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The lights in the ceiling play an important role as far as making a home beautiful is concerned. The key aim behind adding the ceiling isn’t just to illuminate the place but it makes sure that it reeks of perfection, elegance, and the best of style as well. So, it is always important to pay heed to the type of ceiling lights you are fixing at your place. This will allow you to glam your home in the desired manner.

The world of ceiling light designs is endless and you will be surprised at the wide variety of options that you are going to get. You will be pleased by the aesthetics of some while others are going to be very chic and sophisticated. So, without much ado, let us offer the details with regards to ceiling light designs that you can opt for.

Be prepared to be inspired by the different varieties and choose the ones that seem to be the right choice for you.

When you are choosing the ceiling light design, different parameters have to be taken into consideration. You should carefully assess each of the details and then decide as to which ceiling light will look best in which room.

You have to understand that there is no definite rule book and what applies to one might not suit the taste of others. So, this guide will serve as a reference to allow you to see what is the best solution. Feel free to take inspiration from these ideas and go about and plan your layouts.

The LED Lights

While there are different types of lights that you can use for the sake of decorating your false ceiling, LED lights seem to be one of the most popular options. There are a lot of LED ceiling light design options that you will find.

These lights tend to illuminate the place in the right manner. At the same time, some of them come in a very fancy design and therefore it will revamp your place and give it a polished and perfect look.

For any home to look perfect and radiate beauty, it must have the best set of lights. These lights add to the décor element and therefore infuse the much-needed perfection to the place. You will be able to evoke a sense of completeness in your home when you have the best set of designs.

Inspiring Home Décor Ideas Using LED Lights

The LED lights are known to be the real future of light and they have arrived in style. They may be a little more expensive but they are very energy efficient and they also have a longer shelf life. This means that they end up giving you the right run for your money. They are small in size and therefore the amount of variation they have to offer when it comes to incorporating lights is huge. It makes use of the best-advanced technology and incorporates modern-day ideas.

Here are some of the different options you could take a leaf of inspiration from.

1. The Overlapping Circle Styles

You can choose the different round LED flush mount lights. These seem to be the smart options and can help you offer the right type of illumination. You can choose the tone of colour and also the dimension of light as per your room size. Feel free to design the room aptly.

Ideally, warm tones of light are going to look good in the room and it will lend an air of calmness.

2. Brass Accented False Ceiling Light Designs

Source: Leslie del Moral / Pexels

The combination of an opal diffuser ad brass accents works wonders. You can choose to have it in the suspension mode or use other forms of light in conjunction to give it a very rich and modern look. You can achieve layered illumination with this style and incorporate different lighting ideas with it. This is a great way to make sure that you can make the room fancy and sophisticated at the same time. The good thing about brass accents is that they look royally appealing and lend an air of richness to the place.

3. Pendant LED Lights

pendant light
Source: Max Vakhtbovych /Pexel

The charm of small lights is unmatched. You don’t need big gawky lights in your room. The smarter thing to do is to opt for hanging small pendant lights. You can bead them in a single row or you can choose to leave them scattered.

As per your need, you can adjust both the height and the brightness level as well. If you want them to directly illuminate the table, have them closer to the table by bending them pretty low. Mostly, good interior designers will recommend not having lights hanging very low in the room as it tends to make a room appear smaller than it is.

This is such a popular design that you will find it being incorporated in cafes as well because it looks very artsy.

4. Wooden Contemporary False Ceiling Light Designs

wooden contemporary
Source: Cotton Bro /Pexels

If you will like to have a rustic or vintage look in your home, you can choose the best-LED ceiling lights that come in a similar style. Feel free to check out the different options of hanging lights and it will allow you to jazz up the place and maintain the rustic vibe at the same time.

When you are using such lights, an important point to bear in mind is that the rest of your room should also emanate the same theme and it will then be very pleasing to the eyes. The overall theme and décor should be spot on. If the rest of your room has a modernistic touch and the lights have a rustic vibe, it will fail to give you a good feel. In such cases, the lights will end up being a total misfit in the room.

