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Royal Play Designs is one water-based textured paint featuring special effects that may provide a variety of styles for your interior or outdoor walls. To give your fence the ideal appearance and the ability to endure various situations, you may select your preferred texture from a wide variety of the market offer.

Today’s most popular interior decoration option is the hall’s royal texture paint patterns. The unique tactile experience that textured paint gives the walls makes them more enticing than any other paint on the market. Instead of painting the entire wall with this paint, selected fence areas are usually highlighted. Professionals use a range of tactics to get these outcomes.

The methods include ragging, stippling, sponging, combing, and more. Most texture paints are water-based, and every company that produces them claims that their goods don’t contain volatile organic compounds. This paint may be used to create visual effects and has a Tesco plc trading as Tesco range of mild to high.

What is the Cost of Texture Painting?

The type of paint used is the primary factor in deciding the cost. There are many different kinds of paint, and each one is priced differently. Water-soluble distemper paints have a strong odor and are the least expensive and lasting distemper paints. Emulsion paints, which can be either water- or oil-based, are currently the norm in the painting business. They are durable, frequently washable, and some even contain antifungal and anti-mildew properties.

Emulsion paint comes in a wide range of prices depending on the several possible finishes, including matte, glossy, pearl, and much more. The most costly lot, texture paint, is typically employed on accent walls. These royale play ideas for the hall demand a specific foundation, specialized equipment, and high labor expenditures.

Prices for distemper begin at Rs. 8 per square foot.

Prices for emulsion start at 12 rupees per square foot.

The starting pricing for texture paint is Rs. 80 per square foot.

The Best 15 Royal Texture Paint Designs for the Hall in 2022

The living room royal play design catalog offers water-based paint that produces unique interior wall effects. You may pick from a selection of textures suitable for various environments to give the wall the appearance it deserves. Choosing the appropriate design while choosing the best royal textured paint for the hall is crucial. Here are 15 royal paint schemes for the living room to further assist you.

1. Structure Paint For Hall:

Structure Paint For Hall
Source: Evgenii_Emelianov / Shutterstock

The ideal method to bring nature to your living room is with rich raspberry walls and muted-toned abstract florals. The 3-D flowers’ shadows and free-flowing petals in the air and their depiction on the wall give the room a more airy and bright sense. Painting using rich, dark hues like raspberry in contrast to a white sofa will therefore create the right atmosphere for years to come.

2. Nerolac Paint For Hall:

Nerolac Paint For Hall
Source: Photo by Kam Idris on Unsplash

One of the most significant painting patterns used on the living room walls is this one. The space has a lively personality thanks to what appears to be an abstract picture painted on the wall. The complex design in various blue tones serves as the ideal backdrop for the burgundy sofa sets and completes the hall’s appearance. Bright yellow paint on the wall beside it brightens the area and contrasts the furnishings and background’s vivid blue hue.

3. Peach Color Paint For Hall:

Peach Color Paint For Hall
Source: Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Wow!! Look at the lovely picture in the living room that is painted peachy. The color peach is said to represent longevity, and in Painting interior design, peach-colored murals and mirrors are frequently found in upscale, private residences. As mentioned, the living room seen above appears elegant and stunning. The coordinating furniture and window treatments are lovely. Children frequently adore this colorful artwork they may paint on their beds.

4. Floral Hall Painting Designs:

Floral Hall Painting Designs
Source: Photo by visualsofdana on Unsplash

For all the outdoor enthusiasts out there, this is an intriguing paint scheme for the hall. In this pattern, butterflies are flying all around flowering vines. This pattern may be created by beginning at a wall corner and stretching the branches outward to resemble a real tree. It has pink butterflies and powder blue flowers, both calming and beautiful hues.

5. Bright Wall Hall Royal Play Design:

Are you afraid of using bright colors in the hallway? If the vivid colors don’t conflict with the furniture or the room’s decor, you might opt to paint the hallway. Colors that complement the furnishings or ones that stand out and make a statement are also possibilities. The furniture looks great with this vibrant yellow color, making the room feel airy and cheerful.

6. Metallics Colourwash

Metallics Colourwash
Source: Photo by Christopher Jolly on Unsplash

The colors of a sky serve as the inspiration for the Colorwash effect, which resembles an abstract painting that only the most skilled eye can recognize. Beyond what the eye can see, it has a lot to offer. A color wash is a standard method for blending colors to get a delicate wash. Before applying the paint to the walls, it must be thinned with a glaze.

This can be done using one color or a mix of colors to produce a broad spectrum of hues. The colors used together may give the wall a delicate, beautiful appearance. One of the most incredible wall designs for the hall is this one made with royal paint.

7. Metallic Brushing Hall Royal Play Design

The royale plays ideas for the hall call for specific foundation work, expensive tools, and a lot of labor. Take a paintbrush, unleash your creative side, and travel to a unique interior design. Thanks to this texture, your walls will have an unmatched creative, modern, but sumptuous feel.

You may construct this royal play design for the bedroom on your own or with the help of a professional. This texture gives a space more edge; combining it with robust design furniture can increase the hallway’s value.

