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Numerology is significant in every individual’s life, whether you follow the guide or not. All our life’s major events, good or bad, are ruled by the numbers we see the most. Therefore, numerology is the global number language, which ideally helps you find the reason for your existence and personal traits.

Interestingly, your house number also has a major significance in numerology, affecting your overall personal life, professional life, and relations. The significance of house number 7 or your house numbers sum up to 7 is that you’re in the heaven of spirituality.

According to expert numerologists, the number 7 is governed by the moon and holds philosophical powers. Hence, house numbers with seven or that sum up to 7 are home to positive spiritual energies, and occupants usually like to understand the deeper meaning of their lives.

If you’re residing in house number 7 or planning a similar new purchase, this guide will help you. We have covered all the importance, significance, and related information about number 7 that a homeowner must know.

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Why is Number 7 Special?

House No. 7
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Number 7 holds special importance in numerology and is considered extremely lucky for the occupants. Some exciting facts around us are associated with this spiritual number that makes it popular-

  • Seven Days in a Week,
  • Seven Colors in Rainbow,
  • Seven Continents in World,
  • Seven Wonders in the World.

It is the largest prime number in 1-10 and stands for perfection and wholeness in numerology. All those associated with seven experiences-

  • Peaceful life free from obstacles and ascension,
  • Religious, philosophical, and mythological significance,
  • Solitude and retrospection.

Popular Number Combinations that Sums up to 7:

Numbers that have a total of 7 are:

  • 16 (1+6)
  • 34 (3+4)
  • 52 (5+2)
  • 25 (2+5)
  • 43 (4+3)
  • 61 (6+1)

Significance Of House Number 7

The significance of house number 7 is that it’s considered a lucky charm in different cultures of the world. House Number 7, or that sums up to 7, is the doorway to spirituality. These house numbers have an idealistic aura influencing the occupants with calm and positive vibes, making them introspective and religious.

It is an ideal residence number for-

  • Spiritual people who like to dig into the deeper meaning of everything
  • Prefer to live a peaceful life,
  • Troubled couples who are looking for a positive transformation,
  • Individuals who are aiming to achieve hardcore targets,
  • Who wants to live an isolated and independent life away from relationships,
  • Who are struggling with the ideal truth and purpose of their lives,
  • Who wants to keep negative energies at bay.
  • Finding their self-reflection and connection with positivity.
  • Individuals in writing or other related professions wish to focus on their work.

So, if you are the one who wants to keep a distance from the world’s noise, people, and relationships and want to enter a calm life with a break from hustles, then house number 7 will be the perfect choice for you. It will influence you with mental and physical positive energy promoting a personal sense of vibration and internal thoughts for better clarity in life.

Who Should Avoid House Number 7?

The vibes of house number 7 house are entirely transformative, which might not suit every group of people. Ideal for meditative and spiritual purposes, it might not help blooming benefits if you plan for an upfront store. The combination of 7 or single number 7 is, therefore, least suited for:

  • Individuals who want to learn from little achievements or struggles,
  • For couples, house number 7 has the power of drifting you apart from noise and hustle,
  • Individuals plan their growth with family.

Negatives of Number 7 In Numerology:

  • Restricts your growth with family,
  • Promotes a lonely, isolated, and quiet lifestyle that may not suit every individual,
  • It makes it challenging to thrive in a community or society.

Challenges Faced by Number 7 Occupants According to Numerology:

Number 7 has its distinctive features, and people living in it may face some challenges in their lives-

  • May overindulge in their own-selves,
  • May not be able to connect with other people effectively,
  • May not be affected by the presence of others,
  • May develop the quality of ignorance and arrogance.

Décor Ideas for House Number 7 According to Numerology

Mandarin Ducks
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There’s science behind every numerological fact. People living in house number 7 are subtle, calm, introverted, and do not like maintaining many links with the outer world. Therefore, décor ideas for the occupants also need to be minimalist, subtle, and light, matching residents’ vibes.

Some of the home décor traits that occupants of house number 7 must follow are-

  • They must keep their house clutter-free, clean, organized, and dust-free.
  • Must not put a clock in the north area,
  • Place a pair of Mandarin ducks in the bedroom, facing each other,
  • Must plan a separate meditation, reading, or spiritual space,
  • Keep spiritual deities and Buddha Statue in their homes,
  • Keep the interiors minimalist and straightforward,
  • Use light colours like purple, orange, and yellow,
  • Place waterbody in their house to promote tranquillity, hope, and peace.

Entrance Décor for House Number 7

Planters at House Entrance
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Entrance décor plays a vital role in overall vibes and interiors. For house number 7, healthy green plants are the magnet of positivity, harmony, and wellness: plant shrubs and tiny harbingers outside and inside the main door. Strictly avoid cactus or any other thorny plants in your exterior or interiors.

What are the Precautions that House Number 7 needs to Implement?

  • House number 7, or that sums up to 7, is prone to water issues like seepage, dampness, and drainage. Conduct regular water checks whenever possible to prevent damage.
  • Number 7 has hermit energy that promotes isolation and independence. But some residents may feel lonely due to it. Remedies for the same include putting any number except 1 in your house and frequently planning some socializing events.
  • Occupants must push themselves to make an effort to interact with people frequently.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, house number 7 must have a water body-like fountain in their house, which eliminates the feeling of being alone.
  • Always conduct frequent repair checks, especially on the roof if you live in House Number 16 (1+6=7).

Ways to Balance Energy in House Number 7:

  • Plan frequent social events,
  • Avoid business operations,
  • Develop a few but deep personal connections with people,
  • Keep your surroundings clean and clutter-free,
  • Focus on your partner’s spiritual growth to maintain the bond,
  • Stay grounded,
  • Make efforts to refine your ideas and ignite your intuition.

Frequently Asked Questions about House Number 7:

How to find out if House Number 7 is ideal for me or not?

To know whether house number 7 will offer you blooming benefits or not, you need to admire your traits. It will perfectly suit your personality if you are independent, isolated, and want to keep yourself away from the noise.

Which colours are best for House Number 7?

Light colours like purple, yellow, and orange are ideal for house number 7, or that sums up to 7.

Who should avoid House Number 7?

Couples and individuals who are not much into spirituality and enjoy daily noises and hustles must avoid house number 7.