5. Rotating Frames

An important feature of LED is that they transmit light in a single direction contrary unlike bulbs that throw a ball of light radiating in all directions. This is why you should choose to opt for LED ceiling light fitting. Here you can rotate the frame and the light. This will allow you to illuminate different corners of the room as per your need and requirement.

This style of rotating frame LED design too comes in several varied patterns and styles and you will be amazed at the brilliance it will evoke.

6. The Shadow Styles

Once again it is the pendant LED lights that will help you get the style right. You can choose to have a braided wooden stand and make use of pendant lights with them. They will cast a shadow in the room when illuminated and this will make the room look austerely amazing. This style is used ins several outdoor cafés to give people a very Insta-worthy feel. You have to decide the placement and how far apart they should be. The main reason behind this is that having too many lights can feel cramped and too less may not be sufficient to light up the place.

7. The Hanging False Ceiling Light Designs

Source: Ryan Farid / Unsplash

There is no dearth of hanging light options as it is one of the top and trending choices. So, if you will like to have a good artistic hanging style of lights, you can choose that. The living room is a great choice, but these days; hanging lights can be found in different parts of the home.

You can choose to have them as a suspension or use a wall for support. No matter what you do, they are bound to look very pleasing to the eyes.

8. The Sculpture Designs

chandelier light
Source: Charlotte May / Pexels

You can also choose to have the kind of ceiling light style that gives it a very sculpted look. Here, you need to combine different elements and the overall feel of the light is going to be perfect. This style of design is often used in kitchens and even dining areas. They will evoke a sense of perfection and allow you to have a good time. This style of light is likely to give a contemporary touch to your home.

9. The Bulb Styles

bulb style
source: Henry & Co / Pexels

A smart light design is one where lights project to be something they are not. Confused? Let us explain it to you. In the olden days, it was bulbs were primarily used in Indian homes. As modern technology and new-age art designs come up, the bulbs were steadily replaced.

Now, once again the trend has come for bulbs, just that bulbs are not used to look like bulbs. You can find fancy half bulbs sort of design and LED lights are fitted inside. These are hung from the false ceiling and they paint a very pretty sight in the room. If you have an art centre in your room, you can surely choose this style of light.

Apart from this, you can also install them in the living room or you will find them in several art studios as well. These lights are very fancy and sure to jazz the feel of the room by several notches. Make sure to align the décor of the rest of the room accordingly.  

10. The Crystal Structures

structure light
Source: Ralph Rabago / Pexels

You can choose to have a cluster of LED lights tied together in a crystal structure to give you a chandelier sort of stance. This style is mainly meant for hallways and living rooms as it is very ornate and even intricate. You will have a burst of light bubbling out based on the number of LEDs you have incorporated and the direction in which they are juxtaposed. Do not align all in the same direction as this will mess up the overall style and will lead to more ruckus.

The role of an interior designer is very crucial as they will give you a better picture regarding the suitability of the light and the choice of the room as well.

gallery lights
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

If you have a gallery or pathway in your home, you must incorporate lights there. This not only ensures that the passage is well illuminated but it lends a great charm as far as the light is concerned. You need to know how to make the passage appear beautiful and this is a great way to do that.

You can choose to have dimmers too as these help in making the light glow pleasant rather than being hard on the eyes. If the passage is pretty long, space the LED lights in a way that the whole passage can be well illuminated if you turn all the lights on. The number of lights will always depend on how short or long the passage is.

12. The Artist’s Delight False Ceiling Light Designs

artistic light
Source: Bayram Er / Pexels

Nothing beats the brilliance of amazing artistic light. The important thing with such a design is that you cannot fit it just about anywhere. You have to be sure that you are choosing the right corner. The office in a home or the living room, study room, or an artist’s room are some of the places where you can install such extra fancy lights.

In such rooms, you should not have any other very loud element as this is going to look too flashy. If the lights are extremely fancy or too ornate, the rest of the room has to tone down. Having too many loud elements in one single room will take away the glory and make the room appear flawed.

