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Whenever you are renovating your home, the false ceiling always assumes a lot of importance. You have to be sure that you are checking out the different options of false ceiling designs and then choosing the one that you deem fit.

False ceilings have become an absolute must and no matter whether a room is big or small, it must have a false ceiling. The amount of variation that you will find in the world of false ceilings is staggering and mind-blowing.

There are several uses of a false ceiling. It helps in keeping the wires hidden and thereby prevents the place from looking ugly. Aesthetics hold a lot of value in homes especially because no one wants their home to look ugly. At the same time, it is also a great move to make sure that the overall lights are energy efficient. It helps in locking both the heat and cold out of the room.

There are plenty of different options available as far as the material choice for false ceilings is concerned. You can choose cemented POP, regular plaster of Paris, PVC or even gypsum. Gypsum remains one of the perennial favourites and here we are going to talk of some of the best gypsum false ceiling design ideas. You can check out the details and find the most suitable choice of gypsum ceilings for yourself. These designs can be used in the different rooms in your home and therefore they will allow you to beautify your place and add to the overall functionalities as well.

So, let us get started and understand the details about the false ceiling. This will allow you to come up with better design ideas and thereby aid in making the room perfect.

What Do You Mean By Gypsum False Ceiling?

The gypsum false ceiling refers to the kind of ceiling wherein gypsum plasterboards are attached to the metal frames and are kept firmly in place with the help of screws. They are usually big and have fewer joints in place. This makes it easy and quick to install as compared to POP sheets. At the same time, owing to lesser joints, the scope of residue and dust particles entering inside is comparatively less.  It is also water resistant which makes it a great choice even in bathrooms and ceilings where water is likely to splash.

The Types Of Gypsum Boards

Gypsum boards come in a lot of different types and styles. It is important to be familiar with these boards as it will help you know which variant is likely to be a good choice for you.

Here are some of the common variants of gypsum boards.

  • Regular board: This is the perfect material that is most often used for gypsum-based ceiling
  • Exterior gypsum soffit board: This one is the perfect choice for outdoor areas like lawns and porch as the material is resistant to all kinds of weather exposure. 
  • Impact resistant panel: This one helps in withstanding heavy impact from the flats above you. So, if you have a flat that seems to be under repair or you want your ceiling to be safe from such accidental impacts, this is the right material to pick.
  • Fire resistant board: Most residential and commercial buildings are likely to use this board as it offers some protection against accidental fire.
  • Abuse resistant board: These ensure that even with abrasion and indentation, it is not likely to be damaged. So, it is mostly suited for places where the handling and maintenance are not very good 
  • Moisture-resistant gypsum board: These are mostly used in those areas where the weather tends to be rainy or even snowy. In such cases, the presence of moisture could otherwise be deterring the false ceiling.

Along with the types, the amount of variety you will find in colours is whopping too. There are tons of options as far as gypsum boards are concerned.

The Pros And Cons Of Gypsum False Ceiling

Here are some of the merits and demerits associated with this type of false ceiling. Knowing these details will put you in a better spot for deciding if you would like your false ceiling to be done with gypsum or some other material.

The Pros

  • It gives a seamless and continued look
  • There aren’t too many joints in the gypsum ceiling so the odds of dust and dirt are comparatively less
  • It is very easy to install and can be done quickly
  • The cleaning isn’t too cumbersome
  • The quality and the overall finish tend to be spot on as the individual piece is larger. So, the number of joints to be attached is less

The Cons

  • As easy as the installation process is, uninstallation is equally difficult. The whole ceiling will likely break while uninstalling it
  • It is comparatively more expensive as compared to POP ceiling
  • These ceilings have shown higher chances of fungal growth
  • They are much more prone to get cracks, especially when drilling holes to establish a connection for the different electric fixtures

So, now you can weigh both aspects and decide whether or not you would like to opt for a gypsum false ceiling.

Things To Know

Before we start with the design ideas and you start churning the creative juices, there are important things you need to know. These facts are crucial as far as the gypsum false ceiling is concerned. So, let us give you a recap of these details.