8. Pastel Hall Royal Play Design:

Pastel Hall Royal Play Design
Source: Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Pastel colors have been more popular recently among the hall’s hues frequently chosen. These tones seem natural and mix in beautifully. Here, the hallway is painted a soft brown color that is relaxing. Additionally, it gives the hallway the perfect amount of mystery and appears best when paired with neutral or white-colored furnishings, as in the example above.

9. Regal Hall Painting Designs:

The cream is a cozy, welcoming color used in the sitting room or hallway. Since they complement any furniture or upholstery, cream or off-white are the typical paint colors on hall walls. These tones seem majestic when paired with wall paneling and furniture that features art décor. Make the most of the rich cream colors in your hall by getting this marvelous effect.  

10. Special Effects Canvas

Special Effects Canvas Hall Royal Play Design
Source: Photo by Minh Pham on Unsplash

These Asian paint texture ideas again for the living room have a variety of brilliant colors that give your walls a creative flair by transforming them into a blank canvas. As the focal point of your home, three colors merge to provide a rainbow of vivid hues. You may make an impressive mantle for your art collection with the royal textured paint patterns for the living room. Pick light color tones for the mixing, so they don’t obscure one another.

11. Modern Hall Royal Play Design:

You could use this orange color if you want to paint your hall bright and cheery. Here, the ceiling and walls of the corridor are painted a different shade of orange to create contrast. The flooring is laid with several contrasting orange colors, and the entryway is colored in a darker shade of orange. The entire hall is exceptionally bright and distinctive since the art on the walls perfectly suits the decor.

12. Handmade Hall Royal Play Design:

Handmade Hall Royal Play Design
Source: Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

You may let your inner artist go and paint original artwork on the hallway wall. In addition to the primary color of the wall, the designs may be geometric, floral, freestyle, or abstract and may use a variety of colors or simply one. If you have a strong drawing background, use this painting technique. Choose a design that fits your theme, or go online for some lovely artwork.

13. Tape Hall Hall Royal Play Design

Tape Hall Royal Play Design
Source: Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

Two sides of the hallway are covered by this distinctive tape pattern, a contemporary interpretation of abstract art. It features vividly colored lines in a clever conceptual design that appears to have been revealed after the white paint has been peeled off. It gives the room a quirky, fresh vitality and energizes the hallway with its upbeat, contemporary feel. Get a matching set of stylish curtains or couches for your space, and you’ll be ready to show it to your visitors.

14. Decal House Hall Painting Designs:

The decal is a lovely heart-shaped artwork that would look great in the house of a newlywed couple. Given that red is associated with love and passion, it appears unexpectedly feisty and fresh thanks to the colors red and white. The twirls, flowery vines, and butterflies create an exciting backdrop for your seating area. This may be the ideal present to greet your wife into your cozy house for the first time.

15. FreeStyle Hall Royal Play Design:

You can hire a painter to create a freestyle painting on a wall in your hallway. This unique painting appears to be highly fashionable and glam. A wall painted in a relaxing monochromatic color gives off a calming sensation in the hallway while quietly drawing attention to the room’s design and architecture. You may create a timeless, welcome entry in your hall by combining this type of free painting with a pair of regal couches or a royal oak table.

What Are the Different Ways of Doing Texture Painting?

1. Washing with color

A color wash is a standard method for combining colors to make a delicate wash. Before painting the wall, it is necessary to thin the paint with a glaze. Various hues can be produced with a particular color or color combinations. The wall could look quite soft and lovely because of the well-balanced colors. The living room is ideal for this approach, which uses Asian paints with dynamic royale textures.

2. Sponging

One of the simplest methods for producing a patterned wall surface is sponging. This method has beautiful play patterns again for the living room by using a sponge to add color more than a solid basecoat. Compared to a genuine kitchen sponge with an uneven texture, a synthetic pad has a similar texture. To draw attention to the wall, contrasting colors create a powerful and dramatic design. Depth is added by using a shade with a slightly different hue.

3. Frottage

The main difference between frottage & ragging is that the former uses plastic or paper sheets while the latter does it with fabric. The crinkled paper is placed against the wall and further crumpled to provide a more pronounced texture once the base paint has been applied. This method gives the wall a lovely textured finish, and combining it with complementary colors may create a unique surface.

4. Stippling

Stippling adds a little texture and gives the walls a grainy, patchy look. This Asian paint was applied to the living room walls using a stippling paintbrush with large bristles. As a starting step, a foundation layer of paint is put in, and a stippling paintbrush is used to cover it. The takeout technique involves jabbing the dried brush into the painted surface to remove some glaze as opposed to the additive approach, which involves dipping the brush in paint and penetrating it into the wall.

5. Dragging

Dragging may produce a linear, continuous, & uniform texture on the wall in addition to a flowing, patterned surface. A dry brush is rubbed across a freshly painted wall to create this appearance. Thanks to the brush’s movement pattern, you have many possibilities for producing distinctive effects.


 The possibilities for hallway painting designs are endless, with hundreds of fantastic new shapes and colors. Several businesses on the market will paint your lovely home at competitive prices and according to your plan. You can inform them about your hall paint concept as you choose them. They also employ competent interior designers who may provide excellent suggestions within your budget.