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The balcony in your home deserves to be beautiful as it truly is the most leisurely designed area. When you have a well-designed balcony, you will be able to sit and unwind after a hard and long day at work. When you put in the right effort for your front balcony designs, the place can magically transform and it will give your home a very extravagant look.

So, we are going to share some of the most amazing designs that will allow you to rejuvenate your balcony in the right manner. The best ideas will help you colour the place and bring it to life.

The design that you will choose should be such that it should blend well with the overall theme of your home. This will ensure coherence in your place.

How To Design The Balcony In The Right Manner?

Here are some of the different things you need to check when you are designing your balcony.

The space constraints

The designs of the balcony should always be in tandem with the overall size of your place. You have to be sure that you plan your place accordingly.

The elements

There are a lot of design elements that you can integrate as well. You can choose to analyse which element will look best. The golden rule is not to cram your balcony a lot. You can have planters and blinds and fairy lights and several other things. Choose what you want to add and then plan methodically.

The flooring

You have to decide the type of flooring you want. Decide your preference based on the overall theme of your balcony and the budget as well. The flooring can be a major budget-influencing factor especially if you have a big balcony area. Wooden floors tend to emit the right vibe and give a great feel to the place.

So, make sure that you are keeping all of these points in mind and then come up with the best design that you could hope for. The right design can breathe a new wave of life into your place and truly beautify it in a way nothing else does.

So, feel free to take your time but always plan the perfect front balcony designs as they are the real de-stress corner of your home.

Options For The Front Balcony Design Ideas

Let us take a look at some of the popular and trending designs. You are not obligated to choose from any of these but you are likely to find some of them appealing enough to implement.

1. Balcony With Grill

balcony with grill
Shine Nucha / Shutterstock

The grill is an absolute must on your balcony as it is the first line of safety. Some people like to have raised grills to prevent children from falling off. This is an excellent grilled small balcony design and you can beautify the place by adding a lot of different planters here and there. The underlying idea is to ensure that your place has a colourful vibe and it becomes a fun area. You can also choose to have a lounge chair or a hammock if the space permits.

2. The Lounge Style Balcony

lounge style
Dmitry Pistrov / Shutterstock

If you want a luxurious place and have a swanky apartment that has plenty of room even for the balcony, you can choose to have a lounge-style balcony. This area is great even for casual meetings and get-togethers for friends as well. You can sit under the starlit sky and share a few drinks to make a romantic evening with your loved one.

There are a lot of ways you can have a party in such a luxurious lounge. Always make sure to use the best quality materials when designing such luxurious places. It will help you exude rich and perfect vibes.

3. Plank Decorated Balcony

plank decorated balcony
Dariusz Jarzabek / Shutterstock

Some people like the wooden touch on their balconies. This gives an air of perfection to the place. There are different styles of wooden flooring that you can incorporate into your place. The right style of wood will emit the shine that will make your place appear very luxurious. You can have planters and railings and having glass walls will ensure that you will be able to steal some of the finest views even from your room.

When you have a balcony extending from your room, it is always advised to have huge glass doors. This ensures that you will be able to steal some of the most magical views. If your balcony gives a great skyline view of the city, the joy and pleasure of glass doors will multiply manifold.

4. The Porch Balcony

porch balcony
Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

The good thing about a porch balcony is that it truly gives you your backyard. This is the type of balcony that most kids tend to love. It can be a little hard for you to maintain simply because the yard is a lot of work. If you choose to have a lot of trees, you will have to make sure that you prune them often. This will allow you to maintain the yard meticulously.

The idea is to have the kind of space wherein kids can roam and play and enjoy their time. It will also allow you to have a space wherein your mind can relax, de-stress and unwind as well. There are a lot of perks of such places. If you have a big place, you can have a few kids’ toys and even a swing there. This will make your porch complete in several respects.

5. Small Space Design

small space design
52 photo / Shutterstock

If you don’t have a very huge space for the balcony, the smart thing to do is to choose small space-oriented designs. Having a coffee table set up against the grill will help you drink to some of the most beautiful and promising views of the city. This is a great way to make the most of available space.

Most people with small balconies tend to choose such designs as it allows them to maximize space utilization and get the best layout as well. Try to keep some lights to illuminate the place so that even during the nighttime, you could sit and relax just the way you want.


What is the best way to design a balcony?

While there is no definite rule book, the right way for front balcony design ideas is by being sure that you choose the best elements based on the style of your home. You can have wooed flooring, glass spaces, carpet, rugs, quirky couches, big planters, and more.

Which colour is best suited for front balcony design ideas?

There is no one colour that is deemed to be best. You can choose to pick bright and vibrant shades or have subtle colours and then integrate some colour pop elements for added vibrancy. The idea is to match it with the theme of your home.

How to protect your balcony from the rain?

You can use shade, bamboo check binds, roof cover and glass shutters to protect your balcony from the rain onslaught.

How to come up with front balcony design ideas for a small space?

If you have little space for your balcony, you can choose to have a coffee table and a couple of chairs or just a hammock. Add planters and small décor elements along with fairy lights to jazz the space.