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If you have the griha pravesh ceremony at your home coming up, you will need to make the right griha pravesh invitation cards so that you can send them to your friends, family, and acquaintances and let them know of the occasion. There are several different styles of griha pravesh invitation cards that can be made and if you are looking to be inspired, we will be sharing some of the different choices for you to explore.

Of course, invitation cards have a lot of personalization and it is upon you to choose the final design. Still, we will be sharing several designs to help you take some ideas that will allow you to finalize the design. You can choose some elements from one design and others from the rest as well. The options are numerous.

The Need For Griha Pravesh Invitation Cards

Whenever you buy a new home, you must do a puja. The griha pravesh is one such puja that is done to ward off evil energies and to make sure that one can have a peaceful environment at the home. A havan is done to purify the place and also to rectify any Vastu dosha that may be there. This is why the griha pravesh creamy is very important in the Indian household and it assumes a lot of importance as well.

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As the ceremony is conducted on a big scale often, it is always advised to make good griha pravesh invitation cards. Make sure to choose the right layout and design so that it manages to create the right impression. Here, we will now talk about the key designing elements for griha pravesh invitation cards and then go on to talk about the messages you can have as well.

The Trending Griha Pravesh Invitation Cards

While there are endless options that you can find, let us discuss some of the trending designs that are in vogue currently.

Metallic Designs

The touch of metal adds to the sheen and glory of the design. You can find several metallic card designs and these include metallic gold, and rose gold. Try to have invitation cards done in these colours and it will add to the glory and elan. Have a little shiny touch to the cards and it will bring in the much-needed glitz and glamour to your card. You can choose the silver touch as well. Both silver and gold are also considered to be very auspicious and you can incorporate them in the griha pravesh invitation cards.

3D Designs

If you want a little bit of jazz to the griha pravesh designs, you can choose a 3D card layout as well. You will find several elements being used for a 3D effect. It could be Kalash or even the imprints of Lord Ganesh and goddess Lakshmi. Sometimes it is the icon of a home and sometimes, it is simply two feet asking you to grace the home with your presence. The options are endless.

You will find plenty of options as far as 3D designs are concerned. So, explore the options and choose the right 3D element along with the colour coding as well.

Vintage Designs

Some people love vintage styles to help them in creating the right image. If you want to have the right style, you can choose these vintage cards. These cards are a great way of sending warm messages and have a feel-good vibe. You can choose colours like grey and even faded blue as these tend to go very well with the vintage image of cards.

Customized Cards

These are the best trending option at the moment. You can choose to customize the cards and have your picture added to them. This adds the right touch of personalization and also helps you in ensuring that your guests will be able to associate you with the card. Some people choose to add elements to their house while others can include a family photo. Some people have their surname engraved on the card. The number of options you have is limitless and you are free to choose whatever you deem fit and appropriate.

So, these are the broad category of the different griha pravesh invitation card designs that you can choose from. Always make sure that you give a good thought to the process because the invitation card does hold a lot of value.

There are several different griha pravesh invitation card designs that you can find. You can explore the possible options and choose whatever seems to work best for you. The right thing to bear in mind is that the card should feel one with your home and your persona. It should be able to send out the message that you are inviting people with love, gratitude, and warmth.

Writing A Griha Pravesh Invitation Card

Once you have settled the design, the next thing to bear in mind is the content. As much as the style and design hold value, one also needs to pay heed to the content of the card. Your message needs to stand out and deliver its true essence.

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So, here are some of the tips to bear in mind while writing the griha pravesh invitation card content.

Highlight the occasion

The occasion needs to be highlighted. Make sure that the moment someone picks the card they can understand what is the occasion – a housewarming party. The ‘griha pravesh’ word should be highlighted.

The date and time

What is an invitation card without the complete details of the function? Add details like where the house is, and the date and timing for the event. If you are only hosting lunch or dinner, make sure to mention the meal as well. Always be sure that you are mentioning these details accurately or else it might end up making a huge mess.

