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Hanging lights are a house’s illumination source and add to the home’s aesthetic value. These lights are not merely meant for brightening a place but are a focal point of décor. The hanging lights are available in different sizes, styles, and designs. There can be a single hanging light or a cluster of roof hanging lights. 

Hanging Lights
Source: Image by Pexels from Pixabay

It is considered a pendant light fixture hanging from the ceiling with a chain, cord, or metal rod. It is also called a drop or a suspender. These lights were traditionally turned over the living room’s sitting area, the dining table, above the bed, the study or foyer, the kitchen countertops, the balcony, and the artwork on the wall. 

Importance of the Hanging Lights

You can install the hanging lights to brighten a home space by focusing on a specific corner of the house above which you hung. It provides a great look at the place where you turn. It can give a lot of illumination to the surrounding space if you turn it into groups. The pendant lights are of different styles starting from the farmhouse-friendly lantern to the retro-inspired sputnik chandelier. You can also use these hanging lights in Ganpati decoration for your home and devghar designs.

The different types of hanging lights are as mentioned below:


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The chandeliers made of wrought iron give a retro look to the hung-up space and even showcase a luxurious living style with a prestigious look. It transforms the house’s entire look by brightening up the surrounding room. The chandeliers are available in different materials like crystals, metal, glass, etc. There are numerous styles of chandeliers such as globe, drum, waterfall, spiral, etc.

Hanging Lantern Lights

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The hanging lantern lights provide a retro and traditional look to the hung-up space. It is an attractive lighting option that suits various kinds of budgets, and you can use this in indoor and outdoor spaces. These lights add a decorative appeal to the rooms with a practical lighting task.

A Sleeker Sputnik

sleeker sputnik
Source: Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

The Sputnik-designed hanging lights have a starburst look, where several thin metal arms protrude outwards from a central ball-like structure. With a mid-century twist, this is a unique-featured light with an elegant and modern look in the living space of a house.

Pendant Lights

pendant hanging lights
Source: Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

The other name for these lights is the pendant lights, but the pendant lights are the type of hanging lights that look like a typical pendant. It remains attached to the ceiling and hangs on a long rod, chain, pipe, cable, or rope. The pendant light can be of two types; one is down-light pendant lamps, and the other is inverted/up-light pendant lamps.

Sculptural Lights

Source: Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

The main attraction of the sculptural hanging lights is the design trend that embosses a piece of art. You can make it from wood, ceramic, marble, glass, and steel. The shape of this kind of hanging light can be floral, geometric, or abstract.

Frosted Glass

frosted glass hanging lights
Source: Image by JamesDeMers from Pixabay

The frosted glass hanging lights have an elegant and decent look and enhance the brightness of the surrounding areas where you turn, as it usually occurs in light-shade colours. This hanging light is made up of semi-opaque materials and has the property of diffusing light. In addition, it adds a stylish décor to the existing interiors.

Track Hanging Lights             

track hanging lights
Source: Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

There is an option for a lot of flexibility in the Track Hanging Lights. This hanging light arrangement comprises multiple lights in a single track, which you can primarily see in modern kitchens and bathrooms. Some fixtures of way-hanging lights can adjust the direction for each bulb; however, this is the ideal option for the study table.

Open Weave Light

open weave
Source: Image by Somchai Sumnow from Pixabay

This hanging light is about lesser diffusion of light and more about creating different patterns of shadows in exciting ways.  This pendant light looks just like an open weave. The little holes and gaps in the light shade helps create a unique speckled light diffusion. It creates an artistic and striking look when you turn it on.

Edison Bulb Light

edison bulb
Source: Image by Eak K. from Pixabay

This form of hanging light offers the antique look of the bulb that Thomas Elva Edison used in his invention of light. In this shade, you can use the standard opaque LED bulb or the Edison bulb. The display of this kind of hanging light would be compatible with a straightforward interior of the rooms.

Crystal Hanging Lights

crystal hanging lights
Source: Image by Denis Doukhan from Pixabay

The crystal hanging lights are made up of glistening crystals and are available mainly in the form of chandeliers. On lighting it up, it looks so dazzling that it changes the look of the whole place. The brilliance of the crystals gives an ultimate shine to every corner of a living room and leaves a touch of sophistication.

Fairy Hanging Lights

fairy hanging lights
Source: Image by Michael Schwarzenberger from Pixabay

You can use the fairy hanging lights primarily at festivals. But you can also use it widely in many ways at home. For example, you can turn these lights from a hook screwed into the ceiling or wall for a sparkling effect throughout the room. You can lighten up the kids’ room with these fairy hanging lights. It produces an interesting, fascinating impact on the walls of the kid’s room.

