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New house owners are always very excited about their griha pravesh ceremony and also the gifts that come along from their friends and relatives. There are several griha pravesh gift ideas that you can take a look at and pick up the one you feel is apt for the house owner.

A griha pravesh is an occasion that does not come again and again in a person’s life and it should be made special with your warm presence and an amazing gift.

While thinking of any suitable gift for griha pravesh, you should always keep in mind that your gift should be unique in some way or the other. Moreover, you should avoid gifting things that would pile up and clutter the host’s house.

The budget also plays an important role while deciding on any gift and when it comes to griha pravesh gift ideas, you should also think about what the house owner would love. It is also recommended that one should buy such housewarming gifts that add value to the new house. So here we are with 10 amazing griha pravesh gift ideas that the receiver will surely love.

1. Ganesha Statue 

Ganesha idol
Source: Vishwanth P / pexels

As per Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesh is the god of new beginnings and this is the best gift for any individual or family entering a new home. Since griha pravesh is all about stepping into a new house, a statue of Ganesha would be one of the best choices. You can go for a statue made out of silver or a gold-plated one. There are also plenty of decorative Ganesha statues and figurines available in the market that can be easily used as accents and make the space look beautiful.

2. Cool Cutlery

cutlery set
Source: Tim Douglas / pexels

Cutlery is something that comes in handy in every household and when gifting it for a housewarming occasion you can go for the ones that come in beautiful sets. These cutlery sets look gorgeous, and stylish and add value to your dining ambience. It is something that is used daily and is a utility gift for a griha pravesh ceremony. 

3. Plants And Planters

Griha pravesh gift ideas plants

Plants are considered to be one of the best griha pravesh gift ideas. You can go for jade plants or even succulents. Certain plants if gifted bring success, and prosperity. The kind of freshness plants bring into the house is always praise-worthy. There are innumerable planters available in the market and gifting one along with the plant is an amazing idea.

4. Silver Items

Silver utensil
Source: RODNAE Productions / pexels

Gifting something made out of silver is common in India but you can be creative when it comes to silver items. Silver being a costly metal, people usually gift it to only close ones like immediate family or a dear friend. You can get silver utensils as a housewarming gift. Any silver utensil makes the user feel royal and special when used on special occasions. Other silver items include artefacts, coins, idols etc.

5. Table Fountain 

Source: Ayleen Tania Gaviola Gamboni / pexels

The table fountains you get to see when you visit any home decor store are always pretty looking. When you gift a table fountain to someone it is sure to bring happiness and good luck to the house. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, fountains will make any new home look gorgeous and you can easily buy the one that falls within your budget. 

6. Electrical Appliances

Griha pravesh gift ideas appliances
Source: Charlotte May / pexels

If you want your gift to have some utility and you opine that the receiver must use the gift in some way or the other, then electrical appliances are a great gifting choice. You can gift toasters, ovens, speakers, grillers etc and these products don’t clutter up. Someone who has just shifted to a new home would require all these to set up the house. 

7. Beautiful Lamp Shade

lamp shade
Source: Tim Samuel / pexels

Bedside lamps or even floor lamps look beautiful when set up nicely in any house. These are also great gifting ideas for a housewarming occasion. You can get the new house owner a lovely lamp shade that can be used in a bedroom or any reading corner. A floor lamp for the living room is also an attractive gift option. One can also opt for antiques that would ultimately add to the gorgeousness of the house.

8. Wall Arts

wall art
Source: Ksenia Chernaya / pexels

There are plenty of walls in a house that needs beautification. Gifting a wall art or an abstract painting is one of the best griha pravesh gift ideas. Any magnificent wall art or a nice painting will make a memorable gift for the receiver. It will be hung on the wall for a long period and you will always be remembered for the amazing gift. 

9. Wine Bottle / Rack

Griha pravesh gift ideas wine bottle
Source: pixabay / pexels

A classic gift for one and all, wine bottles have been in rage for years. You can gift one on a housewarming occasion. While selecting the wine, you should keep in mind the taste of the host. If you have a bigger budget, you can also gift a wine rack that would go with the existing interior and decor of the house. 

10. Scented Candles

Scented candles
Source: Biferyal / pexels

Scented candles instantly uplift the ambience of the house and fill the space with aroma as well as freshness. Gifting one on a griha pravesh occasion is a wonderful idea. You can go for a candle gift set that comes with several fragrance types. Scented candles also look gorgeous and act as decorative pieces. It is also a perfect gift for ones who have a restricted budget.

You have to be smart enough while thinking of griha pravesh gift ideas. Try and get the house owner something that you are sure he/she will love. Be creative and plan something that looks grand even when you have a budget constraint. 

Moreover gifting is not always just about the money spent. It also carries an emotional and sentimental value and can be made special if gifted from the heart.