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The supremely skilled Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya, who has recently captained the winning team ‘Gujarat Titans’ in IPL 2022, has newly built a new house at Vadodara in Gujarat. The house is a penthouse type that is luxuriously designed and constructed over a carpet area of 6000 sq. ft. However, the Hardik Pandya new house was built after combining four flats on the building’s top floor at Diwalipura in Vadodara. 

Diwalipura is one of the posh localities in Vadodara, and here the rates of the properties range between Rs. 3,500 per sq. ft. and almost Rs.6,000 per sq. ft. approximately. The personal sense of style of Hardik Pandya has influenced the design and architecture of the lavish family home. 

hardik pandya new house
Source: Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

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The Architecture of Hardik Pandya’s House

Anuradha Aggarwal, the creative director of Olives Cre., designed Hardik Pandya’s new home to resemble a penthouse. The four-bedroom penthouse’s contemporary interiors were designed per the specifications he provided to the architect Anuradha Aggarwal. Each room’s design would reflect the person who occupied that space. In addition to the four bedrooms already there, there is an additional room available for visitors.

The house has a private theatre with a space for the karaoke sessions. Alongside this, there is also a high-class gymnasium that is completely equipped. The house is ornated with a balcony garden zone for spending leisure in peace. However, the general garden area covers almost 2500 sq. ft. The house has a large living room with ample space.

Interior Decoration of Hardik Pandya New House

Hardik Pandya’s room has a décor of blue motif resembling the theme of team India. His room has an earthy décor, along with minimal and dotted with neutral and soft hues. There is a deliberate use of the textures as per the interior design. However, the interiors of the entire house create a peaceful and relaxing vibe, thus soothing the hectic and tiring routine. 

Anuradha Aggarwal, an architectural designer, was asked about the design of the interior of the house, and she remarked that the client had provided clear instructions for the design. The house is decorated in a manner that is highly individualized and tailored to the preferences of each individual member of the family.

But most importantly, there is enough for family portraits and sports mementos on the highest level of the bookcase. The feeling of pride that Hardik and Krunal Pandya have is reflected in the nameplate that is affixed to their home. It comprises the level of success they have achieved in their athletic career.

Hardik Pandya’s Room – Themed Men in Blue    

The star cricketer Hardik Pandya’s room is bluish, which resembles the theme of the Indian cricket team. A huge-sized photograph is framed in his room. In the picture, he poses with a few other star cricketers of the Indian cricket team. The room’s wall is textured with block patterns in neutral and soft blue shades. 

The interiors of his room showcase vigour and calmness at the same time. The decoration of Hardik Pandya’s room reflects that cricket is the most important and significant part of his life. A big green plant is placed in the corner of the room, which adds a soothing and relaxing effect to the room. 

Hardik Pandya’s room is minimally decorated with soft neutrals in an earthy palette with the purposeful use of texture. The entire space is designed to create a relaxing and peaceful environment, thus contrasting his hectic schedule.      

Décor of Krunal Pandya’s Room

The interior of Hadik Pandya’s brother, Krunal Pandya, resembles vibrancy but smoothness. The room has a warm undertone of colours enriched with deep hues of beige and yellow. Despite the deep hues, the choice of contrasting colours is quite elegant and warm. A television is fitted on the wall just opposite the bed. 

On the other hand, Krunal Pandya’s room has enough area for both a cozy couch and a secret closet in the wall. In addition, the room’s rear wall is covered with images of the family and a painting of a horse. On one side of the room’s large, narrow windows, contrasted beige and white curtains have been draped across the opening.

Consequently, adding a sense of depth to the entire space. As a result, Krunal Pandya’s room has a sophisticated layout and is decorated to give the impression of a well-appointed studio apartment.

The Interior of the Overall Pandya House

The interior decoration of the overall house has a touch of the modern-era-sanctum. The décor of the other living space of the home is kept simple and elegant with minimal contemporary features and a few paintings. The entire living space of the house represents an ergonomic balance of comfort and luxury. 

Apart from the two Pandya brothers, the rest of the rooms are spacious with a simplistic design. The back wall is painted with brown and white stripes. Along with this, the wall lamps and paintings are added to this place, and thus this helps in inducing a calm feeling all around. However, the house’s interior is planned to give the site a soothing and pleasant effect.   

Décor of the Guest Space in Pandya House

The guest room at the Pandya house is built on the contrasting overtone of blue and grey with a white backdrop. This room’s design was conceived to warmly greet visitors with a friendly gesture. The design of the room is fairly elegant, but it has an air of being overly contemporary.