Be Loving

Always make your guests feel valued. This is the highlight of a great invitation card. You should have a humble tone and make your guests feel the need to come to your griha pravesh ceremony. Make sure that you thank them and beseech their presence in your humble abode. This is a great way to make impressions that last.

Guide Them

If you feel that the location of your house can be a little hard to navigate, make it a point to offer clear map guidance. Talk about a nearby landmark or add details that will help them come to the place with ease.

Post-Covid Changes

Ever since the pandemic hit and changed the way Indian ceremonies were conducted, even the griha pravesh invitation card ended up seeing several changes.

Gone are the days when people used to manually distribute these cards. Nowadays, most people choose to send such cards over phones and messages.

So, let us see some of the ways by which you can tap most of the online media and thereby send these cards and make the most of the occasion.

WhatsApp Messages

  • You can send the invite over WhatsApp messages as well. This has become the new norm because most people tend to be very active on WhatsApp.
  • You can make a group for your relatives and share all details with regards to the griha pravesh ceremony in that group. Also, you can choose to send a broadcast message to everyone by sharing the details with a group comprising of several contacts.
  • People also choose to share the invitation card in their status on WhatsApp so that their active contacts can take a look at it. Some people believe that sending invites over WhatsApp tends to look informal but with the social distancing measures, this has become very common.

Let us share some of the sample messages that you can send.

We [family name] are excited to set foot in our new house. To make the ceremony more special, we seek your blessings and presence. Be a part of the jubilant celebrations and we will welcome you with love and gratitude.



Make our house a home by filling it with the sound of your laughter and love. We will wait for you to grace our new home with your presence. With gratitude and love, we seek your blessings.



On [date], we are going to have the griha pravesh ceremony at our new house. We would request you to kindly grace the occasion with your presence. Lunch will be served after the havan.



These are just some ideas. Of course, you are free to create your messages. The idea simply is to ensure that your tone stays cordial and you can send across the complete details of the ceremony.

Video Messages

Another popular way of sending griha pravesh invitation cards is by sending video messages. Some professionals charge money and make invite videos. You can send these videos over email, WhatsApp or any other medium. Make sure that all the details are present in the video. The following details should be a part of the video

  • The venue
  • Photo of Lord Ganesha to seek blessings
  • The date of the ceremony
  • The timing
  • The details of whether lunch or dinner will be served
  • The family names
  • The phone number for RSVP
  • Ideally, if it is a video message, you should have a family picture somewhere as this adds to the touch of personalisation.


Is it mandatory to send griha pravesh invitation cards?

There is nothing compulsory about the griha pravesh invitation card but how else will you invite others? You can choose to have a text-based invitation, but you need to have an invite to inform your guests.

Is the griha pravesh creamy considered very auspicious?

Yes, the griha pravesh ceremony is vital while entering a new home. This is done to purify the new home, ward off evil energies, and hope for a great future ahead.

Can you send the griha pravesh invitation over Whatsapp?

Ever since the pandemic made it important to implement social distancing, most people choose to send the invitation card over WhatsApp. You can have text messages; image invites and even video invites as well. The options are numerous.

Can you personalize the griha pravesh invitation cards?

Yes, you have the option of personalizing the card. Some people chose to integrate their family picture in the invitation cards while others may have a picture of their home in it. The options are endless and upon you to choose.

Can you have the griha pravesh invitation card in Hindi?

You can choose any language that you deem fit. Ideally, you should choose the language that is widely spoken in your area and is most understood by your family and relatives. The main purpose of the card is to let your guests know how valuable their presence is. So, use the language that will be most clear to them.

Can you send long invitation messages?

There is no rule book defining how short or long an invite message is. However, most people prefer to keep it crisp and short and have the important information and details in there. This makes the card a lot more appealing than having a page-long meaningless text.