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If you want a new house with a built-up area of 1400 square feet, whether it has one or two floors, it might be hard to plan if you don’t know how to make a budget or estimate cost of construction per sq ft If you know everything about how much it costs to build a house, you might be able to make the right plans.

Most of the time, the price of a single-family home is higher than that of an apartment. However, the value of a single-family home usually goes up faster than the value of an apartment. Estimate construction cost per sq ft for a bungalow, villa, or row home can be divided into two main parts: the land’s price and the building’s price.

In India, owning a home is like achieving the ultimate dream. It’s like a significant turning point in a person’s life. When you have decided that you want to build a house, you must be looking for answers to: “How much does it cost to build a house in India?”

estimate cost of construction per sq ft
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Estimate Cost of Construction Per Sq Ft in India

The investment will always be higher if the land is within city limits. But if the land to be built on is on the edge of the city or in a smaller town, the investment will be much less than if the land was in the middle of the city. You can read GST on Flat Purchases too for more ideas.

On the other hand, if you want to build your own house in India but don’t know how much a typical house costs to make there, you should read the page linked here because it has valuable information on how to estimate cost of construction per sq ft in India.

When someone wants to build a new home for them, the first thing they do is find out how much it would cost. They try to relate the question “How much does it cost to build a 1000-square-foot house?” to the house they are building.

Building a house in India usually starts at Rs. 1349/- per square foot and may go up. For a 1000-square-foot home, it will cost 13,49,000 rupees to build. Depending on what kind of finishing materials you choose, this price could go up or down.

The cost of civil construction, for example, can make a big difference in how much it costs to build a house in one part of the United States compared to another.

Significant Factors For Estimate Cost of Construction per sq ft


The house’s location significantly affects how much it costs to build. The property price will be proportionally higher than a house in the country if it is in an urban area, a metro city, or a prime location with a market, school, or train station nearby.

Layout to estimate cost of construction per sq ft

The first step in building a house is planning the building site. In this case, either an architect or a designer must make a floor plan for the land. Most of the time, a floor plan design will include many rooms, a kitchen, bathrooms, stairs, terraces, balconies, a storage area, parking, and any other space you might want. Read Ghar ka Design for more layout ideas.

Legal Requirements

Because of different building requirements, it could take longer to finish a project and cost more. If your project is close to a sensitive area, it may cost more and take longer to build. If your application is accepted, you must ensure you do everything correctly. The total for civil work includes shuttering, the contractor, and labor.

The Groundwork and the Foundation

After the hole has been dug, you will build the foundation. Framing gives the house its shape and helps to divide the different rooms. You can use “framing” to discuss more common metal structures.

The first step in building a house is putting in the foundation, and this is the one that safely and securely transfers all of the building’s weight to the ground. About 24 percent of the project’s total cost may go toward digging up the site and laying the foundation.

Costs for Labor

When figuring out how much a building will cost, you need to include not only the cost of the building materials but also the cost of labor, which will be a big part of one of the main cost heads. While building a house, you will work with many different contractors, each of whom will charge a different price for their work.

Cost of Building and Finishings – estimate cost of construction per sq ft

In addition to the cost of labor, the price of the civil work includes the cost of bricks, cement, concrete, sand, and RCC-reinforced steel. This price can vary a lot from one place to another, and it also depends on how the house is built and set up. Br brick walls without RCC columns usually between Rs 700 and Rs 800 per square foot.

The Architect’s Fees

Some architects in India will make a floor plan for your home based on your plot and needs for a set price instead of charging you by the hour. Some architectural firms also figure out their fees based on the size of the land and the total square footage of the building.

Material Cost

The kind of building materials used has a big effect on how much it costs to build something. The size and style of the house will change how much the materials will cost. If you’re building a home in the middle of nowhere, you might expect the cost to be higher.

Some of the most critical raw materials are bricks, cement, concrete, sand, and RCC-reinforced steel. Sands of different kinds are also used as raw materials. On the other hand, estimating the number of raw materials needed to estimate cost of construction per sq ft can be hard because it depends a lot on the plans for the building. 

Different Kinds of Building Materials And Their Costs

A Class: Because this kind of building requires the best materials, the cost of building a 1000-square-foot home could be anywhere from 15 to 25 lakh rupees.

B Class: This type of building is made with materials in the middle in terms of quality. These materials include cement, steel, fixtures, and fittings. Unlike the C class, it would cost around 10–11 lakh rupees to finish a 1,000-square-foot B class home.

C Class: A building has to be made with low-quality bricks, sand, and fittings, as well as cement and steel, which isn’t very good. Most of the time, it costs between Rs. 7-8 lakh to build a 1,000-square-foot C-class house.

Effect of Covid-19 on Construction Costs

Likely, the current level of uncertainty, bad business, negative consumer sentiment, loss of income, and the use of government funds to deal with the pandemic will significantly affect the construction industry. This is because infrastructure projects are a big part of what makes the construction business work.

Rising gas prices, a lack of construction workers, and the high cost of key building materials like steel, cement, stone, and plywood have all led to a 15–25% increase in the average cost of building. Just recently, the price of a barrel of crude oil went over $80. This means that the cost of transportation is likely to be a big reason why the cost of building in India is going up overall.


In India, you can estimate cost of construction cost per sq ft for building a house. It ranges from Rs. 1300 per square foot for standard-quality materials to Rs. 1800 per square foot for premium-quality materials and Rs. 2000 per square foot for luxury-quality materials. Learn about the latest building techniques.