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Technology can both be a boon and a bane, isn’t it? While our lives have become easier, we have become superficial of sorts. The connection to greenery and mother earth seems to be perturbed and once in a while, all human hearts crave that connection. There is no denying the fact that when you feel one with nature, it allows you to truly rejuvenate your soul.

While the luxuries are all great and they can make your life comfortable and allow your body to be at ease, the soul usually connects with deeper things like nature, greenery, and earth. This is why despite the growth and advancements we have been making, a lot of people these days are choosing to make sprawling and traditionally (sometimes luxurious) farmhouses where they go for a retreat. 

The culture of the farmhouse is back in vogue and you can find a lot of people who are looking to own swanky farmhouses in the lap of nature so that they too can have a good time. The underlying concept behind this farmhouse is to make sure that you can establish a connection with nature and the natural elements in turn allow you to feel better. 

There are few pleasures as comforting as the feel of fresh air on your face. The smell of the soil, when it is raining, is also something that will kickstart your soul. So, here we are going to share some of the best farmhouse design ideas that you could take inspiration from. 

The Low-Cost Farmhouse Design Ideas 

Here are some of the low-cost ideas that you can use for building your farmhouse. With these ideas, you will be able to have a farmhouse without burning a huge hole in your pocket either. Sometimes, budget constraints tend to come into play and this is why you need to be mindful of the type of design you are incorporating. 

Key Things To Note 

When you want to design a low-cost farmhouse, here are some of the things you will have to bear in mind. 

  • The budget: Always have a clear number at hand. Keeping the budget handy allows you to plan well. 
  • Structure: You need to know how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and guest rooms you will need in your farmhouse. This will allow you to design well. 
  • Materials: Always try to procure materials that are of good quality but come for cheap. The key is to know the right place from where to source them. 
  • Eliminate wastage: To have a low-cost farmhouse, always use it to the optimum. Don’t create unwanted wastage. Look for creative ways by which you can use even the scrap materials.
  • Interior designer: Never hire an interior designer for low-cost farmhouse design. They will only add to your expenses overhead. 
  • Alternates: Mostly, for all interior options, you will always have a cheaper alternate. So, when the cost is a matter of concern, look for cheaper but robust alternates and cut down your net expenses.

Now, let us see some of the design concepts you can incorporate. 

The Mud Brick Farmhouse Design Ideas 

mud brickhouse
Source: Magda Ehlers / Pexels

If cost and budget are delimiting factors, you can choose to opt for the mud-brick design to make the farmhouse. The idea is simple. Make a home out of wooden structures and mud bricks. Both procurements of raw materials and recruiting labour are going to be comparatively cheaper and won’t entail any significant expense. This will therefore allow you to make a good deal of savings. You can choose to buy readymade windows to cut down the total cost even more.

This design of the farmhouse is not likely to be very beautiful. But it will serve the purpose at hand.

The Basics – A Simple House 

If you don’t want to go for the regular brick sort of structure, you can choose to build the farmhouse like a normal home. Use the concrete blocks, have a couple of bedrooms, a common bathroom with the right sanitation measures in places and a living room. 

Keep the design and construction as simple as possible. This will allow you to make sure that the cost doesn’t end up shooting very high and at the same time, it will give you a decent-looking home as well. Paint the top sheets with aluminium to decrease the heat being absorbed by the sun. Use a good quality of paint for painting both the exterior and the interior walls. Don’t use too fancy material and recruit cheap labour. 

Wood And Cemented House 

This is another simplistic house type. You can make a house using wood and cemented materials. The best way to beautify such houses by keeping the cost low is to have a big garden so that you can cut down on the house space. This will limit the construction cost. Try to have big windows, especially on the lower floor so that it gives you the right farmhouse feels and allows you to connect with nature. 

Keep the doors and windows simple and minimal. You can have sliding glass doors to capture the view outside your home of the beautifully done garden. 

Small And Modern Farmhouse Design Ideas 

Now that you are done with the budget farmhouse design, we move to modern and small farmhouse designs. These farmhouse designs aren’t going to be very cheap, but the catch here is the size. As they aren’t too huge, it will allow you to still save your money. 

simple farmhouse
Source: Sheikh Abrar Ul Haq / Pexels

So, let us explore some of the different options as far as small and modern farmhouse designs are concerned. When making a small and modern farmhouse and that too on a limited budget, you will need to consider different aspects of the farmhouse. Let us break down the details for you. 

The External Designing 

You must have a very clear depiction of what the exteriors of the house will look like. When you finalize this, you will end up designing the overall look of your farmhouse. The exteriors are what people will see in the pictures. It has to be pleasing even when made on a budget.

There are a lot of ways you can do this. 

Less is more 

Always remember that when designing a minimal house, you need to believe in the concept of less is more. You should try and assess the different design elements and find a simple and minimal design for your house. Make sure to use a mix of both traditional and modern construction methods. 

Don’t have too many elements in the exteriors of your home. This will unnecessarily shoot up the expense of making the house. The roof of your house should focus more on being productive rather than flashy.

We do agree that roofing adds a lot of beautification to the home. But, when you have a budget in mind, work more on the utility as compared to the ethics. Do not choose an ugly roofing idea but keep it a lot more constructive and practical.

Always have a porch with a farmhouse as this will help you have free and open space which is the main use of a farmhouse. You have a lot of cost-friendly ways of decorating the porch or the lawn rather than investing in a very big house. 

Go for simple wall paints for durable exteriors. This will save you from unwanted re-painting expenses that will otherwise be incurred from time to time.

