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The home lighting design ideas have evolved a lot through the years and the concept of a false ceiling has basically brought in the change. With several false ceiling design ideas comes a hoard of lighting ideas as well.

False ceiling lights do much more than merely lighting up your space. You must have noticed that the simple tube lights that were used in homes years back now look so boring. In order to enhance the beauty of your interiors, false ceiling lights are a must. These lights help in elevating the ambience of your home. The aesthetic feel that the false ceiling lights add to the space is worth mentioning. 

There are several types of false ceiling lights that you can opt for to make your house look sophisticated. All lighting ideas have a speciality and purpose of their own and you have to be smart enough to plan which one is perfect for your place. Check these out:

1. Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

flush mount
Source: Pixabay / pexels

When you have a low ceiling height at your place, the most recommended light design to opt for is a flush mount. These light fixtures illuminate a larger space and the lighting is suitable for the eyes. It does not feel heavy or harsh. These are also economical false ceiling light ideas and so neutral that you can use these lights anywhere in the house be it your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom or even hallways. 

2. LED Strip Lighting

led strip
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

One of the most common ceiling light ideas that you will find almost everywhere, LED light strips create a nice ambience in the house. It adds to the drama and the ceiling looks all the more gorgeous when these light strips are switched on.

3. Chandeliers 

Source: Maria Orlova / pexels

For adding the royal touch to your house or any specific room, chandeliers are the thing you should opt for. Hanging down from the ceiling, chandeliers light up the space beautifully as there are multiple light sources attached. Designed to have gorgeous branches that all light up to add to the look, chandeliers are one of the best choices for ceiling lights. Get one for your house if you wish to have an elegant look. 

4. Semi Flush Mount

semi flush mount
Source: Pierre Châtel-Innocenti / unsplash

When you wish to have a chandelier but the low height ceiling doesn’t allow you to get one for your space, semi-flush mount lights come in handy. These hang down from the ceiling but don’t have long metal chains like chandeliers. A perfect blend of a chandelier and flush mount fixture, these lights look great anywhere. The lighting from this light design spreads both upwards and downwards and creates a nice drama. 

5. Pendant Light

false ceiling lights pendant
Source: Pixabay / pexels

Not as gaudy looking as a chandelier, pendant lights are classy, minimalistic and sophisticated. Usually hung in sets, pendant lights also kind of accessorise the room or any specific area of the house it is affixed in. You need to carefully pick the one that suits your existing interiors.

6. Recessed Lights

recessed light
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

Again a good option to go for when you have a low-height false ceiling design, recessed lights are tactfully affixed to the ceiling. These lights are not capable of lighting up a wide area. You need to mount them at regular intervals or in a cluster to make sure you get the proper effect.

If you are low on budget, recessed lights will be the perfect choice for you. It is the most common light design idea found in almost every home.

7. Spot Lights

Spot lights as the name suggests are used for illuminating a particular spot. It works effectively in throwing light upon a concentrated area for highlighting it. You can also use spot lights to accentuate the beauty of any art piece decorated in any corner of your house or even on the wall.

8. Gimbal Recessed Lights

Again a lighting idea to highlight or throw some light upon any particular wall art or any specific place in the room, gimbal lights can be easily adjusted. The light angle can be changed as per your requirement, making these lights flexible and very useful.

9. Cove Lighting

cove light
Source: albayrakgergitavan / pixabay

When you have a gorgeously designed false ceiling and you want the beauty of the ceiling to be highlighted, cove lighting is so your thing. This lighting idea is perfect for people who want to elevate the beauty of their house and add to the aesthetic appeal. Mounted in the ceiling grooves, cove lighting creates an ambience that gives you a luxurious feel. 

10. Track Lighting

false ceiling lights track
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

When you have a beautiful wall art or a decor piece that needs special lighting effects, track lights work wonders. These are attached to the ceiling and can be adjusted to direct the focus onto a particular wall or area. These lights look great when you want to beautify a specific section of your house.

11. Ceiling Fan Light

ceiling fan light
Source: Curtis Adams / pexels

If you want to go all fancy and wow you can try the ceiling fan light idea. It looks elegant, and sophisticated and adds to the ambience of your space. It is something that looks classy and you will definitely receive compliments from guests visiting your place. This kind of light also serves a dual purpose as it lights up the room and also works as a fan.

You can give all these lighting ideas a thought and go for the ones that will perfectly match up with your space and also fulfil your requirement. Before selecting the light design for your home, you can go through the tips mentioned below to take a better decision.

Tips For False Ceiling Lights:

There are certain factors you should consider before you settle on any lighting idea. We have a few tips for you that might come in handy.

  • Make sure your kids’ room doesn’t have any light hanging low. Also, try to avoid any floor lighting in that room.
  • Always maintain the standard hanging height for lights.
  • The lighting design you opt for should be in perfect sync with the interior design of your home.
  • It is advised to go for lights that have an easy installation process.
  • Do not go for lights that require tough maintenance.
  • You should definitely pay heed to beautifying your place with lighting ideas but that should not be your prime objective. The design and idea chosen must primarily light up the space.
  • Do not go for very heavy-weight chandeliers or other light designs.
  • Plan proper and standard distance between ceiling lights so that the entire space is uniformly illuminated.


Which is the most preferred choice for a false ceiling light?

The most preferred choice for false ceiling lights is recessed lights. Flush mount fixtures are also preferred when the ceiling height is low. 

Is there any specific light idea you can choose for your kid’s room?

Recessed lights or flush mount fixtures are recommended for the kid’s room. You can also opt for spot lights wherever required. Chandeliers, pendant lights and floor lighting must be avoided at any cost.

Are false ceiling lights better than conventional tube lights?

Yes, false ceiling lights are cost-efficient and energy saving as compared to the tube lights you had in your houses long back. 

Does ceiling light make your house look beautiful?

Mostly all ceiling light designs are sure to add to the beauty and aesthetic appeal of your house.