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We all love to have a home that reeks of excellence and can bring us the best of compliments. The home’s outside colour plays a pivotal role in governing how beautiful the house looks. When someone looks at your home from a distance, it is the exteriors upon which they will form a judgment. The home outside colour can almost be treated as the book jacket and no matter what people say, readers do judge a book by its cover.

So, if you are someone who would love your house to exude the perfect dreamy tone, you must invest in the right home outside colour. The best colour option is the one that will gel with the overall theme and personality of your home. Don’t just go about and paint your home with a random colour simply because it is currently trending. A lot of thought process goes into deciding the right colour to opt for and therefore, it allows you to capture the attention of people in the right way.

The Renovation

Sometimes when you are looking to do a slight bit of renovation as you would want your house to have a makeover, but you don’t need to fiddle with too many elements, you can simply choose to opt for the change of home outside colour. This will entitle you to bring in a massive change in the overall look and feel of your home. Painting the exteriors of your home is no easy task and one should be able to understand the key factors well.

So, here we are going to share some of the most amazing homes outside colour ideas for you to pick inspiration from. Remember, these are just ideas and suggestions and it is entirely upon you to decide which colour seems to be the smart pick. The final choice should be governed by other internal factors including the likes of the theme of the home, the general colours in the locality, the overall tone of the neighbourhood, the trending colour options at the moment, the home interior colours, the pattern of the house and more.

So, each of these factors has a role to play and we are again going to tutor you about some of the finest shades and their possible magic. After having gone through the whole article, you will be able to decide for yourself as to which colour shade is likely to look perfect for you.

1. The Home Outside Colour- White

white house
Source: Dimitris Vetsika / Pixabay

White is the symbol of peace and having white exterior colour will ensure that your home is going to brim with peace and satisfaction. Another good thing about this shade is that it truly exudes royalty. If you want your home to look dreamy and sophisticated at the same time, choose the white tone for the exteriors. You can also choose different tones of white like off-white, ivory white, and more. The best among the options has to be the dazzling white, however, be prepared to put in the right maintenance efforts too.

2. The Home Outside Colour- Aqua Blue

aqua blue house
Source: Igor Ovsyannykov /Pixabay

Aqua is one of the trending colours at the moment. If you want your home to be distinct in your neighbourhood and you want the place to simply exude the best of charm, the right colour has to be aqua blue. The good thing about this shade is that it oozes creativity and the free spirit of mind and body. The doors should be of an overlapping but not an exact shade as this will draw in more highlights to the colour.

This house will have a strong water element and is one of the preferred options for those who tend to stay near the beaches.

3. The Home Outside Colour- Black

black house
Source: Evgeny Tchebotarev / Pexels

This isn’t the most common or even popular choice, but if you love all things unique and different, go for this exterior colour. There is something very dramatic and pleasing about the black colour and so when you choose to have your house done in this colour, it is bound to make people gape in amazement.

To bring the best out of this colour, try to introduce a few other colour elements like white windows or even red and royal blue doors. The colour pop elements add to the vibe.

4. The Home Outside Colour- Brick Red

brick red house
Source: Elina Sazonova / Pexels

This is another great popular choice for people. The layered brick look tends to give a rustic and vintage touch to your home and it will surely bring in the right charm. If you have chosen such a colour, make it a point to have an artistic and vintage touch to your place as well. This will ensure that there will be a common uniformed theme all over and it is sure to fetch your tons of compliments too. You can also have darker-coloured bricks if you want to add more vivacity to the look of your home.

5. The Home Outside Colour- Coral

coral house
Source:  Hemanth Nirujogi /Pexels

Coral is another beautiful shade that gives your home a touch of perfection. You should make it a point to add a contrasting colour to windows and doors. The colour contrast will bring out the hues in an apt manner and it will draw the beauty of this shade.

The real charm of this shade lies in the contrasting undertones. If you end up mixing both, it will tarnish the overall image of the place. So, for truly beautiful homes, choose colours like coral but balance them with neutral shades as well.

6. The Home Outside Colour- Green

green house
Source: Tom Podmore / Unsplash

Green is the colour of the season and although you are likely to see very few green houses, they do look every bit majestic. The green homes will give you a feel of an art corner and it is one of the top choices for artists’ homes because it announces that it is the abode of creative minds. Make it a point to use contrasting colours for the doors and windows. Doing this will highlight the green shade and thereby draw the right hues that are sure to look cool.

7. The Home Outside Colour- Grey Stone

grey stone house
Source: Frank Winklr / Pixabay

Greystone is without a doubt one of the finest and the most evergreen colours. If you want your house to look like a mansion, and evoke the feeling like those in Harry Potter, this might be the colour to pick. Grey has a way of adding a magical charm and it surely wraps the place in a beautiful array of emotions.