The Bedroom Designs 

farmhouse bedroom
Source:  Raphael Nast / Unsplash

Your bedroom in the farmhouse needs to have the right touch. You really cannot afford to play with it. The right thing to do is to incorporate the use of natural materials that are easy to procure. This will give the rustic farmhouse feel to the room and won’t be too costly either. You can use antique objects in the room to add to the rustic and vintage feel of the room. On top of it, make sure to add some bohemian elements if you want the room to speak out.

You can find a lot of steal deals on different types of ready décor items that will revamp your room without burning a hole in your pocket. 

The Living Room 

This is perhaps the most important part of the farmhouse as the whole family tends to sit here to unwind, talk, and socialise. The best design element to incorporate is to have a really large window overlooking the farm.

Also, if your farmhouse is located in an area that tends to get too cold, have a fireplace in the living room so that it can keep you warm. Apart from this, you can choose to have a coffee table near the fireplace so that you can raise a toast while soaking in the heat. 

simple living room
Source: Pixabay / Pexels

Once again, always look for great steal deals on rugs, and coffee tables or you can hire a local carpenter and have the table done. These elements will allow you to have a great living room that will steal the show in the farmhouse. 

The Kitchen Styling 

A lot of people choose to have an open inland kitchen. You can choose to have a window-style opening so that you can cook food and serve it right there. You can also place some chairs and people can sit and have the food directly, served hot from the kitchen. It makes for a great idea. 

The kitchen shouldn’t be too cramped or closed. This beats the concept of the farmhouse. Once again, have big large windows overlooking the greenery outside to give you the feel of being in the farmhouse.

You can choose to cook in wooden and earthen clay pots to get the traditional feel.

Working On The Porch Slides

Every farmhouse deserves a porch or a lawn. You can have some chairs or a nice cosy seating arrangement on the porch. Always make sure to have colourful flowers on the porch as they are not costly and can add amazingly well to the overall aesthetics. 

Source: Esaias Tan / Unsplash

At the same time, if you often go to the farmhouse with kids, you can choose to have a kids’ play area designed on your lawn. Maybe have a pool slide or some water splash activity, slides, swings and anything else to help them enjoy their time. 

So, these are some of the elements you can incorporate in small farmhouses to make them perfect and budget-friendly.

Sustainable Farmhouse Design Ideas

We are all aware of the importance and need for sustainable development. If you don’t do your bit in controlling the use of resources, we are not setting a good example for future generations.

Here are some of the suitable design ideas that can truly make your farmhouse the talk of the town. 

Zero Carbon Homes

There is a pressing need to cut down carbon emissions significantly. If you too would like your farmhouse to be made on the zero caron mode, you can choose to opt for Earthship in your home. These are the suitable system that makes use of natural energy source. They use recycled material and heat the home naturally.

Also, try to incorporate solar panels in your home and choose to have a water pump rather than relying on external water sources. These may seem a little daunting and tiring but are great ways to build on sustainable designs. 

Green Roofs 

green roof
Source: Tomas Malik /Pexels

If you choose to keep your roof green and have grasses on top, it will help immensely. This is a great way to promote sustainable design and the good thing is that it adds to the aesthetic value as well.

The Heat Pumps 

Rather than having heaters installed in your home, the smarter thing to do is to opt for heat pumps. This is the traditional method of heating your home and this will help you cut down on both the heating and the cooling cost significantly. At the same time, it will also aid in cutting down on energy loss as well. 

The Traditional Farmhouse Design Ideas Prevalent Today 

A lot of times, things take an about turn. Plenty of traditional housing designs have seen a comeback as far as farmhouses are concerned. 

One of the key elements has to be the outdoor seating area. In the bygone times, most people used to sit outdoors under the shade of a tree or fire a log of wood and talk for hours while relishing the evening sky. This is why most designs focus on having a great aesthetic outdoor seating area. It was also referred to as the ‘baithak’ or the ‘chowk’. You would find a lot of wooden elements in these areas and even bamboo or cane chairs. 

So, if you want to have a typical traditional farmhouse that will help you connect with your roots, make sure to choose this kind of design. Do not make the living room too fancy because traditional farmhouses didn’t have people socializing inside the home. They always sat outside with tea in hand and a round of heart-filled gossip and discussion. 

The living room in such cases is as minimal as possible. You can have a coffee table, a few cushions, and a simple sitting area. You can choose some traditional ceiling light design ideas as well to light up the place without being too fancy. 

The lights really can change the feel of a room and you can find some of the best lighting ideas to deck up the place without being too extravagant.

Last but not the least, make it a point to use brick-style interiors and stone flooring as this will give you the real feel of the traditional style of houses. However, we strongly recommend using modern sanitary facilities as there is no way you should compromise on the hygiene aspect whatsoever.

Try to see if these farmhouse design ideas work for you!


Are farmhouses gaining popularity these days?

Yes, a lot of people want to escape the din and uproar of city life and recharge and rejuvenate themselves. They do so by buying a farmhouse and vacationing there. 

What is the cheapest farmhouse design idea?

Small farmhouses made of brick tend to be the cheapest option. You can also have regular wooden farmhouses made for cheap too. The idea lies in choosing the right economical design and planning well. 

What are the key elements of building a modern farmhouse?

Several elements need to be duly considered when making a farmhouse. You should analyse the house structure, the roofing, the design of the farmhouse and course the lawn as well.

How can you opt for making a budget farmhouse?

The idea should be to opt for sustainable design and to incorporate budget and economical elements along with vintage accessories brought at reduced prices. You should also try to opt for raw materials that can be procured easily and at a cheap price. 

What are the modern sustainable designing options that you can include in a farmhouse?

Heat pumps, solar panel, green roofing, and insulation is some of the different options you can integrate to make sure that the farmhouse comes with a neat design element.