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The type of stairs you have in your home says a lot about the overall style and décor. Different types of materials are used for designing stairs and granite and marble are two of the most common ones among them. Here, we are going to focus on granite stairs and talk about the different ways by which you can project the best impression.

We believe that with these granite stair design ideas, you will be able to beautify your place and impress your guests as well. So, let us see some of the most inspiring designs you can choose from.

1. The Black Design

black design
Source: Andy Liu / Shutterstock

The glaze and charm of a black stair are always unmatched. Black is a very royal colour and it complements well everything else. So, if you are in no mood to experiment, you can choose this style of stairs. The granular design is the typical style of granite stairs and it has a very royally appealing look. The broader the stairs, the better it is going to look.

2. Pink Reflected Granite Stair Design

pink reflected granite
Source: Tom Fisk / Pexels

This is one of the amazing designs that is usually incorporated outdoors. When sunlight falls on these stairs, the play of colours is going to look magical, to say the least. There is no denying the fact that the coloured stairs remain a unique design element and something that is bound to give you compliments. With the help of these elements, you will surely be able to make the most of innovative design. These will also look good right near your home entrance and lend an ethereal touch to the place.

3. Polished Look

polished look
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Some people like to keep it glittery and flashy. If you too would like the stairs in your home to reflect the gleam and shine like jewels, you can go for this design. It exudes the appeal of perfection and the granite pattern gleams from underneath making it look all kinds of beautiful. So, you should most definitely choose this shade of granite stairs. The polish is what makes this design stand out from the rest. You can choose colour variations too based on the theme of your home.

4. The Red Granite

red granite
Source: Dmitriev Mikhail / Shutterstock

This is one of the most popular choices in the world of granite staircase designs. The colour comes out very beautifully and radiates a different kind of appeal altogether. The cobbled stones from underneath add to the overall glaze and lend an air of complete perfection. You can choose this pattern for stairs inside the home too as they have an elegant homely look that will make your place stand out.

5. Solid Colour

solid colour stair
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If you like monochrome shade on stairs and don’t want anything too loud or vibrant, you can choose this colour tone. This washed-out tone of grey and white looks amazingly perfect and if you can design it as we have shown, your staircase area is going to look austerely amazing. The idea is to not look at stairways as mere staircases but to beautify them in the best way possible. We want you to incorporate the best decor ideas to make these stairs stand out.

6. Stone Masonry Granite

stone masonry granite
Source: Studio Harmony / Shutterstock

Stone masonry is known to be one of the finest and perhaps the most expensive forms of granite as well. So, if budget is not an issue and you want everything in your home to look perfect and amazingly stylish, make sure to choose this style of granite staircase. The colour plays especially when exposed to the sun is brilliant and it is sure to look like magic. We recommend these stairs near the entrance to give your home the standout effect.

7. The Wet Red Granite Stair Design

wet red granite stairs
Source: Marina Shutterstock / Shutterstock

If you have a thing for darker tones and you would like to have the kind of stairs that speak a language of their own, you can choose the wet red granite stairs. Their aura and magnificence are unmatched and it is sure to lend the right brilliance too. We want you to closely watch the colour. To get the best effect, it is advised to match the floor colour at least to an extent with this granite. This will make sure that the overall vibe is going to be very soothing to the eyes. The darker tone means that it is also less likely to get dirty soon. However, always make sure to wipe off the staircases and keep them clean.

8. Yellow And Grey

yellow and grey granite
Source: Elena Shvetsova / Shutterstock

The good thing about grey is that it tends to blend well with all colours. Most good interior designers will always choose a bright and vibrant shade to go with grey. This is because it ends up magically lifting the tone altogether. Grey acts like the neutral balancing counterpart that grooves with an eye-shocking bright tone and brings the balance that is always needed with too bright a shade. This staircase design is a winning choice and something that will truly carve its place in your home. You don’t have to double guess this design at all.

9. Black Granite Stair Design

blakc granite stair design
Source: Andy Liu / Shutterstock

Another black staircase design, this one surely looks pleasing and very appealing. As we said, nothing comes close to the charm of black and this staircase too is one of the befitting examples of the same thing. If you love black, you can simply close your eyes and opt for this design. It is amazing and will bring out the colours of your home in an apt manner.

So, these are some of the top granite staircase design options you can choose from. Some people tend to skip the stairways and don’t pay much heed to them. However, you should never make the same mistake as this will hamper the overall impression of your place. The stairs, the false ceiling designs, and all little things matter when designing a home. So, choose wisely.