It is also a preferred choice for those who don’t want to put in a lot of maintenance efforts for the sake of keeping their house clean. The colour is less likely to get dirty and won’t be easily affected by dust and dirt as well.

8. Home Outside Colour – Maroon

maroon house
Source: Erik Mclean / Pexels

This is an excellent colour choice for the exterior walls. The shade looks perfect. The good thing about this shade is that it is well suited for both summers and winters. Once again, it is white windows that seem to best complement this house’s colour. It looks amazingly pleasing even to the eyes and the contrasting door could add to the highlight.

This is also not a conventional shade and something that will truly draw out the best of the hues. Having such vivid colours on the exterior will draw attention to your house.

9. Home Outside Colour – Muddy Beige

muddy beige house
Source: Annie Spratt / Unsplash

If you want your home to have the rustic or the ancient vintage vibe as your property may be pretty old or even ancient, this is an excellent colour choice to opt for. Make sure to have windows and doors done in the same rustic tones too as this will allow you to have the overall vintage feel.

There are a lot of similar overlapping shades that you will find in this colour pallet. It is upon you to pick the perfect shade that seems to be the befitting choice for you. If you team this colour pallet with eye shocking contrast colours for the windows and doors, you may end up having a wooden exterior rather than a vintage look. So, the options at hand are numerous.

10. Home Outside Colour- Orange

orange house
Source: Jean Van der Meulen / Pixabay

Not everyone will paint their home orange, but then not everyone is YOU! This is the colour for those who love to stand out from the crowd and are not afraid to be spoken to or heard. This is a very unique shade and loud and vibrant. When you opt to choose this colour, it will allow you to speak your personality.

Make sure to tone down the rest of the exterior elements so that it doesn’t end up becoming too flashy. Blending the colour and toning it a little will make it a little soothing to the eyes. However, when you have painted your house orange, the elements inside need to speak the same vibe too.

Make it a point to add quirky elements in your house as this will jazz up the overall quotient. It is only then that the exteriors and interiors will speak the same language and give your home the right characteristic to make it stand out.

11. Home Outside Colour – Pink Stripe

pink striped house
Source: Tom Podmore / Unsplash

If you love to experiment and want to do it right, this is the perfect colour palette to pick from. Pink stripes are an excellent way of announcing to the world that your house got the swag and style.

You won’t find a lot of homes that don’t have a monochromatic colour tone for their exterior walls. So, this striped shaded combination helps you be unique and leave your mark. The combination of cream and pink looks exciting. The good thing is that it allows you to use several other elements as well. You can experiment with the colours of windows, doors and balconies. However, we won’t encourage you to add too many loud colours as it may look like a colour mob. You can use variation but keep the tones warm and subtle.

12. Home Outside Colour: Sky Blue

sky blue house
Source: Erik Mclean / Pexels

The good thing about this colour is that it has a beach and warm tropical vibe. If you live close to the beach, you should surely opt for this colour. No matter which shade of blue you choose your home will always have a slight water and aqua vibe to it. For such colours, water will always be the ruling element.

So, feel free to incorporate the elements accordingly. Ideally, your windows and doors should be of similar overlapping tones. This will allow you to make your house look much more perfect. These houses are very modernistic in their approach and are also hailed as new age colours. However. you have to take good care of them as they can get dirty easily and may have to be re-coated frequently as compared to darker colours.

13. Home Outside Colour: Wooden

wooden colour house
Source:  Georgi Kyurpanov  / Unsplash

There is no colour as beautiful as wooden. This is the classic shade. No matter how common it is, you will never fail to be impressed by the charm of wooden undertones in the exterior of your home. You will find a lot of different variations and overlapping tones for this colour.

A wooden main entrance door is a must with this colour palette to integrate the hue and make it one with the overall theme of the place. The wooden tone surely has the best of royal feels and when done right, it can give your place a perfect touch of royal glory.

14. Home Outside Colour: Yellow

yellow house
Source: Jean Van der Meulen / Pixabay

If you want your house to have a bubbly and vivacious touch, make it a point to add these beautiful yellow touches to your place. There are several shades of yellow you can pick from including lime yellow, bright yellow, subtle yellow, mustard yellow and more. Each of these shades is sure to look good in your home and you are free to choose whatever you deem fit.

We believe that when you are choosing such bubbly shades, you will be able to portray the right element in your home. This is a great way of adding a touch of your own to your place.

Our house deserves all the colour and love that you can give to it. A lot of people are afraid of too much experimentation, but these colours are the new age norms and have become pretty common these days.