13. The Starlit Sky

This is an excellent design for the kids’ room and something they are going to love. You will find a lot of such designs where the false ceiling will have the night sky picture and when you turn on the lights, the LED will fill in the colour and make it look like a myriad of stars swirling around.

This is a fancy style of light that helps you give the feel of floating in the universe. It is great for imagination and therefore very well suited for the kid’s room. You can also have a monochromatic light to go with it. We recommend tones like red, and dark pink to go with the tone of the sky.

14. Linear False Ceiling Light Designs

Source: Max Vakhtbovych /Pexel

You can choose to have a linear style of lights in your bathroom. This is a good choice if your bathroom is already open enough to have good natural light seeping in. The idea with the bathrooms is to keep it minimal because you don’t want to deck your bathroom too much. Overdoing the washroom is often considered a bad design. So, try to avoid this flaw and opt for simple and linear LED lights. This tends to look simple and elegant.

15. Semi-Flush LED False Ceiling Light Designs

The semi-flush lights are a good choice for rooms where lights tend to stay on for a long time. The kitchen is one such place where no matter whether you are working or not, we tend to keep the lights on. You can also choose to have pendant and flush lights and incorporate them in a fancy style to give a modern-day look to these places.

Some Stand Out False Ceiling Light Designs

Here are some stand-out designs that can make your home look like an art gallery and is sure to make your lights the talking point in the town.

1. Black Sputnik

Source: Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

This one deserves a mention because of the kind of rage it has become. You can choose to have a suspended style of chandelier. The black sputnik will give you a science lab feel and it is sure to make the room appear a whole lot artistic and modernistic.

The black colour will add to the charm of your room. However, an important design tip is that when you have a black light, try to have white walls. The contrast of black and white looks on point and it is sure to allow you to project the perfect image.

2. Statement Pendant

statement pendant
Source: Maria Naichenkov / Pexels

You must have found this style of light in malls and even hotels. Here you have several linear ropes hanging and there are lights spread all over. The size of lights will vary from very small to big round balls as well. It is the unevenness that makes this light stand out.

This design can only be implemented in the hall or else it will take up all the space in your room. The room can appear smaller if such a long-hanging style of design is incorporated.

3. The Harmonise Heritage

If you want a blend of classic and contemporary, you can choose the harmonised heritage style. You have the option to integrate both the modern and traditional elements in this style of light. The use of natural materials and the best of craftsmanship will add to the right charm and this is going to bestow the right sense of splendour to your place.

The underlying idea is to make sure that you choose the design that will bring out the beauty of the place and thereby make you feel impressed with the overall artistic touch.

4. The Statement False Ceiling Light Designs

statement lights
Source: Daria Klet / Pexels

If you like to throw a statement, these are the best light options you can choose to have. Have a dramatic chandelier or a huge set of lights. The idea is to do something that will make people notice it without you having to talk about it. Mostly you will need to have a suspended design to catch the fancy of people. When you manage to do so, it will allow you to create the right statement look.

An important point to remember here is that when you are trying to opt for a statement look, don’t choose too loud colour. The colour tone needs to be subtle or else it becomes hard on the eyes. The drama should be embedded in the design rather than the colour. This will allow you to get the best out of the design.

So, these are some of the statement designs that will glam your pace as nothing else can. The ceiling lights are sure to create a very fancy look. We have shared umpteen designs with you and now based on your taste and style, you are free to pick what you want.

Always remember that the light speaks about your personality and it has a way of making your home speak your language. So, always decide well.

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Are the ceiling designs good for beautifying the home?

Yes, ceiling designs are a great way to beautify the place. They add the right charm and glow to the home.

Can you find enough variety in false ceiling lights?

Yes, the world of false ceiling lights is endless and you will be floored with the number of designs you can find.

Should you choose very dark coloured lights?

Mostly, you will find gold and brass and a subtle accent of colour being used for the exteriors of the light. Of course, a lot depends on the overall design of the room. Black lights are used for extra highlights.

Is LED a good choice?

Yes, LEDs are one of the best and energy-efficient choices for false ceiling lights and you will find them being used in plenty of false ceiling light design ideas.