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A house becomes a home on the day of Grih Pravesh when pujas are performed to bring wealth and prosperity to the family and the house. Take a look at these tips to help you make your housewarming ceremony a memorable and auspicious one.

Housewarming Tips to invite Positive Vibes
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Purchasing a new home is undeniably an exciting start to a new chapter in our lives, and who wouldn’t commence it on an auspicious day and feel the positive energy flowing through it?

Griha Pravesh puja, also known as the housewarming ceremony or griha pravesham (in Telugu) and Grihoprobesh (in Bengal), is a Hindu Puja that is usually performed before stepping in into a new house to fortify it from negative energy and evil eyes.

However, to reap the maximum benefits of Griha Pravesh puja, there are specific Griha Pravesh Puja tips (Do’s & Don’t, Vastu tips & more) that you must adhere to. These ensure that your new home brings happiness, prosperity, good health and fortune to the family.

Preparation for your Griha Pravesh puja begins once you have chosen the auspicious Griha Pravesh muhurat date.

Check out the most required Griha Pravesh Puja tips before stepping into your new abode during the House warming ceremony.

What is Grih Pravesh Puja?

Glimpse of the Procedure of Grih Pravesh Puja
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The Griha Pravesh Puja, also known as the housewarming ceremony, is a sacred Hindu ritual performed by the ones who are moving into their new home for the first time.

The significance of this ritual(Puja) is to ensure peace, harmony, and the removal of negative energies from your new home so that you may positively begin your new journey.

People perform Griha Pravesh puja in various ways, beginning with house construction and at the time of entry (Pravesh).

Pandit, while performing Griha Pravesh Puja, commonly uses these variations:

  • The first one is “Apoorva,” a ritual we perform upon entering our newly constructed home for the first time.
  • The second is “Sapoorva”, a ritual performed when someone who has travelled from another country enters the house for the first time.

In light of this knowledge, let’s look at the essential Griha Pravesh tips before the housewarming ceremony.

Grih Pravesh Pooja Tips (Dos)

1. Make sure to move after the construction is completed

Grih Pravesh Pooja Tip Construction is Completed
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  • The most crucial aspect of Griha Pravesh Puja is that you should only move when the construction of your new house is completed and it is ready for you to move into.
  • Before determining the auspicious day for the Puja, the house needs to be ready with all the crucial fixtures, including doors, windows, painted walls, and electrical fittings.

2. Make the entrance look inviting for the Griha Pravesh Puja

Grih Pravesh Pooja Tip Rangoli
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  • Adorn your main entrance door before the ceremony.
  • Main entrance doors are not only entryways for people but also gateways for wealth, health, fortune, and prosperity.
  • It is, therefore, one of the house’s essential parts and must be adorned with flowers & Toran since it represents the main face of Vastu Purush( known as Simha Dwar).
  • The main entrance of your home can be made more attractive, enhancing and welcoming by decorating it with rangoli and pasting religious symbols like Goddess Lakshmi’s feet, Shubh & Labh on the sides of the door along with a swastika.

3. Make a circle (Mandala) for Griha Pravesh Puja

  • When a housewarming ceremony or Grih Pravesh Puja takes place, a mandala is drawn to invoke all the deities and planets to seek their blessings.

4. Coconut Breaking Ritual is Auspicious

Grih Pravesh Pooja Tip Coconut Breaking
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  • For the welfare of humanity, Lord Vishnu once gave Goddess Lakshmi a coconut tree and a cow, so it is auspicious to break a coconut before beginning Griha Pravesh Puja since it sanctifies the house and removes all hurdles.

5. Clean Your House Before Puja

Cleaning House with salt water
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  • Before the Housewarming ceremony or Puja, cleaning and purifying your house is essential.
  • Before pooja, wipe the floor with salt water so to remove the essence or presence of all the negative energies.

6. Put The Right Foot First

Right Feet as the first step
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  • When entering the house, step in with the right foot to attract prosperity, luck, fame and good fortune.
  • So if you walk into the house on the day of Grha Pravesh Puja, keep this simple Griha Pravesh tip in mind.

7. Lemon & Mango Leaves String

Grih Pravesh Pooja Tip Mango String
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  • On the day of the Housewarming Ceremony, lemons and mango leaves are strung across the house’s main gate.
  • The reason behind this is that Mango leaves are known to absorb harmful and evil energies.

8. Build A Temple In The House

  • Once you have built your house, immediately construct a Temple in the northeast direction of your house, according to Vastu.
  • The idols of deities should be positioned towards the east.

9. Blow A Shankh

Grih Pravesh Pooja Tip Blow Shankh
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  • Blowing the Shankh enthusiastically during pooja rituals is recommended as it is known to spread distressing vibrations.

