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When you are making furniture, there are different types of wood that can be used. Here, we are going to talk about the different types of wood, their benefits, the details, and what they are priced at.

Wooden Furniture- An Evergreen Trend

There is no denying the fact that wooden furniture is an evergreen choice and has always been in vogue. No matter what style of home you want to design, you can always incorporate hues of wooden furniture in your room.

Wooden furniture
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The best furniture-based woods will give you the right longevity and ensure that you will need minimal maintenance efforts and charges. This is why you have to clearly understand the details of the type of furniture-based woods you should opt for, their utility, and the expenses that are likely to be incurred.

The Wood That Is Best For Furniture

When you analyse things based on hardness, you will find that wood can be broadly categorized into hardwood and softwood.

Hardwood is extracted from flowering trees and softwood comes from conifers. So, both of these can be used for the sake of making furniture. Hardwood is both denser and a little harder. So, when you are designing furniture, you should analyse the types of wood that you will be using.

What Do You Mean By Seasoning?

Woods need to go through a process called seasoning. Here, a log of wood is first cut into different frame sizes as per your needs and requirements. It is then left to season.

This is the process where the moisture that is already present in the wood is dried to the desired level. Usually, wooden logs are kept in the open for a month to make them appropriate for seasoning purposes.

The Types Of Furniture Based Wood In India

Now let us take a look at the different types of wood that are usually found in India in abundance. You can explore the varieties and then see the ones that you will like to implement for the sake of furniture-based woods in your home as a décor element.

1. Teak Wood

Teak wood is considered to be one of the best variants of wood for furniture in India. It is available locally and so it can be sourced with ease. Apart from India, teakwood is made in Ghana and Burma as well. So, some manufacturers like to import teakwood from these countries.

teak wood
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The Types

Even when it comes to teak wood, there are several sub-types that you will be able to find. Here are the details of some of the different variants of teakwood that are present.

Adilabad teak wood

As the name suggests, this variant grows in Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh and is a pretty good type. It is hailed to be a common furniture-based wood.

Nagpur teak wood

This type of teakwood is grown extensively in Nagpur and it comes of great use for the sake of making heavy furniture.

Central Province teak wood

This variety of wood has managed to make a name for its close grain texture and deep colour as well. It is mostly grown in Madhya Pradesh.

Paratwada teak

This is the variant of teak that is mostly grown in the Paratwada area in Maharashtra.  They’re also of good quality and can be used for making furniture.

Dandeli teak wood

This variant is grown in North Karnataka. It comes in dark brown almost like mahogany. The spiral grains and the network-like irregularity make it a great choice for furniture-based wood.

So, these are some of the different types of teak wood that are found in India.

The Utility

Teak wood is known to be very strong and this is why you can find it being used for the sake of building door frames, along with tables, cabinets, wardrobes and more.

It contains a lot of natural oil and even rubber. These are locked inside the tight grains present in the wood. So, even after the branch is cut and processed, the oil and rubber are retained. Owing to this, teak has water-resistant properties. Further, it is the presence of oil that ensures that the wood will be protected.

As one of its qualities is the fact that it can withstand the extremes of temperature, be it hot or cold, teakwood is therefore used extensively for making several outdoor furniture. You can find it on lawns, porches, and more.

The best thing about teakwood is that it is mostly resistant to decay. So, you will find that you don’t need to replace it now and then. This is an important aspect because when people are designing furniture, they don’t do it with the motive of changing it now and then.

In India, you will find that it is Kerala that has the biggest supply as teak wood is grown in abundance in almost the whole of southern India.

2. Deodar Wood

Deodar is an evergreen coniferous tree that is usually found in places that have a cool climate. You will find them extensively in the Himalayan foothills. So, places like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Kashmir, and even Arunachal Pradesh have a lot of deodar cultivation.

Deodar is mainly known for the aroma it has and the ability to sustain even the extremes of cold climates. This is why most hill stations are going to have furniture made of deodar wood as they won’t get damaged even in the extreme sub-zero temperature.

The utility

The deodar wood comes with a coarse grain. They are not heavy and bear knots at periodic intervals. The downside to this wood is that it doesn’t have a polish of its own. So, furniture made of Deodar will need polishing from time to time

It is important to add that most houseboats in the dal lake are usually made of deodar wood. As it is readily available in Kashmir so it tends to be affordable at the same time. 

3. Satin Wood

If you want your furniture to exude the royal vintage vibe, satinwood is the best bet to have. Satinwood is affordable and it is found extensively in India.

