors can see. 

You can look at Patta Chitta’s records and papers about your land. In Tamilnadu, these crucial papers will need to be turned in in 2021 so that your land records can be digitized.

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Patta Chitta is a type of legal document for land revenue that can be used to find out everything you need to know about agricultural land. You can find this information in the Patta Chitta. 

If you want to learn more about the Tamil Nadu State Government’s online land records service, you should visit Patta Chitta Tamil.

Patta Chitta
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What is Patta?

Patta is a legal document that the government of Tamil Nadu (TN Patta Chitta) gives to the person who is the rightful owner of the land. Record of Right is another name for Patta (RoR).

Since digitization was first brought up, the government has been very productive. The word “digitization” refers to putting essential records related to something that happens in the country into digital form. One of these documents that have been made public by the state government of Tamil Nadu is the Patta document.

The Patta Chitta document has details like the Patta number, the details of the district, taluk, and village, who owns the property, the survey number and subdivision, the type of land, and the total area of land, and the details of the property tax.

What is Chitta?

Chitta is a record of land income, and it has details like the size of the land, who owns it, what kind of land it is, and more. In the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the document is taken care of by the Village Administrative Officer (VAO) and the Office in the Taluk (TN Patta Chitta).

This Chitta is a valid document given to the immovable property by the revenue department. With the help of the Taluka office, this information is given to the public by people who work for the village administration. The paper also shows who the owner of the property is. Finally, it says what type of land it is.

The information in the Chitta document, which includes details about land and income, is available to the people there. Most of the time, lands are put into the following groups:

  • Wetland (ninja)
  • Dryland (Punjabi).

How to Apply Online Application Process for TN Patta Chitta?

Details on how to fill out an online application for a TN Patta Chitta through the state of Tennessee’s e-services website. All residents can use the official URL to access the website as part of the application process, and it only takes a few minutes to put it on using the methods described below.

Go to Patta Chitta Tamil, the official website of the Government of Tamil Nadu, to fill out an application for revenue services.

Patta Chitta Tamil

You can click the link on the homepage to see the Patta and FMB/Chitta/TSLR extract.

To fill out the Patta Chitta, you will need to include details like the Taluk, Village, Ward, Block numbers, Survey Number, and Sub Division Number. The following picture shows information about the property.

After entering the required information and clicking “Submit,” you will be taken to the Land Records – View TSLR Extract page. You’ll need to give information about the taluk, town, ward, and block on this page. You’ll also need to provide one of the survey and subdivision numbers that go with the patta numbers. Then the process of entering the authentication value starts.

After submitting the property information, the Town Survey Land Register would make an online Certificate with information about the property, like the one below: The Certificate would list things like the building on the land, the municipal door number, the neighborhood, the type of land, and so on. You can check on this website to see if the certificate is accurate.

How to Transfer Patta Chitta Name Transfer Online?

If you want to apply to transfer your Patta, you will need to go to the office of the tahsildar in your area. When you want to share Patta Chitta, you must show the original paperwork and photocopies of the selling deed, power bill, tax receipts, and encumbrance certificate.

Details about the land transfer are essential and must be carefully written down. The transfer happens when the property is sold or when someone inherits it.

The applicant must go through the same steps when registering Patta land records. Keep in mind that you fill out the application form for land at the Tahsildar office.

The land officers can choose whether to accept the transfer offer or not because of the paperwork that was made or because there is a dispute about the land.

After the relevant department looks over the papers, they will evaluate the application. The website may approve or turn down the application, depending on what they find. For example, they need a simple 100 rupees to transfer a Patta Chitta.

The following are the essential papers required for the process of transferring a TN Patta:

1. Sale Deed (Photocopy)

2. A bill for either water or electricity as evidence of ownership

3. Encumbrance certificate

4. An affidavit

5. Previous Receipts of Taxes Received Patta Chitta Tamil sample

The government of Tamil Nadu said on March 16, 2022, that they would set up an integrated land document for farmlands. People who own pattas will be able to use this online tool to help them apply for a survey and find out where their property lines are. Before this, they had to go to the Tahsildar’s office or send an application through the Common Service Centers to get this service.

What do you have to do in Patta to change your name?

On Patta, it is impossible to change your name online, and the only way to do this is to go to the local government office. Tax receipts, the sale deed, the power bill, and the encumbrance certificate are all essential documents to keep on hand, as they will ask you to show them later.

Why is Patta Chitta Important in Tamil Nadu?

Before making a purchase, people who want to buy real estate can use TN Patta Chitta to look into the ownership rights of the current property owners and do title searches. This allows them to protect themselves from scams and deals that should not happen.

A patta is a legal document that shows that someone is the rightful owner of a particular piece of land. This document is essential in case the land owner and the government or another landowner disagree about who owns the land. If the government buys the ground, it will entitle the owner to money. They will need an essential document called an online Patta Chitta to sell a piece of property.

Patta Chitta is a document that will update in real-time. It will take all the paperwork as soon as the property is transferred and registered in the new owner’s name. For example, if you go to the official website of TN Patta Chitta, you can get an updated copy of the paper.

When it comes to structures or buildings, it is easy to prove ownership and actual physical use of the space. However, this might not be possible when it comes to undeveloped land. In this case, the Patta Chitta document shows that a landowner in Tamil Nadu legally owns the property.

Where to find out how my Poramboke property in Patta Chitta is doing right now?

Poramboke land is the name for the land that the government owns. It is also called “wasteland” because it is not on the list of income records. 

The steps you need to take to check the status of Poramboke land in Patta Chitta online are as follows:

Step 1: Go to the Patta Chitta website, which is Tamil Nadu’s official website for land records.

Patta Chitta Verificaion
Source: Eservices TN

Step 2: Click on one of the choices. Verify Government/ Private (Poramboke) Land

Step 3: The website will take you to a screen where you can choose the District, Taluka, and Village from separate drop-down menus.

Step 4: Type in the Survey number and the Subdivision number. You will need to enter the captcha and then click the submit button.

What are the documents that must be present for the Patta transfer?

To transfer a PATA, you must submit the following papers along with the application for the PATA transfer:

  • Signed patta transfer application
  • A certified copy of the sale deed Verification needs original documentation.
  • Documentation proving ownership, such as an electric bill or a receipt for property taxes
  • Encumbrance certificate

The following are some features of the Patta Chitta Tamil Nadu mobile app:

The Patta Chitta Tamil Nadu smartphone app, which came out on February 19, 2018, has many parts; the following are the most important.

Support for Multiple Languages: The Patta Chitta Tamil Nadu app for mobile phones has information and details about land in both Tamil and English.

Verify Details: People who use the Patta Chitta Tamil Nadu mobile app can see and verify TN Patta, TN Chitta, TSLR Extract, FMB, and other documents, among other things. They can also look at things like the TN Patta/A-Register Extract and Poramboke land records on the web.

Quick Access: The Patta Chitta Tamil Nadu mobile app has links to the state government’s many websites and online services. The app uses the phone’s browser to give users information about these services. For example, the Patta Chitta Tamil Nadu app has links to the Patta Chitta Tamil.

Guideline Value: The Patta Chitta Tamil Nadu mobile app also lets customers get the guideline value of the property they have chosen by doing a property valuation on the property.