So, these are some of the exciting options you can choose from. You will likely be able to pick the right colour from the plethora of options we have listed for you. Of course, this is not all as you will be able to find plenty of other shades as well.

The Touch Of Personalization

Always remember that the colour you choose for your home needs to have the touch of your personality. Always pick the right shade after comparing several other factors. Don’t have very rigid segregation between your exteriors and the interiors as this will not paint the right image.

Look at the different colour selections and choose the right shade. Always incorporate the best design elements along with it for the sake of getting the desired effects with precision. If you want your home to be at par with the ongoing trends, you can always explore the options that are in vogue at the moment and see if they suit your home style.

The Vastu Colour Choice

As per Vastu shastra, there are certain rules that you need to bear in mind for the sake of adding colours to your home. Some colours are known to have the right impact on your professional life and some are sure to help you increase the energy element. Some colours are known to keep you healthy and happy while others may be able to allow you to relax.

So, if you want to enjoy the best of Vastu benefits, here are some of the tips that you need to be mindful of.

Purity at home

As per Vastu, the white colour is representative of purity and unity as well. So, if your key focus when building a home is to have a place that is free of arguments and where you can truly be at peace and ease, white is surely the colour to opt for. Vastu believes that the white colour is sure to attract positive energy. It also tends to make the house appear larger and thereby gives a bigger perspective and viewpoint to things as well.

If you happen to choose yellow, you need to know that Vastu believes that this is the colour of the sun. This means that it spells positive energy and it is also likely to invest you with power. So, if you want to emerge much more successful at work or you want your business to reach the very top, yellow might be the colour of your choice. It is also known to bring happiness and optimism.

The Vastu shastras believe that yellow will keep dullness away.

The colour blue has a special place in the world of Vastu. It is known to be symbolic of hope and it radiates very soothing energy. Vastu also associates the colour blue with heavenly energies and it is believed that your house will be surrounded by some of the best vibes. It will help you enjoy the comfort of mind at the same time. A lighter shade of blue is often considered one of the best home exterior colours by Vastu.

Colour of love

The pink colour is known to be the true symbolism of love. A lighter shade of pink is always a good choice as per the books of Vastu. It is believed that a home with exteriors painted in pink is likely to be the true abode of love and bliss. One is likely to find the home overflowing with joy and romance and lots of positive emotion.

The green colour is very positive in its approach. Vastu bestows special significance on the green colour and emphasises that it stands for growth, relaxation and even Mother Nature. If you want to believe that your house will be rooted in Mother Earth and will have positive vibes flowing inside, this is surely the colour that can serve your need.

There are several shades of green and you can choose any to feel connected to your very roots.

So, these are the colours that deserve a mention in the world of Vastu.

The Dos And Don’ts As Per Vastu

As we all know Vastu is very particular as far as the sense of direction is concerned. So, here are some additional tips with regards to the direction as well. This will allow you to make sure that your energies are well aligned and it allows you to foster the right spirit in your home.

If you are using orange and red colours in your home, try to make sure that these coloured walls are located in the southeast direction of your house

The kids’ room should be in the northwest direction. This direction had the moon’s rule and white is one of the most preferred colours of choice for this room. Of course, you can choose vivid and bright colours as well.

The master bedroom of your house should be in the southwest zone. The bedroom should always be done in lighter tones of pink, green or blue. All these colours are likely to have positive effects even in the lives of the couple.

So, these are some of the different details and tips that you need to be mindful of. If you want to know more Vastu tips for decorating your place, click here.


What is the best choice of Indian colours for homes?

The choice of colour is always a personal decision but white seems to be one of the most common colour choices. Red, pale blue, and beige are also great options.

Should you follow Vastu when colouring your home?

Yes, you should always make it a point to follow the Vastu norms when colouring your home. Both the exteriors and the interiors should be done keeping the Vastu aspect in mind. This will allow you to circulate the right energy in your home.

Can you paint the home black?

While it is an unconventional choice and Vastu doesn’t recommend it a lot, black-coloured houses can be seen. So, you need to weigh the different factors and then paint your house black.

Ideally, when you are painting the house black, make sure to incorporate a good deal of white as well. This will counteract and balance the effect of black.

Do light exterior colours tend to get dirty?

Lighter tones can attract dirt and dust. This is why you have to be sure that you are taking good care and maintenance of the exterior colours to preserve their shine.

What is the best brand for exterior colours?

There are a lot of companies that deal in colours and paint. You can check out Asian paint and their full list of colour codes and details by clicking here.

Does the colour of your home have a role to play in deciding your personality?

A home says a lot about a person. So, the colour and design of your home will tell about the type of person you are and thereby reflect your trait and personality as well. So, choose wisely. You can also check Asian Paint Colour code options.