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Your kitchen is one place where you will spend a lot of time making different kinds of food. Like the rest of the home, you must pay heed to how you are designing your kitchen. You will be amazed by the flurry of options as far as modern kitchen designs are concerned. Of late, we have seen a rising surge in the popularity of grey kitchen designs.

A lot of people are choosing to incorporate the neutral grey colour in their kitchen designs as it helps them stay level-headed. So, if you too seem to be on the lookout for grey kitchen designs, you have landed at the right place.

Grey allows you to fiddle with other colour options too. When you set the base colour as grey, it will give you the leeway to incorporate colour pop elements of several other shades. This is because grey tends to go well with almost all other colours easily.

So, let us get into the details to give you a clear picture of what to expect out of grey kitchen designs.

Why Are Grey Kitchen Designs So Popular?

Often, a lot of people wonder why grey kitchen designs are so popular. Here are some of the reasons behind it.

  • Grey denotes calmness and is also symbolic of luxury. The shade is neutral and thus preferred by almost everyone. Those who don’t want to be too experimental in their taste tend to incline towards black. It also seems to be a safe colour.
  • The grey colour can blend well with several other shades including white, black, and brown for a sharp contrast. It will also go well with other bright shades if you want to incorporate a colour pop element too.
  • The family of grey itself is very vast and diverse. You will be amazed at the flurry of grey shades you will find. From charcoal grey to ash grey, silver grey, graphite grey, and fog grey; the options at hand are endless. It will allow you to introduce different variations in your kitchen design and choose the exact tone that you want.
  • The use of grey colour tends to make the space appears a lot bigger than it is. This false illusion is always welcomed by homeowners.
  • The grey kitchen design tends to have a soothing effect on the temperament. It is known to have great importance in the field of colour therapy as well.

So, these are some of the different reasons why grey kitchen designs are becoming a big rage, especially among interior designers. There are endless ways by which you can revamp your kitchen in the grey tone and make it look amazingly perfect.

So, here we will show you some of these designs. Feel free to pick an inspiration and remodel your kitchen as per your preferences.

Tips For Grey Kitchen Design

When you are looking to incorporate grey kitchen design ideas, here are some tips you need to keep an eye on.

  • It is always advised to add a few colours pop elements or else the grey colour can appear gloomy and dark sometimes
  • Mostly, people tend to use grey colour as the background shade in the kitchen. Use other shades by choosing grey as the base and the second colour will come out beautifully.
  • The cabinets counters, and floors- not all should be done in the same shade of grey. This isn’t the best design idea
  • Always try to incorporate planters with a grey kitchen design. The plants too act like the colour pop element and help in adding to the variety.

So, use these ideas and be all set to innovate your kitchen space and make it one of the beautiful corners of your home.

The Grey Kitchen Design Inspiration Ideas

You can choose to dip the entire kitchen in a single shade of grey or use elements of grey. Some people choose to have a gradual colour chart of grey as the walls may move from a slightly light to a slightly dark colour combination. No matter what you choose, the result is likely to be good. It is upon you to examine what looks best in your home.

Along with this, you can choose several dual-tone colour combinations as well. Grey looks good with white as it acts as a sharp base contrast. On the other hand, you can incorporate grey with bright and sunny colours like yellow as well.

So, we will explore some designs for you to pick an idea from.

1. Designer Grey And Green

designer grey and green
Source: Pixel Shot / Shutterstock

This is a modular kitchen design that incorporates the two-colour tone style. The walls are done in jade green while the countertop has a white touch. The drawers are also done in a light tone of grey. The handles are all shiny and serve as a striking contrast. All the elements seem to come together really well making the kitchen space look beautiful, organized, and neat. Whenever you choose to blend more than one shade from a different family, you should always anticipate what the combination is going to look like.

With the right combination, you will be able to jazz up the whole look and feel of your kitchen. This is a great design to implement in your kitchen space.

2. The Elaborate Kitchen Space

elaborate kitchen space
Source: Archi Viz / Shutterstock

This kitchen space makes use of a darker tone of grey and to add to the contrast, they have used a white shade. The combination of white and grey is spectacular as both the shades tend to balance each other out. This is a very dark shade of grey that borders on black and it seems to be amazing and perfect.

There are plenty of other design elements that you can incorporate in your kitchen like hanging lights, false ceiling lights for kitchen, a chic dining table, fancy planters, and so on. The shade combination acts like a base canvass that gives you a lot of room to innovate.