10. Prepare Havan

Grih Pravesh Pooja Tip Havan
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  • Havan should be performed with Ganesh Puja, Vastu Shanti Puja and Navagraha Puja before moving into a new house to empower the home with positive energy. 
  • Bring Havan Kunda, or the pot in which the havan is being done, into every room.
  • It is believed that the smoke from the havan has curative ingredients that can eliminate negative energy.

11. Boiling Of Milk

Grih Pravesh Pooja Tip Boil Milk
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  • Another custom or tradition of the Griha Pravesh ritual is boiling milk during the housewarming ceremony.
  • On this day, Hindus traditionally boil milk to bring prosperity into their homes.
  • Also, any house lady should boil the milk in the new kitchen using the new utensil.
  • After the milk boils, a mixture of rice and sweet is added to the milk to prepare prasad, which is offered to the deities in pooja and distributed among everyone.

12. Planning Of Meals

Grih Pravesh Pooja Tip Meal Planning
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  • After concluding Griha Pravesh Puja, ensure the priest is well fed, ask for his blessings, distribute the meal among everyone, and seek their good wishes.

Griha Pravesh Pooja Tips (Don’ts)

  • Moving into a new home during Holi is never a good idea.
  • Never leave your house locked overnight on the day of Griha Pravesh Puja; instead, you should light a lamp to draw divine protection.
  • It is not advisable to wear black clothing during Griha Pravesh Puja.
  • Ensure the house is filled with all the items you need within three days of Griha Pravesh puja.
  • Do not move into the new house if you have a pregnant lady or a deceased family member.
  • You should never vacate your house for three days after completing your Griha Pravesh Puja.
  • After the Griha Pravesh Puja, your guests should not leave empty-handed.

Essential Tips For Griha Pravesh Puja

A house’s Grih Pravesh Puja is performed once, so every detail of the ceremony must be meticulously planned and executed for it to succeed. Listed below are some essential things which are required to ensure that the ceremony goes smoothly:

  • Lord Ganesha, Navgrahas and Goddess Laxmi’s Idols are required to execute Puja.
  • Kalash or a copper pot filled with milk or holy water.
  • Essential puja samagris like camphor, incense sticks, wooden bras or lamps, fruits, Panchamritam, five types of sweets, Haldi (turmeric), garlands, and flowers are required.
  • A havan kund, wooden chowki, havan powder, and desi ghee to execute havan.

Why Should You Perform Griha Pravesh Puja?

  • The Grih Pravesh puja or Housing Ceremony shields our newly constructed home from evil eyes & negative energies while showering positive energy into it.
  • Puja bestows the members of the family with fortune, prosperity and superior health.
  • With a divine environment and holy vibes, Puja cleanses and spiritualises the surroundings.
  • As one embarks on their new journey, Puja assists in removing obstacles.
  • An essential part of Griha Pravesh Puja is that it invokes all the deities, the five elements of the house, and the Navagrahas to ensure the house and its owner are protected from all harm.

General Tips On Vastu For Your Home

Some immediate and easy house changes can help you correct Vastu’s flaws. So, if you are moving to your new place or your newly constructed house does not adhere to Vastu, here are some effective yet easy remedies for correcting Vastu. 

  • Adding green colour paintings or sceneries to your wall facing towards the north attracts abundance, growth, opportunities and success.
  • Overhead beams should not be placed directly above the bed because these beams have a terrible reputation in Vastu. Instead, go for a false ceiling.
  • A cluttered center of the house is a significant source of negative energy, so make sure it is open and spacious.
  • Vastu Shastra dictates that the kids’ room should always be in the southwest direction of a house.

General Vastu Tips For Your Entrance Door

  • The entrance door to your house should be the largest on your property.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, the entrance of your home should be elevated a few feet.
  • Make your home entrance door out of rich quality wood.
  • The main door should have a threshold made of wood or stone to prevent wealth from falling through.
  • Since a good opportunity awaits you, you should design a simple, easy-to-read nameplate.
  • Never place your dustbin near your house’s entrance door.
  • Never install a black colour door as it attracts negative energies.
  • It would be best if you didn’t have your main door facing another house’s main door.

Conclusion To House Warming Ceremony Tips

To summarise, it is crucial to keep several things in mind when moving into a new house, such as

  • Choosing an auspicious date
  • Make sure that all the construction work is completed & etc.
  • Individuals must perform Griha Pravesh according to customs and rituals and
  • Keeping all essential tips in mind to ensure positivity, luck, abundance and goodness.

So, these are some Grih Pravesh Puja Tips which we have collated for you. Please keep this in mind when performing Grih Pravesh Puja.

Following these Griha Pravesh Puja Tips will help to eliminate the adverse effects and bring peace, harmony and happiness to the home and its inhabitants.