  • If you are opting for a peripheral ceiling design, you should pick a false ceiling style that will need fewer gypsum boards
  • Sometimes plywood and glass are used in conjunction for a false ceiling and they work miraculously well together
  • Make sure to have the fan rod attached to the slab of the ceiling before starting with the false ceiling work. This could otherwise end up being a major design flaw and will entail unwanted expenses.
  • If your gypsum ceiling is hanging from joints that are not likely to withstand a lot of loads, ensure the right checks. This is why if you decide to have any hanging object including a chandelier you need to do a load check. You should always analyse the highest amount of weight the structure can hold. The dangling object should be much less than the actual load capacity to avoid unwanted accidents.
  • Ideally, if you place a sturdy hook in the ceiling slab before getting the gypsum ceiling done, it will be able to support much more weight of dangling objects from the ceiling.
  • To increase the strength of the gypsum board, you should place a piece of plywood on top of the gypsum board. This is a great means to add to the strength of the false ceiling and ensure that you can hang a wide array of different objects for aesthetic purposes.
  • You can use thermocol sheets with the gypsum ceiling as they help in acting like a layer of insulation. This is best for homes that are located right underneath the terrace.

Inspiring Gypsum False Ceiling Ideas

Let us share some of the top and trending ideas for you to pick from. These ideas will give you a lot of creative inspiration so that you can choose the ones that seem to best match the overall design and tone of your home.

The good thing is that sky is the limit for inspiration. There is so much that you can do with the gypsum ceiling. You can choose random abstract shapes or have wavy lines and even symmetrical geometric patterns as well. This is not all; some people choose to have intricate floral patterns while others may choose to have lights fit inside so that they can jazz the overall look.

Apart from this, you can choose between single and multi-layered or even single level and multi-levelled as well. The simple and minimal patterns are in vogue too for those who like to keep it simple, sophisticated, and elegant.

Some people like to add an extra touch of glam and oomph and they may end up using additional layering materials on top which may be wood or glass. This sets the ceiling apart and is sure to make it the show stealer.

Overall, there is plenty of scopes to improvise it the way you want. So, we are going to give you a flurry of different options to pick from. Make sure to understand each of the designs, and the essence it has, and then make the right selection.

1. The Rafters

Rafters are an excellent way to jazz up the space and give it a dreamy look. A lot of modern-day homes can benefit immensely from the use of these rafters. They act like a sharp contrast to the gypsum work and the overall blend is magical, to say the least. The wooden rafters can be aligned at different positions and angles but make sure not to overdo it. The key here lies in being as minimal as you possibly can because rafters do take a lot of spotlights. So, if you put them in excess, it may look very flawed and awry.

The simpler, the better should be the motto when using rafters with gypsum false ceilings.

2. The Light-Fitted Ceiling

light fitted ceiling
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

This has been in vogue since times immemorial. There is no denying the fact that you will be amazed at how stunning this design looks. The good thing is that you can choose the colour of your choice and it looks great when you have a house party and you want to project the right image among your guests.

You can choose to have a monochromatic light or also fit changing lights to give a discotheque effect to your room. Ideally, these are best suited for living rooms to ensure you can host a party with swag and style.

3. Geometric Patterns

There is no end to the amount and kind of geometric patterns one can have on the ceiling. The best thing is that they can be both asymmetrical or symmetrical. One common design flaw that a lot of interiors do is to have a geometric patterned ceiling in all rooms of the home. They may consider it as a means to bring uniformity but it is not so. It is very important to be sure that you infuse variety from one room to the other because every room should have its element. You need to let these ceilings do all the talking.

So, choose any geometric design you deem fit and let the structure steal the real big show

4. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

mirror ceiling
Source: Vincent Rivaud / Pexels

This is a fun concept and something that is still not very common even today. You will find it in very limited homes but it does leave a charismatic and extravagant look to the place. The best thing about the mirrored gypsum false ceiling design is that it is bound to make your home appear so much bigger. You will find it resonates with the charm of royalty as well.

If you want to truly do your room in style, we recommend adding a chandelier for that pompous effect. This design of the false ceiling is most suited for living rooms and big halls as it will make it feel like the reception of big opulent hotels. The choice of the chandelier is very critical in such cases as it ensures that you will be able to bring out the best of this design. The light when reflected from the mirror will create a wonderful glaze and bring out the best of the false ceiling design.

5. Abstract Designs

Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

These days, modern art has boiled down to abstract. Sometimes we wonder if you could sketch anything randomly on a piece of paper and call it art. The key here is to know how to make even waste look artistic. Abstract designs are a real rage in current times. These designs don’t have any defined pattern, you will find wavy motions and geometric shapes and intersecting lines all mapped onto one frame.

