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The prominent spot of the house is the wall decoration. Some people design the walls of their homes with modern, funny, and innovative ideas. Grass wall decor ideas are an elegant way of showing creativity by applying creative ideas to your home. Also, it makes your home stylish and beautiful. 

Home wall decor is an excellent way to grab anyone’s special attention. Using green grass wall decor is a way of welcoming your guest full of freshness and energy of greenery. Greeting guests with the green grass wall decor is the best entry present for them. It creates a cheerful and pleasant vibe at home. According to some Vastu, Green wall decor makes a vibe more pleasant for studying.

If you have a garden in your entryway, we suggest that the entrance with a green grass wall decor looks more beautiful with a bench and some lighting decor. Lighting decoration with artificial grass decor on the wall is an excellent combo with wooden benches or sofa.

The innovation of the artificial grass decor on the wall has great significance in the modern world. Have you ever seen the rooftop restaurant full of greenery on the wall and other plantations for freshness? Yes, It is a fantastic idea and a perfect sight for green lovers. Also, customers get attracted by the company. 

Green grass decor has made its significance in the interior design business. You can read Best Colour For House

Advantages of Green Grass Decoration in home

  • Cost-effective
  • Low maintenance 
  • Brightens the look
  • Gives positive vibes
  • Excellent and beneficial for health according to Vedic science or Vastu
  • Helps in improving the decoration of your home on a budget
  • Modernize the look of the area

In this post, we will discuss the ideas for Green Grass Wall Decor

List of Grass Wall Decor Ideas

1. Staircase Grass decor

There are lots of ideas for keeping green grass decor in homes but first in all is the staircase.

Staircase Grass decor
Source: Photo by Graphe Tween on Unsplash

A staircase is the phase of the home where we can think about decorating it freely. It is a good idea if one can convert the simple staircase decor by innovating it with a creative mind.

You can give life to the lifeless walls of the staircase. You can add a few of the flower pots to the decorative area. It will be best if colorful lights get added to them. You can also check out Interior Design.

2. Articulation walls

While it’s a matter of private preference when decorating accent walls, grass walls work just well to enliven any area within the house. Especially when using turf or synthetic grass for accent walls, you’ll be able to favor hanging some large paintings in neutral tones or an iconic mirror frame to balance out the blank patch of green. 

You can also add wooden chairs around the wall with tables to keep books with a cup of tea.

Articulation walls
Source: Photo by Frank S on Unsplash

Some lighting around the border will give it a fantastic look. Customized script with some home decor posters or your favorite quote is another enhancement to a glass wall that’s treated as an accent.

3. Bedroom decor with green

Boost your senses and enhance the design of your bedroom without much effort and hassle with an artificial grass wall decor vision. Some greenery within your bedroom can create a subtle calmness and light refreshment to the mind. Green color has a vibe that can take over all the stress and hassles of life just by surviving around us. 

So, you must go with the idea of doing green grass decor in the bedroom.

Bedroom decor with green
Source: Photo by Flavio Anibal on Unsplash

Faux grass walls are an excellent idea for your kids’ bedroom. As they are easy to take care of, they will make the space relaxing and peaceful, allowing kids to focus better on their studies.

You can do it on a tiny low area of your bedroom walls to focus on, which will maintain the look of harmony while creating an interactive space for the occupants. For example, a reading nook or a study corner are some options to include a grass decor wall up your bedroom.

4. Balcony walls

The balcony is one of the obvious choices for grass decor in your home and might transform the design of your patio from dry and drab to bright and lively. It can be a primary step to creating an excellent DIY mini-garden. You can keep mini flower pots to give them a more radiant look.

Balcony walls
Source: Photo by Artur Aleksanian on Unsplash

So, do it with colourful hanging pots for flowers and make your grass wall all the more attractive and appealing. Further, Lay the seating of your choice, turn on some beautiful lights, throw some cushions and blankets, play your favorite music, and revel in a peaceful evening with your loved ones.

5. Living room decor

Green grass decor in the living room is the next idea for adding green grass decor to your home. The living room is a place where relations relax and wind down. Thus it’s to own good natural light and a fresh feel. 

Living room decor
Source: Photo by Andrea Mininni on Unsplash

Adding Green grass decor in your living room is a plus point for your image in front of the guests. Keep with two-toned grass or a geometrical design for a unique addition to the space. 

You can match your sofas to the green wall and build a homely and fun space for your guests and yourself. 

6. Bathroom wall decor 

Maintaining the green grass decor of plants in the bathroom is known as indoor decoration. So you can decorate your bathroom with grass by putting a vertical or horizontal mirror over the washbasin and decorating with artificial green grass.

Bathroom wall decor 
Source: Photo by Taylor Beach on Unsplash

You can also choose a circle-shaped mirror, and after fixing the mirror, add lighting at the corner to brighten the look.

In this way, your bathroom can able to connect with nature. Also, you will enjoy the bathroom look while taking a long hot/cold shower.

7. Entrance green decor

Decorating your entrance with artificial green grass is another plus point for your home. As the green color catches pleasant and good vibes, it can give a good vibe to the entire house.

Entrance green decor
Source: Photo by Alessio Lv on Unsplash

Go for a combination of artificial grass and glass/mirror for a novel glance. You will also love the natural vibe whenever you enter your home. Also, the green wall is a breath of fresh air for the guests who visit you, improving your impression. 

Is Green Decoration compatible with Vastu?

Have you ever heard of Vastu when buying something? In English vocabulary, Vastu means Vedic science. Vedic science plays a crucial role when it concerns home structure and decor. 

The principles of Vastu govern every aspect of your home, from the paint you choose for the walls to the orientation of each room. Within the house and rooms framework, it offers guidance that is beneficial to our health and success. Not only can decorating your home according to the recommendations of Vastu Shastra’s color theory help you with design, but it will also steer you toward good energy and great vibes.

Applying Green color to your home has significant effects. Nature is beneficial for health. It helps in directing a relaxed mind and connecting with its core energy. Finally, it vanishes terrible vibes and adverse health from your home. 

Regarding ideas for the design of artificial grass walls, Vastu recommends that green should be placed in the east-facing direction of the residence. In the practise of Vastu, the colour green is associated with the notion that leafy house décor should be placed in the east direction. According to this belief, this helps improve and also protects the children’s time spent studying within the home. Additionally, the colour green is regarded as a symbol of both optimism and healing.


As you read above, Grass wall decor ideas are a blessing to your home.

Because it is simple and unobtrusive to preserve and maintain, artificial green grass decoration is the perfect option for you to go with for your home’s design. It retains its verdant appearance and crisp feel at all times. Furthermore, the passage of time does not affect it in any way. Artificial grass is more cost-effective than investing in and keeping natural grasses at home, both in terms of initial investment and ongoing maintenance costs. Therefore, it is fair to conclude that they are easy on the wallet and require nothing in the way of upkeep.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that you have grasped the significance of the Green doctor in the field of Vastu or Vedic science. After completing the journey with the color green, you arrive at your house with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. Also, we hope you will enjoy our suggestions for enhancing the appearance of your home with artificial grass.