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Granite stairways are not something to be disregarded at all costs if you’re looking to lend exotic air to your residential space. They are an essential component of your home and contribute to various functions. Suppose you choose your floor coverings carefully, in addition to serving the practical purpose of changing the floors in your home. In that case, they can also contribute to your abode’s aesthetic appeal and design.

You could perhaps decide on them based on various considerations, including the amount of room you have available, the type of material for which you are most at ease, the frequency with which they have been used, and many additional aspects.

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We have given you some recommendations regarding granite staircases; therefore, when selecting your staircases, you need to go through them to give your home a sophisticated, elegant, and impressive appearance. Here are some of the gorgeous granite staircase designs for modern homes that must checkout- 

1. Simple Straight Design

The description of a straight staircase design is straightforward, meaning that it does not have any turns and only travels in a single straight line. A design for a straight staircase can be used within rooms; in fact, it could be beautifully used as a comparatively tiny transition for a room or home space at the top.

Simple Straight Design
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2. Sculptural Design 

This idea for a contemporary staircase is breathtaking in its own right. It has a sculptural quality thanks to the blonde wood and the metal spindles, and it also has a Scandinavian feel thanks to the clean lines and the white painted support, which gives it the appearance of being from that region.

Since it is already the center of attraction, the staircase does not have to have its surroundings excessively decorated for it to be noticed. This makes it an excellent choice for people who prefer a more uncluttered aesthetic. Therefore, you can select a paint scheme for the neutral staircase, and you will still enjoy the maximum amount of impact. It is among the gorgeous granite staircase designs for modern homes.

Sculptural Design
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3. Spiral Granite Staircase Designs

Spiral staircases have been here for a very long time and continue to be very popular. They could be combined with iron railing designs or steel railings to give your home an authentic vintage appearance and are versatile enough to be used with either material. There is a wide variety of styles available for spiral staircases, and different types of metals can be used to construct them. 

They have a long lifespan due to their high durability. You can go with granite stairs with a metal railing, which is essentially the same thing. Compared to other staircases, these require significantly less space to operate. Additionally, they can be installed in a house after it has already been built.

Spiral Granite Staircase Designs
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4. Elegant Black Granite Hanging Staircase

The design of this staircase is a work of art that creates a natural atmosphere in the room. That echoed throughout the rest of the interior design of the house. The floating stair treads and the absence of a handrail give this staircase a clean. It also gives an uncluttered appearance that would not be possible with either of those features alone.

Elegant Black Granite Hanging Staircase
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5. Granite and Glass

Utilizing the appropriate components is essential to the success of any contemporary staircase design. Therefore, marble is a good choice if you want to add a touch of sophistication. No other material makes such a grand statement when used in residential settings. The design of this staircase pairs nicely with a railing made of glass and steel.

Granite and Glass
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Granite is being increasingly incorporated into the design of residential stairways, a recent design development. Using this natural stone in residential construction lends an air of luxury to the space but is also exceptionally long-lasting. If you are in the process of planning gorgeous granite staircase designs, you can consider the above.