The only thing one has to mind is that the overall appeal should be on point. This will allow you to be sure that your place will look good. You can choose what other elements you will like to integrate. It can be wooden panelling, the lights inside, or even mirrors. Don’t overdo it with the design or else it will take away the sheen.

6. Plain, Simple, And Minimal

Source: Max Vakhtbovych /Pexel

If you are in no mood to experiment and want to keep it simple so that you can have an elegant touch, this is the right design to pick. The design is all about simply having the top covered. You can choose to integrate lights if you would like an additional element or you can have it done simply.

The best part is that you can have it done in multiple rooms as this is the basic design that calls for comfortable styling. When you choose this kind of false ceiling design, you can work on other elements of the room to give it a balanced fancy look. If all elements of the room are overly fancy, it tarnishes the net appeal. So, by keeping the false ceiling minimal, you will have the scope to toy with other design aspects in the room.

7. The Coffered Look

Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

This is the new trending style of gypsum false ceiling design that has been in vogue for some time now. You can choose to have a coffered look and this looks amazingly great in the living room. An important point to follow with this style is that the colour tone should match the walls or else it might end up looking like a bit of a misfit.

Always make sure to place lights in each of the checks as this gives it a complete symmetric touch and therefore adds to the overall charm and look of the place.

So, these are some of the common design ideas you can take inspiration from. We believe that with these tips and ideas, you should be able to draw the right inspiration and glam up your home in a way that will speak to your personality.

Gypsum Vs POP

Sometimes you might find it hard to decide as to which material will be better for your false ceiling- will it be gypsum or POP? While the decision rests largely on you, your interior designer, and the overall structure of your home, we are going to share some key details on this topic. This will help you come to the right decision.

The Working Of POP Ceiling

In the POP false ceiling, the POP powder is the base material that is used for making the structure. A chicken net is taken upon which this powder is sprayed evenly. This helps in adding to the overall strength of the ceiling layer.

The onsite mixing of the POP powder with water along with the mesh application to the metal frame system present on the roof of the wall leads to plenty of wastage. It takes almost a month for the whole setup to dry.

On the other hand, when you make a gypsum ceiling, the structure is screwed to the metallic frame. The number of joints present is less too as the sheets tend to be bigger. The makers tend to use jointing compounds for the sake of attaching the joints. The amount of waste, dirt and dust is very less compared to POP ceilings. Along with this, the strength and durability that gypsum ceilings have are going to be much higher as compared to POP. The gypsum ceiling comes with hydrophobic qualities and this is a great option for artificial ceilings.

The amount of variety and possibilities that you can find in the gypsum ceiling is very diverse. Price-wise, gypsum can be a little costly but, in the end, the difference is more than justified when it comes to practical uses and utility and obviously, they are found more common as well.

Now that we have established the fact that gypsum false ceilings are likely to be the more popular choice, let us give you some more design ideas to toy with.

Living Room: The Gypsum False Ceiling Design Ideas

The living room will have a bigger ceiling as compared to the rest of the rooms. You have to be sure that you are checking out the different ideas well because your hall or living room needs to be impressive. It is the part of the house where most guests are likely to sit and unwind when they come to your place.

So, let us show you some of the design ideas that you can fiddle with.

1. Choose A Neat Tray Design

Source: Barna David / Pexels

Install an easy tray design as this is simple and efficient at the same time. The good thing about this design is that it helps you have a neat and well-formed border. The roof ends up being clearly defined in this case. You can also choose to have warm lights fit inside the ceiling as this will help you have the right elements that will add to the overall appeal. 

2. Layered Tray

Apart from this, you can also choose to have layered tray designs too as this ends up creating quite a statement and impression as well. When you are choosing to have a layered design, try to make sure that you don’t add too many other elements. This design in itself is layered with several aspects and so the rest of the things need to be toned down.

3. Use A Chandelier

Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

A chandelier is a great way of being sure that you will be able to jazz your ceiling aptly. You can choose the kind of chandelier design that will complement your room in a befitting manner. If your overall style of the home is contemporary, you should choose the right style that is artistic and sophisticated and blends with the overall theme of your room.

If you want to make quite a statement, you should choose some of the most dramatic eye-catching chandeliers that will add to the wow factor of your home.

4. Suspended Island Designs

This is another common yet popular design. You can choose to have an island style nestled in between your false ceiling idea. There is cove lighting all over the island and this adds to the dramatic hues. It is upon you to decide the tone of light that you want to use. Do not keep the colour too flashy or else it can get hard on the eyes. The shape of the island can vary and therefore it is upon you to explore the different details and find what suits you the best.

