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After a long tiring day of hectic professional work, when you need peace and rest. the only thing that comes to your mind at that time- is your ‘Bedroom.’ That is why it’s crucial to design the bedroom in a way that makes you feel relaxed, gives you peace of mind as well as prepares you for the battle of the next day.

The difference between the other rooms and the bedroom is- this room is able to refresh your mind and boost your energy while making you relax. Thus, the design should be accurate to give you the positive vibe you need after a tiresome day.

Today you will gather insight into a beautiful, appealing bedroom false ceiling with fan.

Come, let’s discover the Top 9 False Ceiling Designs For Bedroom With Fan!

The Plaster of Paris ceiling isn’t an unknown fact for everyone as now, the majority of the time, people are using POP ceiling design to add extra beauty to their bedroom.

The Plaster of Paris ceiling is generally called the ‘False ceiling,’ and besides concealing the dull original ceiling, it creates an appealing look that doesn’t require any other craftwork. Below are the details of the most trendy design of all the time-

1. Single color false ceiling with fan

A solid single-colored ceiling is a classic design that goes well if you install ceiling fans. This design never goes outdated and unpopular. However, if you aren’t satisfied with the regular one and always want to make it look unique, you can use the POP ceiling.

For instance, a single-colored bedroom with the same ceiling color can create a monotonous effect sometimes. Still, if you use a false ceiling of contrasting color and if the design is placed at the joint of the wall and ceiling roof, it will create a depth and an excellent color contrast, which is simple yet elegant.

false ceiling with fan
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2. Floating false ceiling with fan layout

Apart from the classic POP ceiling design, if you wish to give a floating look, this layout would be perfect for you. In this type of layout, a rectangular POP ceiling is crafted, and again another layer of false ceiling is suspended loosely to create the floating Bedroom Ceiling Design With Fan.

Additionally, you can use a wooden slab instead of the second tray of the false ceiling to create that look; however, a wooden slab is always pricey and can make your budget high. Therefore, using the POP structure is way more budget-friendly, and you can place the fan in the middle section, which is an excellent position to make the ceiling design and the hanging fan visible.

3. Contemporary false ceiling with fan & LED lighting

Modern LED light design never goes off with the false ceiling. You can design the ceiling with an LED strip light on the edge of the circular or rectangular tray on the POP ceiling. It will create a magnificent ambiance, which is relaxing and soothing.

You can never feel irritated resting in the bedroom with this design. Moreover, the design gives you ample area to install a modern ceiling fan without hampering the beauty of the ceiling.  

false ceiling with fan
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4. Textured false ceiling with fan

Do you want something different? Do you want to combine both POP ceilings with wooden work? If so, this Bedroom Ceiling Design With Fan would satisfy your craving fully. The textured ceiling layout always gives a rich and delicate look to the room.

The design can appear tricky; however, it’s one of the simplest to create. This type of modern design is crafted by creating a false ceiling section. And additionally, a texture is added using wooden work.

Howsoever, you can also use a second layer of POP ceiling work instead of a wooden design to obtain the finished layout at an affordable price range.

5. Coffered false ceiling with fan

You must have seen ceilings with small grid frames in various shapes like octagon, square, rectangular, etc.- This kind of ceiling layout is known as the ‘Coffered’ design. This layout creates depth and illusion, which makes the room look unique from others.

The coffered design adds a restful, calming vibe to the bedroom, which helps you relax completely after a tiresome day. Additionally, attaching fans (more than one fan) strategically creates a focal point on the bedroom ceiling.

wooden false ceiling
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6. Plain and elegant

Do you wish to keep your bedroom’s ceiling layout plain? Yes, you can keep the design minimal with a plain POP ceiling layout without any extra frame or ornamentation. A bright solid colored false ceiling with no ornamentation. Except statement lighting like the incorporated LED lamps, is another classic and golden design for a bedroom ceiling.

Sometimes, people want a plain, sober yet sophisticated layout, and for those, this design is perfect. In this layout, you can customize the color and play with contrast. For instance, you can choose light shades or dark colors. Go for light brown for the entire room walls. And to give a fine contrast, you can make the ceiling a cream color. 

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7. Symmetrical false ceiling with fan

The symmetrical ceiling layout is best for installing two fans on a ceiling. This layout holds more than one ceiling fan perfectly without ruining the aesthetics. It is also done using a POP ceiling. The light panels are placed on the edge of the ceiling. Therefore, the entire middle portion is free to install the ceiling fans.

In this Bedroom Ceiling Design With Fan, a rectangular side panel is crafted. It holds the light perfectly, giving an excellent depth in it. To make it eye-catching, you can use statement fans as it will further enhance the entire aesthetics.

8. Rafters POP

Again those who wish to incorporate wooden work with the POP ceiling can select this design setup. In this setup, a false ceiling is made. Wooden beams are used to give a delicate look to the entire room.

Applying wooden beams as the design material, the ceiling layout becomes royal and traditional. Along with this, it is considered a perfect sophisticated, traditional home decor.

However, in this layout, you need to use a traditional-looking statement fan that compliments the rest of the home decor. Using a modern, sleek fan would create a mismatch and can also ruin the whole ambiance.


9. Circular layout

Apart from a regular square or rectangular design, you go with an offbeat design. Which is the circular Bedroom Ceiling Design With Fan. A ceiling has a large-sized circular grove or tray. You can adorn with cove lights and recessed lights to create a lavish ambiance.

Additionally, installing a modern, sleek designer fan, which accentuates the entire concept, can enhance the beauty of the whole layout. Additionally, using a metallic accent is able to give your ceiling a regal look.


Create a cozy, lavish, comforting bedroom with the help of the 9 top most trending Bedroom Ceiling Design With a Fan. You can select the designs according to the number of ceiling fans.

Moreover, you can also customize the POP ceiling and play with patterns, frames, panels, light placement, and the last with colors.

Additionally, as mentioned in the early section, you can use metallic accents, wooden beams, or wooden panels. This breaks the monotonousness of the false ceiling. Please read our article on a daily basis to know more about trending home designs to beautify your living place.