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Professional designers select house paint design outside ideas fashionably for our home painting. Customers can have endurance. Our experience has taught us that today’s color trends don’t seem necessary ones you’ll be proud of in the future. That’s why our criteria incorporate modern and classic home styles with stress on versatility. Check out some of the house paint design ideas here and house interior design, along with compound wall design patterns

house paint design outside
Source: Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

From off-whites and dark greys to navy blues and onyx black exterior trim, we’ll offer you a good range of color ideas. Ultimately, our goal with this list is to assist you in avoiding the regret of selecting the wrong paint color for your home.

Best Ideas for House Paint Design Outside

With modern housing and classy decors now readily available, deciding on a perfect and unique color combination for your house exterior may not be very clear. Temperature and weather constraints must also be considered when choosing the outside material and paints. We share below a collection of colors and palettes which will help beautify the exteriors of your Indian house and seem durable too. 

Greige Grunge

Greige grunge
Source: Photo by Roger Starnes Sr on Unsplash

Greige may be a mixture of grey and beige shades. You’ll be able to quickly adapt the favored greige theme by carefully composing the outside blocks with white, grey, and beige paints. You’ll always add textures or prints from similar palette shades to interrupt the monotony. It might look almost like the grey-white theme, but the fresh splash of beige on the veneers evokes a way of heat within the building.

Pewter Cast Gray 

Sherwin’s Pewter Cast (SW 7673) could be a cool-muted tone of grey that works well for exterior stucco, lap siding, or cedar shingles. This grey exterior color’s adaptability is vital for homes with dark grey shingles or black roofs and exposed stone or brick. It also pairs nicely with white exterior trim colors like Zircon (SW 7667). This grey paint shines after you have decorative exposed brick or stone with cooler undertones on your home. 

Frequently, it’s rare to search out a grey paint color that coordinates with these elements. Pewter Gray is the perfect deep cooler-toned exterior shade for duty. Combine this grey tone with wood accents and a navy or brown exterior door for a stunning modern exterior color palette.

SW 7603 Poolhouse

Finding the most effective light blue house color for your exterior is hard. Poolhouse (SW 7603) by Sherwin Williams simplifies this process. It’s an incredible medium-ish light blue paint that’s both timeless and contemporary. You aren’t alone if you’re scared of trending darker blue exterior shades like Hale Navy. The Pool House becomes a breezy and funky medium blue shade on exteriors when paired with white or off-white trim colors. 

Clear mind and lighting are outsized in this calming blue house color with hints of green undertones. It’s spectacular as a siding color for traditional artisans or historic exteriors with lots of lighting. Consequently, Poolhouse can bring a contemporary twist to any conventional Victorian home color scheme makeover.

Source: Photo by Roger Starnes Sr on Unsplash

The following top outside blue paint color is Naval – SW 6244. The preferred medium or blue house color sits on the hotter side of the outside color circle. The Navel is much of a classic Navy with fewer grey undertones. Naval was Sherwin-Williams color of the year in 2020 and permanently reasoned. It is a deep blue outside door shade or a beautiful siding color for exteriors with lots of light. 

Naval can even get paired with a rosy pink outside door for a pop of color as a flexible neutral color choice. As you’ll see in the image above, Naval works nicely with a dark grey porch floor accent like “Grey Shingle” from Sherwin.

Iron ore SW

Iron ore SW
Source: Photo by Roger Starnes Sr on Unsplash

Another popular darker exterior house shade that’s reading steam is ore by Sherwin Williams. This trending color is an upscale, dark grey that reads more like deep charcoal than black. In comparison, ore (SW 7069) is darker than Peppercorn and one shade lighter than Tricorn Black.

SW ore registers on the cool side with slightly blue or slate grey undertones when it involves color temperature. Pair it with a pure white side color like Alabaster for a pretty, crisp contrast. If you like Benjamin Moore, a comparable shade is Fe (2124-10).

Iron Ore is additionally an excellent popular choice for front doors, garage doors, and exterior trim. With absolute confidence, adding this deep charcoal paint as an accent can modernize a tired-looking house exterior. You’ll be able to also pair it with lush landscaping and greenery to bring out earth tones within the shade.

Tricorn black

Tricorn Black (SW 6258) is another popular color for doors and shutters as an outside inflection. These days, black exteriors are trending, and Tricorn Black could be a stylish choice for a house body or siding color. Indeed, painting your house black is an option for more contemporary home styles.

Tricorn Black can barely add sophistication for the remainder of folks as a coordinating exterior trim, window, front door, gutter, or shutter color. This color pairs well with off-whites like Pure White or Rarified Air (SW 6258).

Regarding color tones, Tricorn may be a true black that falls within the neutral family. Lauded as many designers’ favorite black paint color, its lack of undertones makes it a flexible shade. It implies it can pair beautifully with warm or cool tones of white, grey, or maybe a taupe exterior. I’ve also seen it as a black window color with beautiful results.

All Beige – Best House Paint Design Outside

beige house paint design outside
Source: Photo by Roger Starnes Sr on Unsplash

This color is a leisurely, elegant, and comfortable-looking color a house can ever adopt. The calm tone alters the stiff concrete setup and creates your house a home. Update the place with black framed windows and ceiling slates. The color black adds a pointy definition to each element of the outside.

Pale Yellow stains

pale yellow stains
Source: Photo by Jeffrey Eisen on Unsplash

Many people pick different reminders of yellow to color their houses. But when it involves monotonous exteriors, a soft tone of yellow is a perfect choice. The sunshine looks fascinating during daylight. 

The roofing looks modern by painting the tiles grey. Both grey and yellow are mild tastings. Therefore, they include a good amount of texture. It can be a stone cladding wall, jali wall, plated wall, or brick wall. You’ll further add intricate detailing like climbing creepers on one every of the side walls.

Teal Green with grey

Grey could be a neutral color and may create an ideal combination with any color. Consistent with me, this set of colors is best for artistic people due to its vintage look. It’s a welcoming house exterior color combination. If you would like to feature something to boost, add a pinch of red color. A tiny low garden or flower pot will complement the mixture using this color combination.

Black and Bush combo

black and bush combo house paint design outside
Source: Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Black is an evergreen color that appears excellent with every color, and pairing it with blush may be the correct choice for everybody. Blush may be a dark- medium shade of pink, and you’ll choose the shade as per your choice. As we all know, the primary impression is that the last image and your house’s exterior color combinations play a vital role in this. Escort this mixture if your favorite color is black or pink or if you are trying to find identical shades.

Supplementary Guidance WHILE CHOOSING the colors.

  • Never try to clash or copy the House paint design outside with your neighbors. Pick a group of colors that contrast with the neighbors’ house.
  • If you wish to make your house looks bigger, select light reminder colors. Because the lighter the shade, the larger the house will look.
  • Never attempt to use too many colors for house exterior color combinations. A group of two or three colors is perfect but less than that.
  • Choose colors in line with your exterior design and roof. If your exterior is of wood, choose the contrasting color brown.
  • Try to maintain the balance in colors. Choose a dominant color and other supportive colors. The ratio of colors is 70%(Dominant) and 30%(Supportive). Medium shade of pink, and you’ll choose the shade as per your choice. As we all know, the primary impression is the last, and your house’s exterior color combinations play a vital role. Accompany this mix if your favorite color is black or pink or if you are searching for identical shades.


Never go together with the standard set of colors like whites and browns. They’re not in trend anymore, so you’ll add some pop to your house exterior color combinations by adding a neon-colored door. No, I’m not kidding. You’ll add a neon green door with a grey and white color combination Or a kaleidoscopic pink entrance with an all-white glance.