In addition to the lavish interior design, there is a luxurious bed, very comfy, and a spacious wardrobe. In addition, a large screen television is mounted on the wall directly across from the bed.

Dining Area of the Pandya Family

The surrounding area’s ambiance indeed affects a person’s mind and psychology. So the dining area should always be organized to throw positive vibes on the people entering it. The dining area’s design reflects the vibrancy and shows positivity in all the people sitting in the dining area. However, the décor of the dining room showcases minimalistic modern architecture.      

The dining room is cosy and bright, with a small-sized dining table and deep yellow chairs. To complement the elegant décor, a classic style chandelier is hung over the dining table. However, the addition of the chandelier makes the place look incredibly graceful. The side wall of the dining space with spacious windows is covered with striped blinds. 

With this option, you can look for the natural sunlight and breeze whenever required, and it can be closed to give a streak-like design. Moreover, the addition of the trinkets and family photographs on the countertops of the dining area as a showpiece adds an extra shine to the decorum of the dining area.

Dazzling Home Theatre of the Pandya House

The Pandya family can enjoy one another’s company in an intimate setting thanks to the home theatre, a personal space separate from the rest of the house but still warm and inviting. Karaoke sessions can take place here, making this the Pandya brothers’ go-to spot for amusement and good times, given that this location has been set up to accommodate them. Karaoke sessions with the two brothers singing Bollywood tunes are one of their favorite ways to spend time together.

The home theatre is designed to be quite spacious and dripping in its modernistic form. Moreover, with the false ceilings and added planks on the wall, the home theatre serves as the ideal spot for conducting karaoke sessions. During the lockdown period, while spending quality time with the family, the two Pandya brothers were seen singing popular Bollywood songs in this space of the house.

Aesthetics of the Gymnasium Present in Hardik Pandya’s New House

In the house of sportsmen, the presence of a well-equipped gymnasium, with all the modern facilities, is also mandatory and essential. Although the other members of the Pandya family might have gained weight during the quarantine period, Hardik Pandya remained strict with his diet and exercises and thus stayed fit in his fitness regime. 

The gymnasium of Hardik Pandya and Krunal Pandya is equipped with all the modern and necessary exercise types of equipment, along with a mirrored wall where they can see their exercise poses. Alongside the modern equipment and advanced facilities, an adequate sound system is also installed in the gym. 

Interiors of the Living Room of the Pandya Penthouse            

The living room in a house is considered the most used area of the place, where the people sit on a comfortable couch and relax while talking to each other and watching television. The living room of the Pandyas house is spacious enough to play an indoor cricket game. Above the sofa set, a brilliant chandelier is hung that spreads across the brilliance of light all through the living room.

Opulent furniture, such as plush couches outfitted with extra-plush cushions and pillows, lends an air of refined sophistication to the living area. The living room has walls that have been painted in vivid colors, and there is a large picture of Hardik Pandya that has been framed and hung on one of the walls.

This reflects the successful career paths both of the Pandya brothers have followed. When their city was under quarantine due to the pandemic, the two Pandya brothers made the most of their time together by playing cricket in their living room.

The Balcony Garden Area of the Pandya House

The garden space on the balcony of the Pandya home takes up a total of 25000 square feet of space. The balcony garden is exquisitely constructed and features an all-encompassing flooring of fake grass throughout the entire area.

This open space is wholly devoted to nature and has various flowering and non-flowering species. The balcony garden is an excellent location for large and intimate social gatherings, including parties and get-togethers with friends. It is the perfect spot in the house to kick back and enjoy quality time while playing a couple of board games or card games.

Hardik Pandya’s House in Mumbai

Apart from the 6000 square feet penthouse in Vadodara, they purchased a beautiful house of 30 crores in the suburbs of Mumbai. Like the Vadodara penthouse, Mumbai’s home also has a swanky decorations. 

The house of Hardik Pandya in Mumbai is addressed at the Rustamjee Paramount complex, a popular gated community in Bandra. The community consists of the best-in-class facilities for the residents and also includes a private home theatre.  

Final Words

Hardik Pandya’s new house is undoubtedly a symbol of a luxurious lifestyle with absolute peace and serenity. Along with the luxury, the design of the house has also maintained simplicity and elegance. Through the interiors of the penthouse of Hardik Pandya, one can learn about the achievement of success in cricket.

The glory of their successful career reflects in the décor of their new penthouse. The house’s décor also reminds us of the taste of all the members of the Pandya family. Along with the individual bedrooms of the two brothers, the guest room is also designed with elegance and lustre. The nameplate of the Pandya house reflects the pride behind the success of the Pandya brothers.