Central and southern India are the parts where this wood is produced the most. This wood has a varied grain and it emits a great shine but it will need regular maintenance.

So, you will find the wood in warm shades and it has a yellow tone of the sort. If you are ready to put in the right maintenance efforts for your furniture, this might be a great wood choice to opt for.

4. Sal Wood

Yet another great wood for the sake of making furniture is sal wood. This is used heavily for the sake of construction and in different kinds of furniture in India.

This wood comes from the Sal tree which is straight and cylindrical. The sal tree tends to grow very big and the wood made out of it is very durable and is therefore a little expensive when you compare it with teak wood.

Sal wood is usually light in colour but it tends to become a darker shade of brown when it is exposed. While the sal wood is native to India, it is also found in Malaysia.


The reason why sal is considered to be a great furniture-based wood is that it is durable and resistant to termites. It is also likely to stay free of fungi for a long time. One of the maintenance tips you need to bear in mind is that the furniture made of sal should not be kept in direct sunlight. Doing so is likely to get cracks in the wood.

When you want to clean furniture made of wood of sal, all you need to do is wipe it off with a cloth and it should be clean as before.

The Malaysian variety is also often imported based on the type of furniture requirement that the developers have. It is a premium wood type that does have pretty extensive use in making furniture.

5. Bamboo Wood

Known to be one of the strongest woods in India, bamboo is extremely flexible and very durable at the same time. The best thing is that this wood is used for cane and rattan furniture and owing to its easy availability, you will find that it isn’t very expensive either.

Bamboo is found extensively in south Asian cities. In India, it is Assam and Bengal where the highest concentration of bamboo is grown.

Bamboo houses are common in villages even now.

6. Oakwood

Oakwood is mostly a native of the northern hemisphere and so you can find it profusely in North America, Asia, Europe, and even north Africa.

These trees have a dark copper colour. It is known to be a premium type of wood and is sure to exude the right shine. The northern red oak is known to be the luxe quality and is usually the costliest.

oak furniture
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You will find many interiors and dining tables made in oak wood owing to the shine and polish they radiate. Always ensure that you are choosing the best quality for this purpose.

7. White Cedar Wood

The white cedar wood is also known as Marandi. If you want to have a lighter tone of the furniture in your room, it is best advised to opt for this wood. Usually, this wood is imported from Malaysia and it needs to be put through a seasoning process that can last for a month.

It is great for home décor stuff and it doesn’t need a great deal of maintenance either. The white cedar is a softwood variant and you will find it being used extensively for the sake of making the dining chairs and the sofa.

This is a strong wood design and is likely to stay sturdy for a long time.

8. Mahogany Wood

The mahogany wood is known for its rich colour and texture. It has a reddish-brown colour and the overall texture is spot-on. Usually, it is the most preferred choice when it comes to furniture because it doesn’t shrink or swell even when it comes in contact with moisture.

mahogany wood
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It has an affinity towards polish and you don’t need to spend a great deal of effort in trying to maintain it either.

You will find mahogany being used excessively for bed frames and even indoor furniture too. They tend to last long and are sturdy.

9. Rosewood

Rosewood or Sheesham is an expensive furniture-based wood. It can be used with various types of polishes and finishes.

Its standout quality is the fact that it is resistant to termites and is versatile and durable as well. You will find this variant being used for wooden flooring and sofas along with kitchen cabinets too. You will find this wood being used for different types of musical instruments too.

rosewood furniture
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So, these are the different types of wood and the utility they have. Most interior decorators are very clear about the type of furniture-based wood they will like to incorporate and how they want to have it in their homes.

As different variants have their benefits, they are chosen in the right manner. It is important to pay heed to the type and quality you are choosing. An important point we want to add is that you should always make sure to stick to the best quality of wood or else it won’t last long and you will have to change it again. This will lead to unwanted expenses.


Which is the best furniture-based wood in India?

Wood comes in a lot of different varieties and mahogany, teak, and Sheesham are the common variants. Mostly, the wood that is found abundantly in India is the one that are most commonly used to cut down net expenses.

Is Teak recommended for making furniture-based wood?

Teak wood won’t need any waterproofing and it doesn’t need extra maintenance costs either. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular among people.

Which is the cheapest wood used in the furniture?

Pine wood is usually the cheapest and it is used very less when making furniture as it is not of good quality.

Which is the best quality of furniture-based wood?

Teak is known to be the most durable and is also resistant to water. White deodar too is known to be very good. Wooden jali doors are a great furniture choice.