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The entrance of your house builds up the decor aesthetic of your whole residence. It creates the first impression. In the same category, glass name plates have considerably been the top priority for individuals with their design guide.

Moreover, glass nameplates are one of the most affordable and elegant options in today’s era, when interior design is the costliest decision for a home. But, it sometimes gets tough to find an appropriate nameplate while hundreds of options exist.

So in this article, we have curated a list of trending top glass name plate ideas for your home. Scroll now!

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Glass Name Plate Designs

1. Frosted Glass Name Plate Designs Idea

Frosted Glass Name Plate Designs Idea
Source: K.Ladjimi / Shutterstock

Keeping it simple, frosted glass nameplates are one of the most sophisticated and easy-to-do ideas. Frosted glass is a smooth surface nameplate with translucence as its background. Using this glass nameplate will let your guests see the simplicity and classiness of your being.

As a chic idea, you can write your name in black or golden for an accentuating look. You can also add your address for clarity.

2. Acrylic Glass Name Plate Designs Idea

An acrylic glass nameplate is a very cost-effective yet stylish nameplate. What’s even better, it is more durable than the other designs. However, it may require some cleaning every few weeks. And this low maintenance, coupled with pocket-friendliness and prettiness, makes this nameplate desirable.

3. Backlit Glass Name Plate Designs Idea

Backlit Glass Name Plate Designs Idea
Source: Ian Dewar Photography / Shutterstock

These nameplates are extremely beautiful and practical. They are more visible and functional at night than most other nameplates. Also, they are hard to ignore. You can also design your glass name plate to match your home’s decor!

Without a doubt, it is one of the most trending glass name plate designs.

4. Monochromatic Glass Nameplate Design Idea

Frosted Glass Name Plate Designs Idea
Source: katatonia82 / Shutterstock

Regular transparent glass nameplates are definitely simple, but it is a popular choice these days. So, if you want to stand out, you can opt for a monochromatic glass nameplate.

You can spice up your glass nameplate with monochromatic details. Adding monochrome details can change the entire look of the entrance. This blue monochrome nameplate with grey calligraphy will provide a statement look to your entrance.

5. Add Borders to your Glass Nameplate

Add Borders to your Glass Nameplate
Source: ptashka / Shutterstock

Let go of your traditional glass nameplate design, and add some tint of golden or primary solid colour borders to the design to draw focus inwards, where the text is actually written.

Moreover, borders on a glass nameplate make the written text stand out and adds style to the look. For instance, to keep it simple yet stylish, you can cover the borders with silver or golden foils to make the nameplate pop out.

The Direction of Nameplates as per Vastu

  • The Nameplate should consistently be placed on the left flank of the main door, as it is believed to be more auspicious than putting it on the other side of the main entrance.
  • The Nameplate should always be positioned at the same altitude as the door’s upper half.
  • The Nameplate of the main door should be fixed adequately, and it should not be left hanging, even though it is not regarded as suitable for the energies in the house that it may attract.
  • One should always ensure that the Nameplate of their home is not placed directly in front of the elevator.
  • According to the directions for placing the nameplates per Vastu, they should not be chipped or have any spots, and one must clean them regularly.

Colours of Nameplates as per Vastu

According to Vastu, nameplates, one should choose colours per its Direction. For example, the east-facing houses should have name plates created in brown or green.

When selecting the nameplate design, you must ensure that the nameplate’s colour corresponds to the house’s main door. For a wooden front door, white house name plates, as per Vastu, are an excellent option. It is considered it helps attract wealth and new possibilities for the house and its members.

You can also choose a golden nameplate on a wooden front entry door, making the house entrance look chic and elegant. You can easily enhance the entrance area of your house by fixing a suitable lighting fixture to draw positive energies inside the house.

A wooden front door with an extended and spacious nameplate on the adjoining wall of white colour draws and brings more prosperity and profitable opportunities. It also enhances your well-being, as per Vastu shastra.

The blackish wooden door on the opening of a house or an office can look very good with contrasting colour patterns. Here incorporating a small but clear white nameplate will match beautifully with the dark-coloured wooden door at the entrance.

Tips to Consider While Choosing and Placing a Nameplate

  • There should never be two nameplates together.
  • No dust, dirt, webs, etc. should be on the nameplate.
  • Nameplates should always be clear, readable, and eye-catching.
  • If black ants roam on the nameplate, it is very promising.
  • The nameplate should be large or evident enough to be read or seen from a length of one or two feet.
  • If the main door is towards the South or East, use a wooden nameplate.
  • According to Vastu, the letters on the nameplate should not fall or break as it is considered inauspicious.
  • Ensure that behind the nameplate, lizards or any creatures should not make their shelter as it is to be a bad omen.
  • The colour of the nameplate should be according to the zodiac sign of the owner in the house, as they are the house owners.


Selecting a perfect glass nameplate design for your house involves much-detailing work. Before choosing a design, consider that the glass nameplate’s colour and size match the house’s aesthetics and colour palette.

Choose any design mentioned above, and we are sure you will not regret your decision later.