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Haveli is a common design style in India, it’s generally known as a design used in the olden days, but it has now been upgraded. Haveli design is the testimony of India’s grand, old architectural forms as it motivates homeowners to reproduce some of their opulence in private homes.

It is a huge private mansion generally used for joint familes. Haveli’s style is high-spirited, rich, and cosy. If you have been to a place where haveli is located or visited a fort in India, you’d know much about haveli design.

A haveli-style home is not good enough if no gorgeous, luxurious textiles exist in them. Many renovated haveli is still in use in the state, controlled by the affluent. Some have been changed into resorts and hotels, while some settings serve as attractive tourist spots.

You can also implement a haveli-like design to your home, adding a unique makeover and get traditional ornate furniture. In contrast, rugs and chandeliers will add a good touch.

haveli design style
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If you would like to get this for your home to create a wonderful space for yourself, then here is a list of tips and tricks to assist you in recreating haveli style design in your home:

1. Mughal Architectural Elements

Havelis are primarily influenced by Mughal architecture, which does not stop the coming together of Persian, Turkish, and Indian architecture. You can introduce prominent salient captions like arched gateways and windows, pillars, jharokhas, etc.

mughal architectural elements
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2. Frescoes, Murals, Inlays, and Artworks

Q is well known for art entrenched in its very walls in the style of frescoes, murals, and inlays. The Motifs and design could differ from one geographical area to another, but the theme is usually used as time passes. If you have not seen this type of design before, then you try and recreate the ambience using wallpaper that is not fake.

3. Courtyard – Haveli Design Style

Havelis are usually built around a courtyard, where some even have two. Therefore, for a haveli-style home, it is a must to have a courtyard with a fan, as it is well popularly called in Hindi; the perfect method of introducing light and fresh air and space for all apartments of the haveli to gather. Know that a key feature of any haveli is its grand courtyard.

courtyard - haveli design style
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4. Pillars and Carvings

No home would acquire the opulence of a haveli without heavily ornamented pillars. If you do not have the style, then don’t worry. You can install ornamental pillars anywhere it is important without going overboard. You can try and get at least two pillars by all means.

pillars and carvings
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5. Warm Metals – Haveli Design Style

Different warm metals such as brass and copper are used as tones in many Havelis. It is very popular, and it’s also used by people in India as it can be used on walls, doors, furniture, lamps, etc.