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Every organ in the human body is very essential for the proper functioning of the body. If even one of the organs is not functioning properly, it can lead to severe and life-threatening conditions. There are various hospitals or clinics where you can rush in terms of emergencies.

But, if you are already diagnosed with some health-related issue, visiting a renowned and specialized hospital will be the best-suited decision for your needs. If you are residing in Mumbai but still have a dilemma in selecting the best hospital for your needs, this blog will suffice your needs.

Best Eye Hospital in Mumbai

1. Jaslok Hospital (Latest Technologies)

  • Location: 15, Pedder Rd, IT Colony, Tardeo
  • Number of Beds: 364

Jaslok Hospital is one of the most prestigious and renowned hospitals for eye treatment in Mumbai. It has all the required amenities that you require for your eye treatment. Besides that, it uses the latest diagnostics like refraction, slit-lamp, and intraocular pressure with Goldmann to treat your problems from the root cause.

This hospital is also known for performing complex orbital surgeries with the assistance of the highly skilled doctors available in the hospital. In addition to that, various other complex eye surgeries are performed at this hospital so you can always bank on their efficiency.

2. Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre (Equipped with Autorefractometer)

  • Location: A-791, A-791, Bandra Reclamation Rd, General Arunkumar Vaidya Nagar, Bandra West
  • Number of Beds: 323

Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre is a commendable hospital for all types of eye treatments. Even if you are suffering from some complex eye-related disorder, this hospital will guide you with the best possible solution for your needs. It has a great capacity to hold a large number of patients at the same time.

Moreover, it is also equipped with an auto refractometer and various other hi-tech equipment that will make your treatment smoother. In addition to that, you can get all surgical options for adult and pediatric ophthalmology.

Best Cancer Hospital in Mumbai

1. Tata Memorial Hospital (Largest Hospital)

  • Location: Parel East, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400012
  • Number of Beds: 700

Tata Memorial Hospital is recognized as the largest hospital in Mumbai for treating cancer patients. This hospital is known to provide treatment to a large number of patients via means of radiotherapy and chemotherapy every year.

In addition to that, it also provides 2022 FDA-approved new cancer treatments that you will hardly find in any other cancer hospital. This hospital is equipped with all the latest tools like linear accelerators and robotic systems in its oncology center. If you ever doubt while referring to a top-notch cancer hospital, Tata Memorial Hospital will be just apt for your needs.

2. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital (JCI Accredited)

  • Location: Rao Saheb, Achutrao Patwardhan Marg, Four Bungalows, Andheri West
  • Number of Beds: 750

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital is one of the most renowned cancer hospitals in Mumbai. It is a JCI-accredited institution having the largest bone marrow transplantation unit in the hospital. This is the only hospital in Mumbai that has a Full-Time Specialist System.

Therefore, there is not even a speck of doubt when choosing this hospital as a prime spot for cancer treatment. Moreover, this hospital is not only known for conducting normal cancer treatment but it is also equipped with advanced cancer treatments like minimal access surgery.

Best Heart Hospital in Mumbai

1. Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital (24×7 Emergency Services)

  • Location: 3RWR+835, LIC Colony, Suresh Colony, Vile Parle West
  • Number of Beds: 350

Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital is one of the most renowned heart hospitals in Mumbai. If you are suffering from any sort of heart disease, this hospital will give you the best possible treatment by dealing with the root cause of the problem. This hospital has all the necessities that will make you feel comfortable.

Besides that, it has one of the most intensive cardiac care units with all the latest advancements that will treat you exceptionally well. In addition to that, you will get 24×7 emergency services at this hospital to offer you the best diagnosis and treatment at any point of the day.

2. S L Raheja Fortis Hospital (Best Medical Procedures)

  • Location: Raheja Rugnalaya Marg, Mahim West, Mahim
  • Number of Beds: 315

SL Raheja Fortis Hospital provides high-end treatment to patients suffering from chronic heart diseases. It is one of the best heart hospitals in Mumbai where you can consult for your ailments.

