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House designs have been gaining more importance with the passing days and when we talk about house designs it is not just about the interiors. The exterior of the house is equally important and people now make it a point to have it beautifully designed. There are several exterior design for houses that you can opt for and give your house an appealing look.

It is the exterior design that leaves an impression on people visiting your house. It also kind of reflects your taste and choices and is symbolic of your personality. Take a look at a few impressive exterior design for houses and see which one interests you the most.

1. Simple Stone Pathway

Justin_Krug / shutterstock

When you have space constraints do not let that be a hindrance in your path. The exterior design of your house can be designed smartly even when there is a space issue. For a simple stone pathway, you can have the main door in a contrasting colour and a simple stone pathway leading towards the door. It looks sober and appealing to the eyes. 

2. Large Sized Windows

glass windows
Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

When you cannot think of anything else, massively sized windows will do the magic. These glass windows coupled with contrasting sliders will provide your house with an upscaled look. You can also style the windows with luxurious curtains and this would ensure a gorgeous exterior as well as interior design.

3. Open Porch

open porch
Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

A cute little house can be given an extraordinary look by adding an open porch to it. When you get a wooden porch designed and it is open too, you will love the quirkiness that it adds to the house. Spending some private time with your partner at night on open porches is a lovely idea. 

4. The Royal Touch

You can give your house a royal look from the outside by designing your garden artistically. A manicured garden outside your house is sure to add a royal touch. You can also add a fountain and life-sized statues for a nice feel. 

5. The Door And Window Magic

door and windows
Trygve Finkelsen / pexels

Adding glass windows to your house will also make the exterior look stylish. You can opt for a fancy-looking door along with the glass windows and together both elements will add to the exterior look of the house.

6. Level Up The Porch

level up
Pixabay / pexels

Having a single-level porch is very common and you must have seen it in most houses but to give your exterior look a different touch, try adding levels to your porch. When your porch has steps that ultimately guide the visitors to the main door, it is sure to look very appealing. You can additionally level up the porch with beautiful lighting and also gorgeous greens

7. The Extravagance Factor

Pixabay / pexels

Getting the exterior of the house designed extravagantly is an excellent idea for exterior design for houses. You can have multiple textures on the outside and add nice lighting effects. Decorate the porch beautifully and do not forget to add lots of greenery to the outside space. Large glass windows add to the extravagance so you can have them too.

8. The Metal Door

The main door of the house should be given due importance as it jazzes up the overall look of the house. You can add an extra metal door with a beautiful grill design as the entrance to the porch and it will make your exterior look even better. 

9. Pop Out Window

A cool feature to add to the exterior look of the house is a pop-out window. You get a unique shape in the interiors and the exteriors look equally fun and thrilling to see. 

10. Landscaped Look

exterior design for houses landscape
Vivint Solar / pexels

Landscaping plays a very important role in enhancing the beauty of the house when it comes to exterior house design ideas. You can either opt for lush green plantations or garden outside the house or make it a colourful affair by opting for bright-coloured plants and flowers. 

11. The Dining Space

Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

Have you ever dreamt about having a nice dining space outside your house? Well, when you have space outside your house, you can have an excellent dining area on one side of your house. It will feel magical and special to arrange dinner dates or lunch dates on special occasions. This dining space can also be used for family get-togethers. 

12. An All Wall Exterior

Large windows, as well as pop out windows, do make your exterior house design look quirky and chic but sometimes an all wall exterior is also a game changer. This design type is perfect for people who love their privacy and do not want the interiors of the house to be seen from the outside. Here you can have a gorgeous texture for the exterior wall and make your house an ultimate style statement.

13. The Quaint Porch

quaint porch
Photo by Lachlan Ross / pexels

When you do not have much space in front of the house, have a cute little porch and add a wooden bench for beauty and recreation. Here, a contrasting-coloured main door design will give your house a gorgeous look.

14. The Full Window Look

For a modernistic approach to the exterior design for houses, having full-sized windows is a great idea. It not only adds to the exterior look of the house but also brightens up the interiors with plenty of natural light creeping into the house. The full windows make the house appear grand and gorgeous.

Factors that you should keep in mind while getting an exterior design for houses done:

Although we have listed the best possible exterior design ideas for homes there are a few factors that one should keep in mind for having a beautiful and modern exterior design. Take a look:

  • Choose the best architectural structure 
  • Opt for pretty ambient lighting in the exterior space
  • Choose the exterior finish of the house wisely by settling for rich textures
  • Settle for a quirky roofing style that matches the architectural structure of the house
  • Pay heed to the main door design
  • Add some colour pop in any form you prefer
  • Plan windows smartly and try to keep them huge
  • Brighten up the exterior space with greenery and flowers

When you keep all of these in mind, your house exterior is sure to stand out and look so beautiful that you will be showered with compliments from visitors and passers-by.

We hope that these amazing exterior design for houses are attractive and good enough for your choice. You can easily opt for the one that you feel would match up with your personality. You can also customise the exterior design idea by picking up elements from the different concepts mentioned above. A house when gorgeous from the outside will leave a nice impression on guests visiting your place.