5. The Recessed Design

This form of ceiling comes with a typical and unique style. They have cove borders all along. You will also find simple pendant lights that can be easily hung from the centre of the ceiling. There is a lot of scope for improvisation and feel free to choose whatever you deem fit. The idea simply is to add as much variation as you possibly can and it will allow you to create the perfect image.

So, these are some of the different options you can pick from. Never rush through the process when you are opting for false ceiling designs. This is because the design plays a gargantuan role. It will allow you to project the right impression of your home.

Let us see some more designs for the other rooms of your home.

The Gypsum False Ceiling Design For Bedroom

Your bedroom is the place that you call your own. So, every element should be perfectly aligned to make sure that it reeks of perfection. Let us share some of the top design ideas you can choose.

1. The Coffered Designs

Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

The coffered designs are an excellent option for bedrooms. They bring in much-needed symmetry and balance to the room. The indentation present should be repeated symmetrically. It also helps in creating a false illusion of a taller height than what the room has.

The main reason why coffered designs are so popular is that they tend to be visually appealing. There are a lot of scopes to improvise and fiddle and you can choose different styles of architecture and patterns. Make sure that it blends with the overall room design.

2. Circular Arcs

To accommodate the fan, ceilings with circular arcs seem to be the befitting option. You can choose to have several concentric circles for the added depth and dramatic hue. In addition, you can choose to have recessed lights on each of the arcs as this will give you a very maze sort of look.

3. The Vaulted Ceiling

You can choose to have a vaulted ceiling in the master bedroom too. These cells have a self-supporting arch and the arch can either be dome or cone-shaped. Mostly, these ceilings make use of the unused roof structure. So, you are likely to find it in old homes and it tends to give a rustic and vintage feel to the overall room. If you have a vaulted ceiling, your room is going to look much bigger and you should try to incorporate some vintage elements into it as well.

The Possible Problems

To give you the exhaustive details with regards to the gypsum ceiling, it is important to also be familiar with the possible problems you can face with this style and design.

You have to know that no matter which material you choose, there are going to be a few drawbacks. The best way to narrow down the ceiling choice is by deciding which material seems to give you the finest overall benefits.

Let us see some of the possible demerits that gypsum false ceiling will have.

  • If not installed in the right way, the ceiling may fall and crumble and it can lead to major accidents and mishaps as well
  • The different joints in the gypsum ceiling may end up developing cracks over some time. This will require the replacement of the false ceiling design
  • If you need to make cuts in the ceiling for wiring or fixtures, it can also lead to cracks in the false ceiling
  • There is a gap between the actual ceiling and the false ceiling board. If not treated well before installation, it can lead to warping and this may attract different termites and moulds as well
  • If any major repair is needed, one will not be able to lower the ceiling and place it again. You will have to break it down completely and this will entail extra repair expense and both time and effort.
  • The presence of a gypsum false ceiling is mostly not good for the sake of cross ventilation.
  • It is likely to decrease the height of the room considerably.

So, these are some of the possible pitfalls that you need to know. Now that you have all the details, you can decide which type of false ceiling is best suited for your home.


What is the gypsum board also called?

It is also known as wallboard, drywall or even plasterboard

Is a gypsum ceiling a good option?

Yes, they are a preferred choice and are very popular. It is very easy to set up and also offers the right strength too

What is the best way to clean the gypsum false ceiling?

You can choose cloth dusters or even vacuum cleaners for the sake of thoroughly cleaning the false ceiling and making it look new. This is also necessary to make sure no growths of mould start to happen.

How much does the gypsum ceiling cost?

The cost of the false ceiling varies a great deal. It is going to depend largely on the chosen design and the area it will cover. It can cost anywhere from Rs. 45 per square foot to as high as Rs. 200 per square foot.

What is the best quality of the gypsum ceiling?

The hydrophobic nature makes it a great choice, especially for places that tend to get too much rainfall or even snow

Can you try different designs with gypsum false ceilings?

Yes, there is no dearth of designs and options that you can choose when you are making gypsum false ceilings. Feel free to take inspiration from the different false ceiling design ideas we have shared here.

Can you hang the chandelier from the false ceiling?

Yes, a lot of people choose to hang chandeliers from false ceilings. Make sure to check the total capacity that the ceiling will be able to stand. Pick the elements accordingly.