In addition to that, you will encounter the best-ever procedures followed at this hospital to provide the best care and support to the patients. Moreover, this hospital specializes in treating heart disorders and ailments.

Best Orthopedic Hospital in Mumbai

1. Saifee Hospital (Comprehensive Care)

  • Location: Saifee Hospital, 15/17, Maharshi Karve Rd, opposite Charni Road, Charni Road East, Opera House, Station
  • Number of Beds: 256

Saifee Hospital provides a diversified range of orthopedic treatments to patients to shoo away their medical issues. This hospital is equipped with all the latest equipment to offer the best care and support to the patients.

Moreover, you can get extensive care at this hospital for joint, knee, hip, shoulder, and trauma. Besides that, this hospital has some renowned orthopedic surgeons that will make your treatment hassle-free and reliable.

2. Hinduja Hospital (Knee Transplant Expert)

  • Location: Marvela, 724, 11th Rd, Khar, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052
  • Number of Beds: 400

If you are frustrated with regular knee pain and don’t know whether it is normal pain or requires surgery, visiting Hinduja Hospital will suffice your needs. It is one of the best orthopedic hospitals in Mumbai that expertise in the field of knee transplants.

You will get the best treatment from this hospital to shoo away your problems. Moreover, it has a large number of beds with experienced staff members that will make your treatment or surgery a hassle-free process.

Best Gastroenterologist Hospital in Mumbai

1. Wockhardt Hospital (NABL Accredited)

  • Location: Police Station, 1877, Dr Anandrao Nair Marg, Near Agripada, Mumbai Central
  • Number of Beds: 350

Wockhardt Hospital is one of the most deemed hospitals in Mumbai that offers top-notch treatment for gastro problems. All the labs available at this hospital are NABL accredited and provide top-notch and accurate results.

You will be amazed to witness that this hospital is the first ever Asia wireless hospital that talks about its heights of commendable jobs and facilities that it has for the patients. Moreover, this hospital has a commendable circumference of doctors who are experts in their field of treating gastroenterological problems.

2. Sterling Wockhardt Hospital (Best Healthcare Units)

  • Location: Sion – Panvel Expy, Sector 7, Vashi, Navi Mumbai
  • Number of Beds: 50

Sterling Wockhardt Hospital is primarily known for offering the best healthcare units in Mumbai. This hospital has all the modern technologies that will not only help in preventing gastro problems but will also assist in curing them if you are having one. This hospital has a great team of doctors who have the best and supreme knowledge in their field and offers the best services.

In addition to that, it has several emergency and trauma care units that will stay alarmed at your convenience whenever you need assistance. Moreover, you can also get the liver function test at this hospital to have in-depth knowledge about your liver’s health.

Best Neurologist Hospital in Mumbai

1. Shushrusha Citizens Co-operative Hospital (Expert in Head Trauma)

  • Location: 698-B, Ranade Rd, Dadar West, Dadar
  • Number of Beds: 200

Shushrusha Citizens Co-operative Hospital is one of its kind neurological hospital in Mumbai that provides you with the best neurologists in the town. If you are suffering from any sort of nervous problem, getting a consultation from this hospital will make your treatment journey smoother.

Once you visit the hospital, you will analyze that before giving the treatment, the experts properly detect your problem in the first place and then suggests the required treatment or rehabilitation for the same. Moreover, this hospital has expertise in the field of treating head traumas and various other neurological problems.

2. Godrej Memorial Hospital (Brain Injury Education)

  • Location: Opposite Godrej Platinum, Eastern Express Hwy, Vikhroli
  • Number of Beds: 110

Godrej Memorial Hospital is one of the top-notch neurologist hospitals in Mumbai. This hospital is the first-ever center in the country that provides neuropsychological rehabilitation. One of the most unique parts of this hospital is that it offers that brain injury education that is hard to find anywhere around.

This hospital specializes in the field of treating stroke, head trauma, and dementia management. Therefore, if you are facing any such neurological issues, it’s always advisable to head out to the best available hospital to get the required treatment.