3. The Grey And Blue

grey and blue combination
Source: Africa Studio / Shutterstock

This is the colour pop design we were talking about. This is best suited for unconditional and modern-day homes that are looking to try, experiment, and innovate as well. When you think in your head, grey and sky blue might not seem to be a great combination but look how magic can be weaved with this combination.

The modular kitchen with the interweaving of these colours looks spot on. If you observe the design closely, you will find that even crockery has been kept of dual shade. The more dual tone elements you will introduce, the more this combination will look richer and more suitable. So, plan the intricate details well while going for such unconventional colour combination options.

4. Grey And Maroon Kitchen Style

grey and maroon kitchen style
Source: Max Vakhtbovych/ Pexels

If you will like the whole kitchen to be in a darker tone, choose this exciting colour combination. You can opt for the shade of grey along with maroon and this will help you get a dark but dreamy vibe to the place. If you are choosing this colour tone, you should make it a point to add a lot of lights. Also, have big windows so that the place doesn’t get altogether too dark.

The presence of lights and windows is crucial. When natural light will fall on your countertop, it will end up creating a great light show that will look all the more appealing. You can fiddle with both the colour tones if you want to change the overall appearance a bit. This too is a slightly unconventional design as not everyone likes a ‘dark and dark’ field colour setting.

5. The Grey And White Element

grey and white element
Source: Curtis Adams/ Pexels

The grey and white shade are great choices and are good for counterbalancing each other. They are surely perfect for your kitchen and they will make the place look very balanced. You can choose a very dark shade of grey and a bright shade of white. This sets a very sharp contrast base for the overall kitchen design and works like magic.

Make sure that the kitchen is designed to be modular as not only does it look neat and clean, but it also conserves space and makes it easier to both store and retrieves stuff easily. If you can choose to incorporate wooden flooring, it will further jazz up the effects significantly.

6. The Grey Kitchen Countertop

grey kitchen countertop
Source: Max Vakhtbovych/ Pexels

Sometimes people don’t want to do their whole kitchen in grey but they make one of the elements draped in grey. For instance, if you want to add drama elements to your kitchen, you can choose to have a dark grey kitchen countertop. This is sure to add to the overall appeal. If you have an in-kitchen dining setup, you can choose to have that table done in dark grey as well.

Both of these elements will add much-needed drama to your kitchen space and liven it up in the desired way. These are great ways to use grey as a colour pop element and jazz up the whole space in the most desired manner.

7. The Grey Kitchen Design With Colour Pop

grey kitchen with colour pop
Source: Max Vakhtbovych/ Pexels

Those who have a thing for colour pop can choose this design. As you can see, merely having the right turquoise-coloured chairs will serve the need. The answer is upon you as you can choose any colour element and integrate it into your kitchen. The only thing you need to bear in mind is that you should make sure that the colour should gel with the rest of the design.

Usually, when we are using a colour pop element, we make it a point to choose loud and contrasting shades as it helps in adding to the vibe in the right manner. Apart from the chairs, you can also choose other elements as pop shots. You can have the drawers or the countertop in a different coloured tone too. The choice is yours to make.

8. Grey Kitchen With Wooden Accents

grey kitchen with wooden accents
Source: Max Vakhtbovych/ Pexels

Wooden accents go well with the grey kitchen design. You can choose to incorporate the right wooden tones in the drawers, cupboards or even the lining of your kitchen. If the chosen shade of grey is dark, use a lighter tone of the wood. Similarly, if the tone of grey is light, use a darker tone of wood like mahogany. This combination of light and dark will bring out the best hues in your kitchen and liven up the space in the right manner.

9. All Grey Modular Design

all grey kitchen
Source: Archi Viz/ Shutterstock

You can also choose to opt for an all-grey modular design as well. Here, in this kitchen design, you can see there are no other elements. When choosing such a design, do not go for too dark a grey shade as it might make the space look very dark. When you are working in the kitchen you want it to be airy and bright.

However, with light tones of grey, you can jazz up the space. An all-grey kitchen looks very luxurious, rich, and sophisticated at the same time. Those who don’t want to experiment a lot and want to choose neutral tones for their kitchen that will reek of classy style and excellence tend to settle for an all-grey kitchen.

So, these are some of the grey kitchen design options that you can pick from. We are sure that you must have found more than one design that caught your fancy.