Ceiling Fan Lights

ceiling fan
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You can attach this light to ceiling fans, mainly in the form of decorative ceiling fans. It adds an elegant touch to the interior of the room. The ceiling fans’ exclusive features with light like pull cords, lampshades, anti-rusting properties, carvings, and several LED colour options.

Metal Hanging Lights

The metal hanging lights usually have metals like copper, brass, or steel. It gives a shiny lustre with a glamorous look in a vintage or industrial style. The shine of the glossy metals of the hanging lights adds brilliance to the room’s interiors. It produces the feel of a fusion of contemporary and traditional room lighting styles.

Garden or Outdoor Lights

garden or outdoor light
Source: Image by Matthias Böckel from Pixabay

These hanging lights are primarily in the garden area and outside the house to illuminate the surrounding area. You can hang the garden or outdoor hanging lights to the wall with a long iron rod, and the structure of these hanging lights is usually made of wrought iron with the provision for installing an LED or a standard Edison bulb.     

Solar-Powered Hanging Lights

solar-powered light
Source: Image by Shutterbug75 from Pixabay

The Solar-Powered Hanging Lights, also known as the Solar Lantern, is an inexpensive and energy-efficient light source powered by solar rays. Solar hanging lights are usually installed in the garden area of a house, porches, pool area, or other outside areas. 

Bamboo Hanging Lights

These bamboo lights are made of natural and eco-friendly materials. They add elegance to the existing interior of the lighting space. The eco-friendly materials are bamboo, recycled glass bottles, and jute. You can use this extensively in a house’s modern, traditional, and bohemian-themed interiors.

Hanging Lights for the Corner of a Hall

light for corner hall
Source: Photo by Natalia Yakovleva on Unsplash

The long hanging lights of cylindrical shapes or random geometrical patterns are highly compatible for a cosy and artistic corner of a big living room, dining space, or even a big kitchen area that you can describe as a hall. These illuminating fixtures directly focus light onto a specific surface area, thus highlighting the room’s décor.     

These are usually a form of pendant lights that adore the corner of a living room. Apart from the design pendant light, it can be of any other shape that would complement or blend with the room’s overall interior. For example, the round-shaped hanging lights add an elegant look to the space of the living room, thus brightening up the dull corner.

Hanging Lights for Kitchen

kitchen hanging light
Source: Photo by Christian Mackie on Unsplash

The spiral-designed chandeliers can complement the kitchen’s traditional interiors, and the track lighting discussed earlier. The chandeliers of crystal materials give a brilliant shine to the entire kitchen area with ample brightness for the space.      

Maintenance of these Lights at Home

Before installing the hanging lights, one must plan the room’s illumination by developing a lighting plan which includes the task, ambient, and accent lighting. Apart from having the leading light, there should also be other sources of illumination to provide warmth in the room, thus segregating the areas in the room for working and relaxing. 

You should take the proper measurement of the lighting space before buying a hanging light to match the length and go well with the overall interior of the place. Therefore, before selecting a hanging lamp, keep the room’s overall aesthetic or the outside area in mind. 

You should take safety precautions while installing the hanging lights and even after the installation of these lights by using good quality support to hold the weight of the morning. The decorative hanging lamp with dimmers can add aesthetic value to the décor as it would help in energy saving by minimising the electric load of a light fixture.

A Guide for Choosing the Right Place

For a modern or contemporary living room interior, you can install chandeliers, pendant lights, or a fancy ceiling fan with lights, thus keeping the vibe of the place’s interior.

To create a romantic ambience in the bedroom, you can use small crystal chandeliers or fancy hanging lanterns, thus creating a soothing and fantasy-like feel in the bedroom. It should also be compatible with the existing interior of the room.

For the kitchen area, the pendant hanging lights are most suitable for providing ambient and task lighting over the cooking or breakfast counter. However you can place the hanging wall sconces in the bathroom, but they should be quite a distance away from the water showers. You can also install a hanging single-point focus light at the toilet’s shaving area to light up the specific size.

Final Words

The lights discussed so far are an essential factor for decorating the interiors of a house. However, the proper selection of the hanging lights adds aesthetic value to the beautiful interior of the rooms. The hanging lamps are available in different styles and shapes and are made of different kinds of innovative materials. 

The light shades of the hanging lights are made up of different materials like plastic, glass, metals, jute, bamboo, wrought iron, etc. With the availability of hanging lamps in different shapes and sizes, it is also available at various prices per the demand of the different customer segments. The installation of these lights highly complements the rooms’ interior decoration. Apart from their aesthetic value, these are highly beneficial for illuminating rooms or specific areas.