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The number 8 is a symbolic number not just to the Indians but to China and the world. The number 8 is globally recognized as a unique number that depicts harmony and balance. It is also worth noting that House number 8 symbolizes the ability to make the right decisions. The number 8 describes power and abundance.  During the 6th Century BC, the Pythagoreans recognized the number eight as “Ogdoad ” and a “holy number.”

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House Number 8
Source: Photo by Simon Harmer on Unsplash

Definition of House Number 8?

All numbers in numerology depict and convey different meanings. Each number gives various impacts, but the number 8 stands unique. 

Number 8 is said to be governed by Saturn. People who have achieved and attained great heights in life have attached their successes in their various fields to the number “8”.

So many have selected the number 8 date for their book launch, wedding, and other special events. They have done so attracted to themselves luck and prosperity that follows the number 8.

People have so much desired to make the number 8 part of their life but have not succeeded. This is the reason house number 8 is the best option for you. Imagine sleeping and waking up every day in house number 8.

 House number 8  is the perfect comfort for those who are purpose-driven and successful drunks. This lucky house number draws massive wealth and prosperity. You are best positioned to expect sudden financial gains or a supernatural increase during your stay at a house where the number is eight or totals up to 8.

How to know a house number?

Knowing how to calculate your house number is the first step to making this life-changing decision. A house number could be a pair of numbers that, when added together, gives you the number 8. It could still be just the number 8 itself. Such numbers are: 8, 17(1+7=8), 26(2+6=8), 35(3+5=8), 44(4+4=8), 53(5+3=8), 62(6+2=8), 71(7+1=8), 80(8+0=8) etc.

Specific house numbers are alphanumeric(meaning they contain both alphabet and numbers together). However, to achieve or know the numerology of such a building, we must first note that alphabets have numeric values.

A, I, J, Q, and Y numeric values are 1. The number 2 is for B, K, and R. Three is for C, G, L, and S. The number 4 is for D, M, and T. Five is for E, H, N, and X. In addition, six is for U, V, and W; seven is for O and Z. Lastly, eight is for F and P.

For house numbers that have just four numeric values, all you need to do is add all the digits for house numbers with just four numeric values. Example: 2514, you would need to add all these numbers: 2+5+1+4=12

Now you will further add the two numbers to get a single number.


Your house number for numerology is 3

House number 8: Who should Live in it?

Everyone desires success, prosperity, and wealth. People spend the rest of their lives pursuing all these desires, but only 15% achieve them. 

House number 8 is ideal for anybody who desires to enjoy the best earth can offer. The number 8 signifies authority and influence. It means happiness, success, and love. 

This home attracts your dream to you and every other desire of life. This house suits hardworking and disciplined individuals. People with untamed character and extreme behavior. This is the perfect home for entrepreneurs, Innovators, Engineers, and people who play sports. House number 8 is a home for creative thinkers, action takers, world leaders, and investors. This is a home for optimistic people.

Are you born on the 8,17,26 of any month? If your answer is yes, choose house number 8.  This home supports creative ideas and has an abundance of inspiration that will guide you to any level your mind can imagine. For example, if you are convinced about choosing house number 8 as your next home, copy the numbers and refer to the last illustration above to determine the house number.

Who should not live in it?

House number 8 is a unique house for only people who see the need for relevance and prosperity. If you enjoy inflicting pain on others, stealing to enrich yourself, and abusive and unhealthy practices, house number 8 is not a place for you.

This house number is for hardworking people, creative minds who desire to develop themselves. If you are not in this category, avoid the house number.

If your relationship with your family is not healthy, please avoid house number 8. People who share birth numbers with four are also advised to stay away.

The vibe 

House number 8 is a populated building with optimistic and vibrant occupants. Positive feelings are felt around, making the place bubble with constant activities.

Who wouldn’t enjoy a place where love is shared, positive ideas are given, and influencers are seen? Nobody wants to return to a house where their flatmate is toxic. 

In house number 8, your flatmates are your family. 

Home décor for house number 8 

Home décor for house number 8 
Source: Photo by Jason Wang on Unsplash

House number 8 is a home for creative thinkers. Meditation is an attribute of creative thinking, and it’s advised to do decorations that promote meditation. Choose the right colors that suit your house number 8. Avoid using flashy and bright colors or bright designs that can distract you when meditating.

Some of the earth-tone colors to go with when decorating your house number 8 include: 

  • Neutrals: Beige, Eggshell, Light Brown, Dark Browns
  • Gray
  • Colors: Rust orange, Hunter green, Navy blue, Cerulean blue, Eggplant, Berry, Blush.

It is also essential to choose the right furniture, and finding the perfect color palette that suits your taste is also necessary.

3 Comfort Technologies That You Need in Your House

Zoning system: Even as successful as occupants of House number 8 are, there are certain things they can’t control. First, no one can decide on their preferred house temperature. With the help of a heater or air conditioner with zoning, an occupant can choose the temperature for their bedroom. With this technology, the occupant becomes more comfortable. This HVAC system helps direct the conditioned air to wherever you desire. They cost from ¥31,000 to ¥100,000.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers:

During winter, an occupant in house number 8 does experience dry skin, cracked lips, nose-bleeds, and other symptoms that could be caused by dry air. This is because air during winter is drier than that of Summer. With the use of a humidifier in your home, all the effects that come along with dry air are prevented. During the summer, the dehumidifier will make the stuffy got air feel more relaxed. With this device, your house stays cool. They cost around ¥14,000 to ¥70,000.

A programmable or smart thermostat:

This is a unique system. It had an automatic function that allowed it to decide by itself. This system function permits it to turn down or off your air conditioner. It can also manipulate your HVAC system by turning it on. So many unforeseen circumstances, having this device in your house number 8 home is advisable. This system has various models connecting wirelessly to motion sensors and cameras. This system saves you time and money.

Challenges and precautions

  • Analysis proves that many successful and business-minded people pay less attention to their mental health. This is one of the challenges an occupant in house number 8 is likely to face. Therefore, it is advised that taking care of your mental health is essential.
  •  Anyone living in house number eight is advised to take care of their health and include fruits and veggies in their diet. Make sure you take a good amount of water.
  • People living in house number 8 must be time conscious and know how to balance their career and family. Successful people are known to be busy people. Never let business eat you the time you are supposed to allocate to your family.

Balancing your life

Here are some tips to help you balance your life: 

  • Avoid hate speech
  • Always engage in sports that will help you keep your body fit.
  • Sort your bills immediately as they come
  • Avoid procrastination
  • Allocate time to all your activities. Know when to attend to business and your family.
  • Maintain your utmost integrity and honesty. Be a person of integrity. Avoid illicit businesses; it will destroy your reputation and integrity.
  • Try building a happy home, and prioritize your family. 
  • Balance your work and play.


1. What does the number 8 mean in numerology?

In numerology, the number 8 depicts the flow of energy and represents wealth and creativity, achievement, success and influence, happiness, progress, and power.

2. Who should live in House no. 8?

Entrepreneurs, business investors, creative minds, Disciplined, and those who share the number 8 with their birth date?

3. Is number 8 lucky or unlucky?

The Number 8 brings luck, and to others, it doesn’t.

4. Can any person live in House no. 8?


5. Is a house with a total number of 8 rare?

Yes, houses with a total Norma 8 are rare and very expensive.