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The first thing about a house that says aloud about its uniqueness and looks is its flooring tiles. The first impression of every guest or visitor depends on the front tiles of the house. That’s why you need to pay a little more attention to your entrance to impress people.

One of the materials to design the front area of your home is tiles. It can be examined that the front wall designs of tiles have enhanced the overall look a lot as it gives a good look to the house. Today, there are many options in the market before choosing any front tiles to design your home, depending on your personal choice. Therefore, few qualities can be trusted out of the many tiles.

Front Tiles Design For Your Home and Office

Home decor has changed from the earliest cave paintings to the most contemporary engraved wall art. The latest art, technology, and creative ideas are improving houses into beautiful homes. It reflects the unique personalities and lifestyles of the people.

front tiles design
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 There are various front tiles design you can experiment with; some look very grand few others which appear more stable and long-lasting. You will also get a stylish front wall decoration as you want it to be. While choosing the front tile design, you need to be careful and plan properly because a little mismatch can ruin the appearance of your home.

Tiles can be used in almost every part of a house, both inside and outside, but tiles are durable and easy to maintain because you will find it easy to clean them whenever you notice any stain. Whether you are craving a little design makeover or looking for new ways to upgrade your home’s entryway, modern front wall tile designs can give you the inspiration you need.  If you are still confused about choosing the best tiles to design the front of your home, then go through the whole article to know the best wall tiles to use for your exterior without compromising design and quality.

1. Natural Stone Wall Tiles

natural stone wall tiles
Source – Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

The natural stone wall is one of the popular trending front wall tiles designs used to decorate the front of the house. As you know that stone cladding is very expensive, time-consuming, and needs strong energy to replace. A subtle and visually appealing vibe is created with these tiles.

Natural stone wall tile fits in style in a modern interior, bringing an extra touch to a home.  It offers all the natural shades through the disparity of tones, the presence of veins, and irregularities of aspects. Get an impressive range of natural stone exterior elevation tile options, add splendour to the area, and make it an eye-catching design.

2. Brick-look Tiles

brick look tiles
Source – Photo by Simon Berger

If you’re looking for long-lasting and eye-catching tiles for your home exterior, then you can choose brick-look tiles that are best for building facades. These tiles are popular, to the extent that it has high consuming rate in India. Brick-look tiles are commonly used in Indian homes for the front wall because they give an architectural design with a vintage vibe.

Brick-look front tiles are available in different colors in the market and you can also choose any color you like to use for your own house. These front tiles are perfect for warmth, texture, and a unique look. Brick-look tiles are the perfect material for you if you want durable material. 

3. Marble Wall Front Tiles Design

marble wall front tiles design
Source – Photo by DLKR

If you’re aiming for a classic, imaginative and stylish tile, you don’t have to stress yourself again because marble wall tiles will be your best choice. The design of marble wall tiles looks very attractive, especially if you keep cleaning regularly. This type of tile is resistant to staining or fading, is long-lasting, and doesn’t leave blue marks from water or excessive sunlight. 

One very simple hack to uplift any interior and exterior home design is to use bright tile. Since these tiles are good for bringing out a good look, you can choose the tiles while selecting the front tiles designs for your home.

4. Wood Wall Tiles

wood wall tiles
Source – Photo by Nikita Belokhonov

Wood wall tiles are good for the house’s exterior as they add extra beauty to the house. You get the beauty and style of original wood just by using wooden tiles that are also lighter on the pockets! This design is cheaper than any other exterior wall tiles.

You can choose the style you want and install them in your home or office. There are different colours you can choose as well while selecting this design. It can be from light ash to dark walnut and myriad shades of browns and grey. You can choose the colour you like most to satisfy yourself.

5. Ceramic Wall Front Tiles Design 

ceramic wall front tiles design
Source – Photo by Share Textures

Ceramic wall tiles are pure golden tiles that cannot be compared with any other. These tiles are perfect for the house’s exterior as they look great. This tile is produced from red or white clay heated in a kiln.

Ceramic tile can be grouped into two classes which are glazed and unglazed. House front tiles designed in ceramic are in the form of glazed to make tiles tough, waterproof, and stain-resistant. It is well built, so you don’t need anything to support the installation. 

Unglazed ceramic, it has high porosity and can absorb liquids and stains. Therefore if you want to go for the unglazed ceramic tile design, you need to be careful and seal the tiles immediately after installation with a good quality sealer.

6. Glass-Based Wall Tiles

glass based wall tiles
Source – Photo by Guillaume Meurice

Glass-based wall tile is one of the popular tiles in the market today. It is a strong tile resistant to cracks, scratches, and chips but has different colours and designs. It’s very costly because it’s one of the best tiles people use for their house’s exterior.

Before you install the glass-based wall tile in your house, you need to look for a design that best fits the colour of your house. The appearance of the tile will show how blessed you are. You must go for glass-based wall tiles to install a classic and simple house front tile design.

7. Artistic Grey Wall Tiles

Based on what is trending in the market today, grey tiles with artistic design are the perfect option for your front wall. These tiles are usually used mostly by companies’ houses in some developed countries, as it is commonly used in some houses in Delhi, India. This is the perfect option for those who fancy the latest art structure.


If you don’t have any ideas about the front tile you can use to design your house, then you can read this article again and again. Think about the weather conditions most dominant around your home. A good combination of the tiles and the entrance framework can help create a clean and professional look. Maintenance is the most important thing you can do to make the tiles last longer.